Thursday, December 30, 2010


hai korang,
i lupa nak cerita tentang seorang tailor yang hebat!
operasinya dekat rumah dia at PJ.
ohhhhh she's so nice...
a chinese tailor, aunty-aunty.
my friend yang reccomend dekat i.
dia pandai jahit kurung modern RM90 je~
if ada lining RM180 :)
best kan?
so i think to those yang nak jahit plain kurung modern boleh lah hantar kat dia.
dia takde handphone number.
ada phone number rumah je.
nanti blackberry saya dah pulih, saya update k?

Sunday, December 26, 2010


hello uols,
i need your help in voting on favors.
tujuan polling ini adalah supaya saya tak berangan sorang2; memberi favors kepada orang ikut citarasa saya sendiri. jadi, saya perlukan bantuan korang.

MCQ--- pilih satu daripada jawapan berikut ikut citarasa anda, dan beritahu sebab anda memilihnya... ;p

a) photo frame
b) scented candles
c) chocolates in tin-can
d) etc (share with me!)

thanks a bunch!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


*igt senang aku nak publish gambar candy buffet? kerana kau, sorayaku darling. ku publish juga sbb nak tunjuk skali gambar kau yang romantic dengan zam. tee hee*
her name is soraya.
the first time i met her, i never thought ada client sebegini peramah.
i kalau bercakap dengan perempuan ni, mesti bantai gelak pecah perut! hahahaha
maka, kerana she's freaking friendly, dia telah menjadi kawan saya after a few times we met.

she has soooooooooo many ideas in her mind macam wedding planner ok?
..and never fail to suggest and share new things to me too.
she wanted 1 + 4 = 5 candy buffet at the very beginning, but i was tight by work schedule.
so i promised her to do 1 for her solemnization and 1 for her reception.
but the reason i'm writing now, not to talk about my candy buffets only, but soraya herself.
she is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty + friendly. macam dah kenal lama. rasa macam aku dah kawan dengan dia dari tadika pulak. huhuhu
she has good taste in planning her W-day!

her baju untuk semua majlis by Syomir Izwa. meletops u!
siap kasut, veil bagai. she tailormade 4 baju, 3 kasut, 2 veil. hamik kau! hehe
maklumlah, badan melets macam marilyn monroe~~ pssst ;p
tak masuk bab make-up lagi tu! ayangjamell, epie temerloh makeup 2X, amy janz.

and others....
all deco done by the creative nuwoo and sher. suke!
her cards by ilikecard
her videographer cst production
her favors by marryme2u
superb photos by green apple
and candy buffet, definitely from theweddingheaven
(solemnization: green&brown candy buffet, reception: purple&pink candy buffet)

soraya is not a blogger, but looking at her choices of vendors, she's definitely a researcher.
very careful in picking up vendors. dah puas google. hahaha
and the best, dia meletakkan kepercayaan kepada hasil kreatif anak2 muda, sekalipun melalui online. and there u go, both her majlis were perfect!

congratulations! i loveeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

PS: untuk maklumat lanjut atau meng-upload gambar2 cantik dengan kadar yang banyak, saya kena minta kebenaran empunya badan. any details ie:price,etc.... pun kena tanya tuan badan. :0)
PS2: kalau entry ni dapat comment lebih 10, saya share gambar2 candy buffet, macarons, bagai..... ;p kalau tak, saya anggap korang tak hingin nak tengok ;p HAHAHAHA
kejam tak? paksa, paksa! ;p

Thursday, December 16, 2010


aqidd: mama, skrg christmas kan?
me: belum christmas, skrg winter.
anaqi: winter? tapi malaysia tiap hari hujan.
me: kita takde winter season.
anaqi: kita takde saljikan?
aqidd: ada la... yang hujan tu la salji. sebab salji amerika datang malaysia dia dah cair.
me: *gelak*

sumpah cute please. and why in the world my 5 y-old nephew chose america, not some other countries? haish. ni lah pengaruh tengok tv ;p very cheeky si bulat ni.

anaqi on the other hand, a curious young chap--- playful but very intelligent. last month dapat sijil anugerah pelajar cemerlang ok? :)

baik, esok saya bermulalah jelajah salji!!! wehooooooooo!
with none other---my two most adorable nephews. nyumssssssssssssss gigit pipi.

Friday, December 10, 2010


working in the industry ease me... seriouly.

i have cameramen friends all around me.

i have visual editor-- lots of them i can choose from.

so i chose a partner in crime; camera&editor to capture events of mine next year.

do i trust them?

why not. they've been working with tv3 for more than 10years.

way expert than banyak videographer setahun jagung yang charge RM2k for a single event!

cst 3800, manggis 4800.

manggis mmg special, i tabik.

cst friendly and pandai pilih lagu but.... if ikut rules of visual editing and broadcasting, they need to pay attention to the shots. banyak sangat jump shot waktu editing. hilang story-flow of the majlis.

in editing, if taknak draggy, buat insert/lay... but bukan jump shot.

for an example, ada a few video dorg... awal2 ada visual pengantin bersiap, dah majlis bagai, tiba2 dah 3 minit ada gambar pengantin bersiap balik. jump shot is a no-no walau art macamana sekalipun.

anyway, the peepz i'm gonna hire tv3 team.

the cameraman has previously worked for production, pernah buat nona and other women programmes. and the visual editor from / .

they did LIVE programmes as well. so no doubt on the outcome.

for 2events + 1 short clip of family+friends interview, RM1500 is definitely worth it, kan???

i'm happy! takpayah pening kepala dah.

videographer mission accomplished!

