Monday, September 14, 2009

harga designer (baju)

ok... i sembang with few married friends of mine and yg tengoh sibuk designer hunting. it's a ramadhan gathering you see~ and out of nowhere topik kahwin mula dibincangkan since 2 just got married and another 2 kahwin few years back. so saya dan kawan lagi sorang yg still tak kawen, dengar je la.... ;)

baiklah, we talked about designers (baju) for tunang, nikah, reception. since mon amies are real life people... ihave no doubt believing them. ;) not only they hired the designers, they also ckp ada designers they put aside due to some circumstances; mahal sgt, kena amik package la, mulut laser pun ada tau! jadi, inilah standard price of them but kalau kawan2 they said price dorg lain (mmg la kan?) and how u nego (a little) oso~

so here it goes:

1)rizman ruzaini,hatta dolmat,zery zamry: price starts at rm1k (again it depends whether u bawak ur kain or want them to cari. but igt, if your kain jenis banyak beading susah nak jahit, harga pun haruslah lain kan?)

2)radzuan,rizalman: price starts at rm2k (superb establish work semua orang tau)

3)syomir,syaiful baharim: pelbagai yang amat harganya (sorang cakap lain, sorang lagi cakap lain) but they said both very-very-very ramah. all you need to do, straight up bagitau budget. toksah nak belit2 or malu2. dorang akan consult, apa yg dorg termampu buat within your budget


4)man kajang:price starts at rm1k. he also do sewa. (please note that dia mulut laser. yg senang kecik hati, better don't.. it's your big day, sure u don't want somebody to demoralize u kan?)-- again, back to pilihan uols!

5)jedan: tukang jahit dah ala designer sbb ramai org tempah. price starts at rm500 ;)

itu saje yg saye tau setakat ni. so, if ade yg tau price designer lain like jovian,bill keith, kirana,cosry ke apa ke and bla bla bla marilah kongsi ya?

1) "elok kalau waktu nego tu bawak kawan/regular customer yang dah pernah buat dgn they all, untung2 dapat discount..."
2) "elok jangan beli kain dulu, jumpe designer first. sbb kadang2 kain yang u beli tu tak sesuai dengan design yg u nak. so it's either designer advice wut to buy or biar dia yg beli kain segala"
3) "tak semestinya yang ada nama tu lebih bagus dari budak baru. but semua back again to affordability and preference. don't question one's taste. dont' argue and compare."
4) "stick to your baju kegemaran. it's your wedding, once in a lifetime. jangan angguk je cakap sedara-mara, kawan segala...ur big enough to make your own judgement. if nak percaya, 2 org jek... tunang dgn designer. tunang sure nak gonna be wife dia cantik, jadi kene jujur. designer pulak helps wake you up being indenial about you body" (true kan? hahaha)
5) "u know harga dorang, so if cudn't afford at the very first place don't go and push them mintak ridiculously murah.. end up your baju akan jadi biasa2 je"

---->bak kate designer ketika bersembang dgn rakan2 dan staff2 nya pulak
"eyh pompuan tu, budget ciput tapi mintak bukan2"

hik hik hik

***bride-to-be and yang dah jadi wife org, do share your experience and what you've got to share!
everybody sure wants a gorgeoussssssssssssss attire for kahwin... kan? :)

Miss X


  1. just wanted to share abit from my survey...

    ohh rizman ruzaini price actually starts from RM 2k...his baju raya is around 1.8k....hehe..a lot more mahal now...but very baik and accomodating...

    cosry raughly charges from RM 2k, but that would mean a very2 simple baju kurung, to have a nice wedding baju u need around 3-4k with him (but super duper nice and friendly)

  2. ops tertinggal as for man kajang, my sis took him for all 4 functions...and somehow we didnt get any bad treatment from him and we went to his place a lot of times...he is very honest, yes...but not rude..well thats my opinion though... workmanship charges kalau 1 set(bride, groom +accesories) around 1.8k..i think...