Monday, December 6, 2010


*i swear cantik kan? boleh terus pakai for nikah or reception!*

a young-talented-handsome guy ;)
his made-to-measure dresses cost RM4-6k.
but the outcome? superb!
look at diah's dress. marvellous.
but fyi, his ready-made is kinda affordable, RM2-3k.
...usually fits up to size 08 only.
he can alter the piece u confirmed so the ready-made hugs your body perfectly.
but the thing is, ada a few pieces je every collection n not all suitable for weddings.
if you're lucky enough; waktu keluar warna white or pastel colour--- cepat2 grab! huhu
you'll sure go ga-ga, huhu can make your nikah or reception dress, kan?
so, do not hesitate... pay a visit to his boutique if someone ckp ada pastel pieces dekat his boutique's rack, on the dot.
just go-see... why not?
will do so... probably one day.

Mr. Jovian Mandagie, please come out with white or pastel colour pieces with modern kurung like cutting with a little twist, every season! ahahaha i suka!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


sooooooooooooooo happy!
venue is the major to-book-list; when u have venue, u have the event flow + time.
so when you have venue and time, u can proceed with 3-4 other vendors.

1) pelamin; usually established pelamin maker needs a receipt dat venue to ensure we've really booked the venue and event time--- say, 7pm arrival- ends 11pm.

2) make-up; MUA can determine the extra mileage charges+rate.. ie: sue cantik, KL rm900, other than KL but still within Klang Valley RM950.

3) photog/video; if they've been to ur venue. it's easier. if they have not been there they can probably have a look at the place so they know shots that they're gonna experiment with.

in conclusion, it's good to have ur venue booked early. my w-day lama lagi. but guess wut, for the month..... the place is fully booked for all Saturdays & Sundays. Seriously! and left with only two fridays. another 2 fridays pun dah ada org booked!

So, my event will be on one fine Friday, InsyaAllah (erk.. ad aorg datang ke friday? ada kan? ;p)
My venue is selected since they're an expert in Malay Weddings-- just imagine, every week guarantee MESTI ada malay hold a wedding there; macam Dewan Perdana Felda la.... expert in Malay Weddings;--- tiap minggu ada wedding melayu, food tekak melayu, and organizer very familliar with adat2 melayu etc. but my place is definitely not Dewan Perdana Felda; i bagi contoh je ;p *dekat dengan rumah i* huhu

Mum dah letak booking, insyaAllah, dengan izin tuhan it'll be our official venue for our big day.
I'm thankful. Syukur. Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


drooling? hehe
oh people.... i honestly think RR's era is over... erk. nah kiddin'. huhu
...they're still producing great dresses but with extra $$$$, why not. mind you, harga makin naik.
last time i wanted to do my engagement dress with syomir but it didn't happen so...
but lately, i just fall and keep falling in love with his superb dresses.
i remember back then, mid 2009, his price for a baju is only 800 for nikah and 1200 for reception.
so worry the price heighten extra miles.
i've seen sue's, tahirah's and soraya's dress and loving them a bunch.
but can i have 2 bajuS (nikah and reception at RM3k?--- my kain)
most blogger friends told me that blogger can get special price, 2.5k to 3 k for DUA BAJU!
haven't try my luck yet. but would love too.
i am about to mail syomir. will update you girls. love.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


my pretty friend lyana is officially engaged!

i was a bit late yesterday since i have to run here and there to settle things.
tak sempat blow rambut pun, so i chose to belah rambut tengah (tips for last minute outing preparation;-- do not do side bang, as it has the potential to go leper)
and.... i'm wearing MissX e-baju, again! ;p huhu
my first time was march 14th, then 2 kali pakai jadi emcee for weddings.
but for lyana's E, i don't wear my meleret kain. kang org kata over pulak.

the food was great. i loveeeeeeeeeee the daging a lot. catering by Sajian Emas. nyums@

oh back to the ceremony, her pelamin sangatlah effortlessly gorgeous.
i love the combo of white material drapes, chandelier and fairy lights!

but who's the prettiest of all? definitely lyana!
make-up ndone by someone name Fatin i guees (will correct this later if salah)
i love the fact that lyana biarkan her hair down with sexy curls.. it's sooo
and the best part i love?
her baju!!! oh so gorgeous.
she tailormade dekat bandung. cantikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
purely herself from head to toe.

so many kawan datang, some i dah tak jumpe for quite sometimes. sangat happy dpt gather. huhu

i'm so happy for lyana, and can't wait tgk dia kahwin. she will be one pretty bride i guarantee. love. congratulations. hugs and many many hugs.

*the pretty lyana; pretty her, pretty make-up, pretty baju*

*her pretty pelamin*

*us at lyana's e-day*

*me and my akma yang cute*

*baby the legend, me and kema cutest*


Friday, November 19, 2010


a few bloggers blogged about the pelamin of this bride+groom...
but i'm way interested with the bride's make-up
this make-up artist i do not know.... but their work is pretty great!
like a collaboration of two; a chinese guy and a chinese lady.... hasilnya, menarik.
the pengantin?
none other than illyana, pic from fad+ rumahmerah
oh can someone please figure it out for me? pretty please..........

**the beautiful hair +beautiful bride**

***the oh-so gorgeous make-up! & gorgeous bride***

**the talented hair-lady, anyone know her? please let me know!!!**

**the very talented punk chinese make-up artist. VERY TALENTED!**
**lihat, betapa telitinya dia**

korang, please buat 'reseacrh'!!! i suka!!!
if kroang tau who did the makeup+hair please let me know!
if korang kenal the bride, please ask her and let me know!
thnak you

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


hello lovelies,
i went to Unaisah's a few days back to get my cute mum her baju.
was so terrified that mum will not fit into her bajuS coz she gained lot of weight
dia saje2 hantar her baju in March, and every month tanya about her baju.
but i told mum, Unaisah is very very busy with bridal dresses.... bet she couldnt finish mum's baju yang saja2 tu...
So since Raya Aidiladha i called Unaisah asking about mum's baju..
Mum was kinda sad knowing she can't pakai baju by Unaisah on Aidilfitri.
Since then, tiap MINGGU dia tanya! until.........
a few days back, we went to Unaisah's and she got 2 out of her 3 baju!
that made her day, definitely! although, another baju tak siap lagi.. huhu
i have a thing for my mother. i always love those who treat my mother nice ;)
On Aidiladha yesterday, she happily wore her baju. ye, sangat happy ok?!

...AND you know what, i hantar my kain to her jugak. one of my baju kahwin akan dibuat Unaisah. CONFIRMED~! :)

***Unaisah is fully booked until October 2011. November brides can start sending kain now!***

Saturday, November 13, 2010


what if we can't afford ngi?
i know, he can consider a hall pelamin at RM10k, but seriously do not expect much...
to me, he's a PELAMIN DESIGNER! again, a designer!!!
so do not put his creative work down.... because witht he quality he delivers, janganlah perlekehkan dia sampai nego macam dekat pasar tani. be reasonable in negotiating.
he's not merely a pelamin maker.
just my 2cents, negotiating a beautiful Rm30k pelamin to get it done at rm10k is ridiculously absurd... seriously.
i know, we as customers, wanted the best price, value for money what not but....
like............ come on girls!
i don't have that 30k too, but if can't afford one, do not push them.
at the end of the day, disspointment is the perfect answer.

for the girls who have all the $$$ without the need of getting LOANS.... oh go for it! u can afford it, we'll be happy for u! tumpang gembira! we will do the same if we have $$$, don't we girls?

so back to point A, if you (...we) can't afford a pelamin designer, always have options.
opt for other pelamin maker with less $$$ and have beautiful pelamin as well. woot woot!

so here... the two other pelamin makers i love : )



these two pelamin maker do a grand hall pelamin at RM8k. seriously.
kinda affordable kan?

so.... do u have any pelamin maker in your mind that can do less than Rm10k? share with us!

Monday, November 8, 2010


ok, since my first flight naik airasia last December, i honestly think it's not that bad as mum used to scare me all the time.She is pro-MAS, so forgive her... and the fact that she's entitle for loads of cimb enrich points that... in a way allows her to pamper self at the golden lounge, bc, and what not, so in a simple word... she hates airasia. but seriously i don't mind :)

anyway, the kinda help i need from u sounds really absurd.

but.... ya, i was over excited (obsess) with airasia's dirt cheap tickets price so i bought 8 tickets in total (4journeys). i booked them in August. but.... now i don't know how to get the booking number! i totally lupa the date, booking number, and mail i signed in! the few thing i ingat are my destination and defnitely my name! that's it! tu je!

i've checked all 3 e-mails i have, but none of them keep the record of the bookings. sad. damn.

SO, HOW????
how am i supposed to get my travel itirenary and how in the world can i book hotel room without a freaking date???
ps: can i just call AirAsia, say my name and get all the 4 booking number? erk..

Friday, November 5, 2010


aren't they beautiful, girls?
lace bridal shoes..... oh soooo gorgeous!!!
kasut from stuart weitzman :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


hello, this is not an idea-entry but a question-entry :)
if you've been to so many halls, which hall u like the best?
and if you've been to so many hotels, which hotel is the best?
or any great venue idea u think is great?
tell me about it!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


have u seen one??
bet u haven't... ;p
before this; just hotel,house, garden.. semua tempat i dah buat la pendek cerita!
BUT my first time doing it on the stage!

remember for nikah, Miss S wanted a green-brown CB?
for reception a purple-pink...
Miss S commissioned me to do the purple-pink candy buffet on the stage!!!
believe it or not... ;) believe it!

i did a HUGE candy buffet for her which normally costs a lot.
but since she's a trend-setter i gave her reasonable price.

again, i never upload any of my candy buffet artworks.
if any of u girls, wanted to hire me and look at my portfolio, make an appointment, we see each other. :)
yang ni present ciput...

*gambar ni saje upload bagi teruja.hehe.gambar dikecilkan sehingga 80% dengan sengaja, utk mengelakkan peniruan.taktau la if sekecil alam gambar ni ada jugak yg nak tiru, kan?
tak baik tau, Allah murka nanti....
readers pun bijak and know who-copy-who kan?


ps: i jumpa nuwoo, sher and shaja. diorg baik sangat. and definitely very very talented!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


hello hello.

i attended erkk somewhat coordinated a little here and there of Miss S's wedding.
she lovesssss fairylights so much, that her khemah nikah decorated with loads of fairylights.
i did an english-green-brown-white candy buffet.

and i was so satisfied that Miss S idea of having a green buffet turned out great!
first time buat green/brown. banyak client opt for pink, purple, white.
anyhow, kesian Miss S tak sempat ambik gambar apabila selesai doa semua, candy buffet diserbu!

i've done candy buffet for so many clients so i know; the first 2hours, nobody dare to touch it. but when a family member of bride or groom touched it, oh god other guests will serbu.
but i love looking at their excitement. especially those yang pertama kali tengok candy buffet.
tunggu gambar from OP Miss S... cant wait!