  3. hai sabby! i baca ur entry... ya, yesterday you punye blog was on private mode... huhu anyway, my friend 'A' (a public figure la) told me, she went to man, and man said "siapa you?" then my friend introduced herself. man ckp "la... tak kenal tadi. dalam tv nampak lawa kat luar gelap jugak kau ek?" huhuh he's honest in a way, but to org yg sensitive, kecik hati kot. huhu

    wow! rizman 2k oredy? my friend wedding was in Nov 2008, double the starting price oredy ek?

    u dah survey nak tempah kat siapa darl~? my 2 friends highly cadang suruh pegi dekat syomir izwa... she knows him and she said her baju nikah tak sampai 1k pun... macam ok je kan?

  4. yes very true..hehe...if tak biasa with frank people memang 2nd sis avoided going to him...i guess coz my family is honest like that perhaps that is why we clicked with him and he also gave me an amazing package for my wedding baju...
    but yes i've heard a lot of poeple complain how laser he is...and yes, he did say i have to lessen my 'junk in the trunk'..hehehe

    i've never did a survey in syomir izwa..but the mst important thing is , u like the bajus your desinger desingn and the cutting and can click well..hehehe..this was one of my biggest pening...coz i'm so fussy with colour and cutting...

    all the best dear...

  5. my all time fave is syaiful bahrim, but i end up with other designer..budget constraint hehe..

    man kajang rm1.8k tailoring only (for bride), kain u have to provide. shoes & handbouquet included. veil & accesories rental add rm500.

    salikin sidek's workmanship starts from rm500 :)

  6. sabsabby: he said that ??? oh my... jikalau saye sudah sentap ;) syomir did a white dinner dress for my friend... like a goddess, sgt cantik... ;)

    hidden.wing: ya la... those i put up in the entry semue tailoring price kawan2 i ckp, the ex-bride girfriends smue beli kain kat indonesia ;) huhuhu 'J' a friend nangis few days before her tunang kat salikin's in sacc mall. she called her tunang ckp she looks like a pumpkin! hahaha after alteration gorgeous oredy! ;)

  7. salam miss x.
    i penah survey designer price masa kawen dlu.rizman 2k.hatta dolmat 1.8k.on the phone,hatta sgt peramah.and dia boleh nego the price.tapi,baru2 ni,ada org komplen la pl workmanship kajang 2k 4 both couple.baju saja.i penah jmpa man.dia frenly.tapi tak jadi buat baju dgn dia coz design dia kene pakai corset.i tak mau pakai corset.hehe.endup,i buat baju with puteris.baju puteris designer yang buat.not so famous,tapi she is talented.dan dia pun sgt frenly ;) personally,i admire syaiful baharim works.cantik sgt2. worth it kalo dapat buat baju dgn dia. happy hunting ur baju kawen ;)

  8. hai fathiyah! huhu ya, i think the price i dpt from friends pon few years back punye price. cepat betol naik rege kan? anyway, i takpnah tau pasal puteris but should go google after dis! ;) kan? syaiful baharim punye work cantik sgt kan??? i love jugak!

  9. Hi Miss X.lebih kurang sama w my latest entry tp ni br dpt bace ur blog aritu bz.heheh. cuzzin pun xtahan dgn mulut MK.Tp kalo i maybe x kesah sbb im quite honest too.huhu..Baju Man mmg cantik tp nampak sama smpai boleh kenal dats from MK

    2.Rizalman&Radzuan rasanya tak boleh dpt bestfren beli baju kebaya fr RR yg dh siap RM8k.bkn wedding pun.i think their price above 10k tp dorg otai so mmg puashati.

    3.Rizman Ruzaini sweet baju nya n reasonable price.sesuai utk pemakai tudung sbb bajunya sopan2 belaka

    4.Syaiful Baharim very english.My besfren is goin to hire him for her wedd.4k above price die sgt suci n sweet.To those yg suke plain xnak beads sesuai pegi SB.

    5.Jedan kt PKNS tu bajunya cantik2 tp agak mahal juge.upah baju kurung for my fren yg engage aritu rm800!huhuhu

    6.Jovian sgt teliti.after hand drawing,he will put the design on a comp software&start to spread the beadings melalui computer n later send to his small factory dlm 15 workers if im not mistaken.Price 6k above.Hard to nego as permaisuri is one of his regulars.

    Cosry is friendlier i heard&slightly cheaper.

    All the best in ur dress hunting!

    1. my experience, I am disappointed with Jedan. he gives me the quotation, design and dateline. however, the dress is not as per his design, lack of beads, and netting not as per his promised. dateline totally out, he couldn't commit. and when i say, how come you want to ask for additional money for the quotation and design u commit? plus laser and berlagak!