Miss S was sooooo beautiful di make-up oleh Epie Temerloh; who did make-up for Bienda's wedding too!

and her emcee, definitely my bestie who currently market yang amat dikalangan brides for wedding --- biasalah... nama pun pembaca berita kan?

Did i mention Miss S baju was SOOOO CANTIK!!!
syomir izwa made her baju; but deefinitely coz Miss S's body also superb mcm Marilyn Monroe. heheehehe

will upload photos nanti.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


this hall is freaking beautiful.
ok reality check.
it's not in Malaysia.
it's on the other side of the world.
in San Francisco.
i however wish we one here. ;p



i know i've been a little grumpy off late. forgive me.
but some people... erm... ya, some people *sigh*

but however, i choose to ignore them.
i received many mails of some loyal readers i missed.
oh god, i have 2oo over requests but blogger only allows 100nett.
i feel bad.

but here i am again. back on track!

thanks for all the support loves. i'm blessed.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


i'm working on something.
something i've not done for quite sumtimes.
remember i told u girls, currently i'm working in the media industry.

however, this is not what i wanted to be BACK THEN---

in primary i was a so-called A student whom worst score was like.. 92%?
changed 5 schools in 2 different states; kl n pahang. from SK to Convent.
never failed to be 1st or at least 2nd in the batch; parents senyum until telinga whenever ambil my report card.
even scored 160 at Mensa when i was 9... :)

secondary; the same exact reputation--
...but however, when i was in form 3 this huge typhoon hit my family so bad.
and honestly, i wasn't the sweet girl any longer-- a rebellious child, that's me.
ran away child, ciggy was my super best friend and lepaking was my future; true... i've been there.

Then, the biggest examination,SPM, took place and i didnt f-ing bother.
but i managed to get a pathetic 6A out of 9 subjects. science stream, so
ok la kan?

My father 'gone missing' and i registered for an Art course in Cenfad! Foundation in Arts.
Ya, the lecturers taught me how to make headgears, dresses, make-up, drawing, visual thinking and what not...

6months over ---my father on one fine day called my mother, asked me to quit.
he got to know from an uncle about the Art thingy.

He always wanted me to be an architect, but i chose not too and want things my way.
So later, father got real mad and i have to listen to him----- to be that so-called-science-daughter. mum is a doctor, so dia nak father nak i jadi doctor kot? or anything they categorized as the proffesionals. ceh.

but i masuk MMU later cos i hv loadssss of friends there. hahaha Malacca, Alpha IT patut i dah jadi software engineer, but i quit! reason? i broke up with my first love and cant hardly breath. hahahah i know, pathetic kan? call me with the L word. i know, i know.

a year at home, cried and cried.
and later Mass Comm came into the picture-- 2003.
i worked real hard.
dean's list every semester. alhamdulillah.
vice chancellor award for both my diploma and degree. alhamdulillah.
takdela senang sangat, but takdela susah sampai every sem belajar calculus, pening. hahah graduated with 1st class, 3.89, not bad la kan? ceh.

at times, looking at a few friends-- who weren't even in the top 10 during high school, i pity myself.
which i know, my very own emotions KILLED me 11years back; if it never happened, by now m probably somewhere in another part of the world.ceh lagi.

it's history and i have to let it be.
life goes on, and i have to fully utilise what i currently have.


i'm working on something.
something i've not done for quite sumtimes.
i miss sewing.
so i want to do it.
tomorrow i want to start sewing.
ok. bye.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I met this one lovely girl last month.
She's one of the readers who bacA my humble blog.
But however we met to talk on candy buffet coz she wanted to hv it on her big day.
We had a kepoh conversation (which is great), coz we also shared on our wedding plans.

After the kepoh conversation,she told me she wAnted 1 candy buffet for nikah n 4 for reception.
I waasss so hAppy to think that someone really appreciate my artwork n hardwork.
DahlA last month I was commisioned to do cAnday buffet for IndiAn+chinese couple.
But anyway,sadly I had to turn her down coz I won't be around on da 31st but agreed on d 30th for her nikah.
Understand,dt I hv a vass commitment working at tv3 newsroom at the same time running dis busines-- she smiled.
Since she's so sweet, I however agreed to do one for her sanding,which I hv to set it up earlier on the 30th.

She then asked me to be her event's emcee since she knows I do emcee jobs (inilah duit poket extra org tv3 hehe)
But again I can't.
So I reccomended my colleague who's A newscAster but his fee is definitely higher. My fee is only rm500-800... His? Rm1k-rm2k depending on d event)
Tho i just got to know this girl,since she is sooooo nice, I told my colleague she's a friend of mine. So asked him a favor to give her good price.
So he did, it's RM1700 for 2events :)
the girl went back home happily.

TodAy I met her agAin (mlm tAdi)
I was so flattered when she actuAlly gave me kain to suit the event's theme.
Told you, she's so nice n sweet.

To Soraya, thank you. LOVE.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Hye fellas,
This is apparently a question type of entry. Hehe

Q: do u girls think having ur makeup done at 2pm is absurd whilst ur wedding will only start at 8pm? Just do it or not recommended?

-q1: Ada tak possibilities of makeup hancuq n hair serabai within that 6hours of waiting? receptions starts at 8pm kan. Or for 6hours it still maintain as gorgeous?

-q2: possible tak from 2pm tu I duduk dlm bilik until 8pm? Or usually bride busy kt dewan lg until petang? (Erkk mcm mati kutu jerk)

-q3: if she is ur top choice MUA, u dare to face the uncertainties asalkan got her Or.. U'll just forget her and opt for other MUA?

Ok uols. Help me answer this ridiculousness. I love this one MUA but she said the particular date I mentioned, dia Ada slot pagi til 2pm je. Sedangkn my majlis 8pm. So how?

PAMERAN PENGANTIN@KL convention centre

How was it?
Not worth going...
I went juz now.I think ada 50booths je
Out of that 25, 15pusat kecAntikAn fAcial-slimming bagai.
10 cÂmtu butik/studio cinA.

So yg lg 25? Lebih kurang:
10- kedai kAd
5- kedAi baju
5- pelamin
3- caterer
2- favors

Sedih uols
Yg menAriak n famousa sikit hAnya rins suzanA:
Itupun sewa bAju RM800-RM1.5k uolsss! SEWA yA???
Baik mak tempah dkAt unaisAh! baju nikah syomir pun lepas uolssss

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

one of my dreams hancus :(

I wanted ayangkamell for tandang n prolly reception.
My wedding is far far away lg setahun lebih kottt but...

AYANG KAMELL is fully booked!!!

Sedih plsssss

Kind earthlings, pls suggest a good mAkeup artist with the same fee, rm600.
I'm sad n pls calm me down. Ecehhh but yA, sedih :(

self-motivation (sedapkan hati) : *meditate* ommmmm ayang pun kadang2 makeup macam dragqueen so MissX dont worry much. prolly will get a better one.. (ulang 1000X) jangan sedih, ada hikmah disebaliknya...ommmmmm

Monday, October 4, 2010


hey ladies!
i'm day-dreamin at the office.... erkkk kind interest?
anyhow, i was thinking..... i wanted an english kinda wedding but somehow
i really fall in love tahap tergolek with this one song last time and up til today which i couldnt compromise. but aaaaa one lagu melayu will sabo the theme tak?
if i choose the song, rosak la theme/concept i kan?
but if i don't, i'll def regret the rest of my life? no? huhu
anyhow the song is:
Kaulah Segalanya - Hazrul Nizam

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010


hello, edisi save budget --- erkk my version. baik, apa yg pada saya penting & tak penting sgt. yg penting boleh splurge, yg tak penting carik sampai ke lubang cacing yg murah ;p


1) Nikah (of course yg penting nawaitu nikah, saya senaraikan yg duniawi)
**nikah ni ala-ala pentingkan diri sendiri konsepnya. sbb all eyes on us :P

yang perlu spend:
- makeup sooo important coz kita duduk bersimpuh,families, friends and guests dekat ngn kita in one space. kan? jadi utuk makeup nikah; SPLURGE! suggestion: Sue Cantik RM950
- baju seperti make-up baju nikah penting sbb semua org rapat-rapat, keep it simple and sweet. fitting penting sbb gelebeh mana2 bahagian pasti disedari. suggestion: Rizman Ruzaini around RM1500 (without kain)
- photographer: sampai ke mati ktia nak tgk moment nikah kita. jadi photographer harus hebat! capture detik sayu and gembira hari nikah. suggestion: Syahrin Aziz (for nikah) around RM2500
- saya cadang takmau pelamin nikah; tapi ada plan nak letak stage kecik; like 3 X 3+bantal nikah, 2 pasu bunga sweet. suggestion: DIY, RM200
- pakaian keluarga kedua2 belah pihak utk kenangan. saya rasa sgt penting sbb time ni la boleh byk2 group photo. time reception nanti sure busy. pilih plain; kasitau family and friends; keep it smple; no need beading bagai. Suggestion: beli siap kat PKNS or tempah = RM100 je sorg.
- ambience; walaupun tak masuk dlm gambar pastikan tetamu leka dengan suasana-- wangikan ruang. pastikan bersih, kemas dan cantik tempat nikah.suggestion: Mark&Spencer room freshener

yg no need spend sgt (pada saya):
- bunga telur, kad, favors; pada saya tolak ke tepi. sbb yg datang nikah ni usually gerenti datang reception. kasi je time tu :p

ps: personally i want a small-beautiful nikah attended by around 20? cukup kadi, bakal suami, keluarga kedua2 belah pihak and saksi :)

2) Reception (Dewan/ Hotel)
**reception ni konsep pentingkan tetamu; diri sendiri tolak tepi.

yang perlu spend:
-top of the list adalah FOOD. ye, sbb masuk perut org. remember; an angry man is a hungry man. so jgnlah makanan tu tak sodap. sbb if tetamu lapar, makanan tak sodap; semua mende kat majlis dia kata hodoh ;p Suggestion: Suri Catering / D'saji RM25-RM60 per head.
-favors kedua sbb serious penting, sbb benda tu untuk tetamu jadik kan kenangan. tell me, ada ke manusia tak suka hadiah? apatah free... hehe kan?? :) Suggestion: item+makanan in it (both dapat)
-venue, venue,venue. jgn complicated direction nya and pastikan usahlah hotel yg parking sampai RM20! serious ada ok?! kalau cvalidate pun RM8. Suggestion: Dewan Bukit Damansara/ Dewan Perdana Felda (parking free!)
-meja beradap; mungkin ada yg amik ringan. ingat, wedding ni about our family and relative. tak usah la dok sebok sgt nak dapatkan tarikh VVIP. passtu time makan beradap mak bapak pun tersisih sbb kena bagi laluan depa dok sebelah bride. betul tak?? so, ini majlis kita... toksah la sibuk nak pk duit rolling... alamak!
-grand entrance: penting sgt, sila pilih lagu bersusaian if tak pakai kompang. Suggestion: From This Moment
-pakaian keluarga sgt penting; yg striking;(janganlah hitam/putih/merah/pink; necaya ramai tetamu warna tu) senang tetamu kenal, if nak cari pun senang incase ada any problem :p Suggestion: Orange
-pelamin meletops (ikut citarasa/ budget wise ok) Suggestion: Deen Gemilang or NGI (alamak!)
-photographer: ingat ye; if majlis malam, bukan semua photographer hebat nite event; so sila tgk portfolio majlis malam depa. Suggestion: Nazim Zafri around RM2500