  10. yeay for more info! i shud believe uols kot since we're the dress hunting gonna b bride and diah the newly wed... rizalman ibrahim tu my friend ckp 2k for consultant jek ok? i igt harga upah starts that price! oh good lord! (pengsan jap!) tapi to u girls yg dah kawin, i wanna ask... is it worth tempah the baju or better sewa? honestly.... saye takut i got over excited tempah ribu2, nanti menyesal. help me...

  11. So exciting la this topic. Teringat when I got married and all the drama with the wedding dress. I went for Syaiful Baharim for both my nikah and reception. Both my outfits were more than RM5k and I even provided my own 5 meter lace for both. I guess it's a little bit on the high side tapi I was really very very pleased with my nikah outfit so I cant complain. As for baju reception, to me, it was a little bit too ordinary and I was quite disappointed because he went ahead with the design when I didnt give him the final green light yet at the time. By the time nak tukar design, it was already ready. Finally we did some alteration and it was better..but unfortunately, it was not my dream dress. Having said that, my nikah dress was the bomb! So I guess I'll hang on to that.

    Syaiful does amazing shoes too...

    Overall, I'm quite pleased.

    As for Jovian, he did one baju for me and the fitting was perfect. Tak payah alter langsung!
    Price dia memang tinggi sikit but he is good.

    Good luck! I hope you find ur dream dress..

  12. This entry is rly good for designer knowledge..
    I have heard great raves bout Syomir Izwa..kinda englishness in his ada that nice touch.. Where exactly is his boutique?

    Anyone has reviews for Jeffriey Ibrahim?
    Heard a lil bit bout him..but not seen a lot of his work yet though..

    My friends have been doing their nikah outfits with Dzul Classique..(very reasonable) and also sanding/tandang with Amin jauhary... also said to be reasonable..
    But somehow I still want to check out other designers..if we're gona fork out so much..biar puas hati..

  13. indeed!! nak keluar duit biar puas hati. and don't go too bold sbb kadang2 waktu sketches nampak cantik. dah jadik, if 'galak' sangat pun tak cantik, hialng the purity of the wedding dress. eg: macam baju kahwin ning. i personally don't like any of them tho it's by jovian mandagie sbb dah hilang the magical wedding feelings. but as for diah, one of the bloggers, jovian mandagie did a superb job. anyway, i pun never hearf of jeffriey ibrahim. do share photos if you have one or two ;)

  14. Ms X.... I put a pic and 2 of JI's work on my blog..check it out..and let me know what you think..

    and ur rite bout Nings' it was jovian ke..never thought it'd be him..the blue one...ummmmmm


  15. just wanna share:

    did some outfits with Jedan, Man Kajang, Amin Jauhary, Kelrina, Rizman Ruzaini and Jeffriey Ibrahim. MK was indeed very 'laser' but i had no problem with that and quite satisfied with the result plus the price was reasonable. Jedan, Amin Jauhary and Kelrina was quite ok because the result only met my minimum expectations. The best i had so far of coz with Rizman Ruzaini. Great design, great service and great outcomes. But it did comes with a great cost as well. The worst was Jeffriey Ibrahim!! Great design but bad service, bad timing and bad outfits!

  16. Hye, I know this topic dah lama dah but I found it very very helpful!

    I got married dgn baju sewa je sebab masa tu student, but now my hubby does business and we have a lot of events. I am Calvin Thoo's regular and I love his design & cut.. make me look "oh-so-slim" despite I am a size L! price starting at 2.4k, up to 7k for avantgarde ones. He's very friendly & cute too! My friends are Rizman Ruzaini's regular & the price starting at 2.4k now in 2012-2013. I dont really like Rizman's design but I am looking forward to get Syaiful Baharim to design one for me in the future!

  17. ** ada 1-2 comment baru for this post yg i tak publish. mmglah skrg (2013) RR RM5k above, and Rizalman RM6k above...this post was created back in 2009 kot! ada jugak yg nak comment tapi tgk tarikh post created before giving comments **

  18. hye miss x.
    you tahu tak harga baju melayu RR madamoisel raya 2013? i love it much. tapi takut harga RR tinggi sgt. hehe