yg no need spend sgt (pada saya):
- make-up and baju tak sepenting nikah. kenapa? sbb semua org pandang kita dari jauh je.
- if majlis malam make-up; demi gambar yg cantik biar tebal sikit. jangan feeling nak natural colour time ni. tak kena gaya. lihat Linda waktu kahwin ngn Que. scary (my opinion). Suggestion: Ayang Kamell RM600
-baju yg penting lebih lip-lap daripada nikah. design wise tolak tepi, asalkan nampak for dinner; time ni pulak jgnlah feeling nak jadi minimalist sgt. if pakai plain evening gown takpe, but if pakai plain kurung tetibe, erk... Suggestion: Ntahlah,asalkan lip-lap. :)
- kad kahwin keep it simple like RM2, sbb Rm2 tu haruslah bukan hardcover kan? gerenti org buang. if kad ekau nak grand, buat betul2 grand sampai depa simpan jadik kenangan yg ala-ala RM20... alamak. Suggestion: simple- LH creative, grand- Raja card (Indonesia)
- video tak perlu, hang nak atyang kat mana lagi? if nak video jugak, better buat time nikah. buat videoshow time reception and keep the sweet ceremony.

3) Bertandang (rumah/ dewan komuniti)
**majlis menjaga hati belah lelaki

yang perlu spend:
-satu benda je. MAKE-UP!!!!
penting sbb benda lain semua belah laki decide. so pastikan muka cantik :p majlis,pelamin,food: serahkan je kepada keluarga lelaki if cantik, alhamdulillah. if tak cantik, reserve your comment.seriously. ini kerana melibatkan pihak sana, takmahu ada yg tersinggung. JANGAN SESEKALI MASUK CAMPUR aka JANGAN JADI BRIDEZILLA jika melihat warna tak matching sbgai contoh. HAHAHAHHA

yang no need spend (pada saya)
- baju tempah kat tailor biasa je. if nak lagi budget, sewa je.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Please share jika boleh cut lagi budget ni, tanpa mengenepikan nilai2 MUST HAVE ok? ;p

Monday, September 20, 2010


Entahlah saya yang perasan atau benar2 si polan copycat. Dugaan ini sejak saya mula mengendalikan TWH seorang diri a few months back. Baru saya faham apa yg my fellow TWH partner previously said ttg pe'el copycat.namun kerana dia busy dgn komitmen lain, saya gagahkan juga buat seorang diri. Anyway, hurmmmm ntahlah si polan..ketika saya ber-candy buffet, dia juga bercandy buffet. Sudahlah begitu, presentation wise and caption di entry dia memulakannya pun lebih kurang (menyamar sebagai org lain,email saya untuk mengetahui selok-belok and how do TWH charge on the candy buffet. Lawak. Dia taktau kot boleh track email rekaan itu) Sbb tu saya memilih untuk tak mendedahkan hasil kerja TWH dan lebih gemar berjumpa client daripada deal via email. Baru gambar sekeping ala kadar yg dijadikan contoh, si polan mencedok 90% sampailah cara menulis packagenya. Ambil inspirasi website mat salleh takpe lg sbb omputih tu jauh nun di sana, but if fellow blogger punya, not so nice I think...Cubalah contohi kawan2 blogger lain, if berminat nak tau, email and tanya sendiri. Tak perlu jadi copycat dlm diam. Saya teringin nak tau sumthing pun, saya terus email blogger berkenaan, tanya terus. Bukannya susah pun. Daripada tak kenal macarons, tiba2 si polan mcm expert macarons pulak. ceh.

Ps: if saya yg perasan, ampunkan saya. But if si polan mmg coptycat, get a life!!! Sesungguhnya blogger2 lain lebih bijak menilai.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


oh uols! i stalked on airasia website tadi. most of the fare KUL-STD, RM2729.
TIBA-TIBA.... ada tarikh yang hanya RM1860!!!

tarikhnya: 15 Nov 2010- 27 Nov 2010
mmglah november takde apa-apa sale butttttt if you have a place to stay there; friends, family, etc..... tambang tu memang tak rasa langsung. apatah jika mahu cari barang2 kahwin etc.

oh trust me berbaloi. for an example; neverfull kat sini around RM2700 (tak silap i tahun lepas), i f kat sana skrg currency erkk 4.8 jek, so around RM2100 (tolak VAT lagi 15%!! haaaaa)

ok ambik dengan mudah contohnya nak beli barang hantaran; anda mahu beli neverfull satu and satu wallet graphite for hubby. juga perfume creed utk FH n annick goutal utk diri sendiri. gitu!!! ;p
(harga di bawah lebih kurang lah)

so jika di sana lebih kurang if *dah tolak VAT*:
neverfull (gbp435)=*RM1950
graphite (gbp250)=*RM1100
creed (gbp80)= *RM350
annick goutal edt (gbp71)= RM350
TOTAL = around RM3750

jika di sini (harga lebih kurang, so senang nak tambah):
neverfull: RM2700
graphite: RM1600
creed: RM700
annick goutal: RM700
TOTAL: around RM5700

LIHAT, RM5700- RM3750 = RM1450. tambah Rm300 je untuk tiket bersiar-siar di London. Say, makan&minum+tambang if 7days 100pound pun cukup.

why not kan? dengan beza yg sedikit tu, dapat jalan-jalan, melihat negara dan culture org lain, anddd.........
mungkin mengambil gambar pre-wedding? ;p

bagi mereka yang mmg belajar atau kerja di sana, memang takde hal la.
but for us, why not kan? :)

huhu itu jika anda teringin mahu bersiar-siar di sana, pergilah. if tak hingin and nak lagi super save at the same time dpt barang idmana, suruh je kawan yg study sana tolong beli bawak balik m'sia.
.tips belanja berhemah dan enjoy at the same time.
i went last time and it's all worth it, trust me.

*tips di atas dpt di apply jika anda ada rakan & keluarga there. if not, tips ni takboleh apply sbb hotel mahal gila*


Thursday, September 9, 2010


yes i dah private kan blog rakan2 yg sedang baca ni. BUT korangggggggggg yg dapat access private blog ni tolong inform kawan2 bride-2-be blogger yg i tak ter-add
please email me:
1)takut terlepas pandang 2)ntah blogger ni kata, invited readers boleh 100org jek.

thank you



ok sumpah lawak, saya nak private-kan.
ok yg itu saya tau.
but how to invite readers?
sumpah lawak.serious taktau.please help me.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Ok hai korang!!! ini multiple choice question tau!

Siapakah photographer pilihan anda:-

A) nazim zafri
B) syahrin aziz
C) ikram ismail
D) saiful nang
E) lain-lain (sila nyatakan)

Sila jawab please!!! Tengs!

*ps: saya akan privatekan blog pada 8 SEPT 2010. Thank you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


i know, the reason why most of us started blogging coz we want to share. kan? we want to share coz we're bride-to-be, already bride etc... but i do not know whether it is me and only me feel this way. i just think ada a few friends (a few like 2-3 manusia je la not only the blogger but also real life people/friend) they asked things about our 'thing' i mean preparation/the event itself;----- eh so cute and pretty this thing, i never jumpa, what is this?, where u beli this? how much?


pastu, kita dengan sepenuh hati cerita la... kan? where, how much, reccomend kaw-kaw la ni being a friend. then, tup-tup tiba2 she/they, buat macam their own (erkkk u get what i mean?) hurmmm like.... a friend of her which is or isn't our mutual friend tanya "eh cutenya that thing, mana u dapat, i tak pernah jumpa benda ni. kreatifnya u." and with muka bangga like she found it! oh god.

i just wanna say, be your own trend-setter la!

like seriously 99% of bride-2-be amik idea dari website omputih bagai kan? tapi kita tak sakit hati sbb omputih tu taktau yg kita amik sini sikit, sana sikit idea-idea dorg. anyway, itu ihsan Google pun kan??? but if in the same circle engkau feeling verangan, tak ke obvious yang engkau adalah copycat? choy!


yang paling meluat adalah.... ya, like SHE FOUND IT! meluat!
sebab as for me; whenever i asked previous brides, bride-to-be, kawan2, on a few things, i simpan for my own reference.saya juga merujuk/e-mail blogger hebat seperti sab,diah,sue but saya tak reveal details yg depa kasi in e-mails.

Contohnya,if b2b yg I tanya ckp in e-mail "designer A charge rm123, I won't publish straight up unless harga rm123 tu dtg dari mulut designer to sendiri later when I ckp to the designer myself" errr paham tak? sbb lain org lain PR skill, lain harganya. unless-lah the 'thing' has been widely spread by others takpelah kan? Contohnya sue.c charge 950,mmg ramai b2b bloggers dah tau kan?


ps:anyway, thanks kepada yang beri sokongan kepada saya. saya nak share hanya dengan korang2 yang sangat supportive and bukan copycat. i realized, those yang sent commets/e-mails to be invited di kalangan ada yang banyak share tips dengan saya. saya pun ada mintak panduan depa jugak. so, sesuailah blog ini untuk mereka yang benar2 mahu berkongsi. kan?


Saturday, August 28, 2010



sila bagi e-mail uols. kita kan blogging untuk berkongsi info, bertukar-tukar pandangan sesama bride2b. tapi saya benci ada juga yang bukannya bride to be, bukannya nak berkongsi apa-apa, tetapi kerana mengenali saya secara peribadi, sibuk nak tahu what i am up to for my big day! benci! please leave your:

3)blog URL.

thank you.

Friday, August 27, 2010


i booked sue cantik oredy!
i know!!!! it's SUPER early but ya, i want sue and only sue.
(bridezilla alert)
sue cantik sudah buat ramai orang cantik! ;)

*source google
*kudos brides and photographers. beautiful!

Friday, August 20, 2010


baiklah uols! seperti yang dijanjikan/ harga2 yang saya letak di bawah ini seperti yang ditanya kepada mereka. harga tidak termasuk kain, dan limited kepada design bride + groom seperti yang simple (contoh seperti gambar yg dipaparkan). bukan yg grand design itu ini bagai. ini utk pengantin simple+minimalist:

BRIDE= kurung modern, flowy kain with simple embellishment.
GROOM= modern suit without beading/sulam

kayu ukurnya merujuk kepada design ala-ala di bawah ni:

berikut adalah combination yang saya combine kan designer mahupun famous tailor. Juga ikut jenis kain n pr skill uols.note that depa tak semestinya ada JV etc..list di bawah adalah kombinmasi dan pandangan peribadi I. list mengikut baju bride+ baju groom:

(All prices quoted adalah FROM RMxxx onwards)

ya, dia boleh buat kedua-dua baju bride dan groom. for both baju dengan harga yang saya nyatakan. baik dia ni..... macam borak dengan kawan2 je. which is good. dia ni terlalu busy. kena update dia selalu.

2) UNAISAH AZLAN + OMAR ALI = RM600+ RM400 =RM1000
sudah pasti korang kenal unaisah yang baik hati ni kan? dia tak buat baju grooom but saya ada option utk uols! ya, unaisah boleh buat baju kurung modern uols dengan harga serendah RM600!!!! tapi slalunya fully booked, cepat2 hantar kain kat dia ok? omar ali pula tukang jahit, tapi dikenali orang2 kenamaan. suit boleh di tailor made dengan harga yang saya nyatakan. berbaloikan???

nurita harith ni kat bangsar. tanpa kain, charge nya adalah RM700. dia ni finalist project runaway uols. abg dzul kita di kajang ni pula charge suit begitu rm400 termasuk sulam hokay?
contoh design nurita, rujuk perkahwinan hunny madu ok?

4) ANIZAM YUSOFF + BAGUTTA = rM700 + RM500 = RM1200
anizam is an upcoming fashion designer. juga dari project runaway, haritu dia menang best dress yang dipakai Lisa surihani dalam satu majlis anugerah! meletop! dia buat both bride+groom but missX opt for other famous tailor to save cost ;anyway, missX tanya anizam harga baju warna peach yang liyana jasmay pakai waktu jadi bridesmaid reception kakak dia. it's only RM750 ok? bagutta ni pula jahit baju melayu pun boleh around RM200. mahal sket, tapi jahitan mmg kemas!

juga buat both baju bride+groom. dia dulu MissX igt lagi, tahun lepas kurung modern siap beading bagai paling RM800. dah meningkat naik kan katanya.bila saya hubungi, baik tuturnya. tapi dari review kawan missX, walaupun dia dah naik harga, but PR tetap tiptop. baik orangnya.

suka tak??? :)

+ untuk suit groom bawak 4 meter kain shantung atau tafetta ya?
+ baju perempuan bawak je chiffon silk 6 meter dan lace 1meter pun cukup (seriously).

*saya hubungi mereka dgn nama missX/nama saya :)

Ps: missX dah book make-up artist ya? majlis lagi setahun! hahahah HARUS! kan?

Monday, August 16, 2010


Hello bride-to-be.
(Entry ini ditujukan utk org spt saya, average bride. Bukan utk bride meletops harga baju sehelai 10k.. Haha Entry ini untuk bride2be yang hitung2 hehe)

See,I know it's a lot of money when we jumpa designer with our own kain and they asked for RM2-5K for a single bride's baju. Ya, bride's baju ONLY.

itu tak termasuk groom lagi. Bila ditanya harga baju groom yg ala suit modern butang leher ala cekak musang, butang kat depan tu; pasti jawab dorg, harganya rm800-rm2k. Erkkkkk bukak wallet or bukak maybank2u sambil termenung kan?? Like emmmmmm "baju aku rm2k, baju laki rm1k.erkk sepasang baju utk satu majlis je dah 3RIBU??" Tak sentap gitu? If 3majlis, tak 9ribu? Yang saya ckp ni merujuk kepada yg harga sepasang. Belum lagi yg 9ribu 3majlis utk BAJU BRIDE JE. Ye tak?

Ini hanya entry teaser. Anyway, MissX akan post entry macam mana, di mana, designer mana, untuk dptkan baju meletops pada majlis perkahwinan anda for both bride+groom= less than RM2k. SUKA TAK???
MIX+MATCH baju wedding will be revealed!!

*wedding spy ticker*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Venue adalah perkara pertama to think (ok,fine.. After tarikh) so,ok.. venuebenda ke-2 lepas tarikh. Be it photog,baju,make-p,wedding planner semua tolak tepi dulu ok? Sbb, di malaysia, dekat KL khususnya, setahun sebelum dah kena book. Ada yang memerlukan 2 tahun kot!!! Saya sudah bingung. MamaX kesayangan nak buat dekat hotel; but saya rasa nak buat dekat dewan. Kenapa? Sbb hotel sgtlah terikat dengan protokol. Dari segi kos pun, saya yg takmau susahkan MamaX. Sekalipun dia mampu, to me baik dia bayar deposit rumah pengantin baru kan? Hahhahahahhaha!
Anyway,dewan yg terlintas di kepala saya adalah dewan bukit damansara n dewan perdana felda.mari kita lihat comparison di bawah ini:

-sewa dewan RM800+ carpet= RM1600
-kerusi meja= RM6000 (takmo pakai kerusi plastik,mau grand kononnya)
-food= RM13000

-sewa dewan+food= rm65per head.

Mmmm taktau nak elaborate pulak. Anyway, both free parking and allow us amik wedding planner sendiri. :)

Adoi, tiba2 terberangan garden wedding pulak.tapi taktau yg mana menarik and takde nyamuk. Ahahhahaha korang sila bg pandangan plssss!

1)Taman Bukit Kiara (ni je yg saya kornag tambah nombor 2 n selanjutnya k?)

AaaAaaaa.tiba2 teringat hotel yg diajukan MamaX pula.

1) Marriot Putrajaya (alasan MamaX sbb office dia slalu function situ, so dia tau everything bagus;service,makan,etc)
2) Pullman Putrajaya (cantik dan baru katanya... Erkk service taktau)
3) Royale Chulan (emak ku suka setelah lihat di Nona aritu)
4) Hotel Istana (old time favourite katanya)

Ok, pening. Bye.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MAID OF HONOR: teman setia & penyimpan rahsia.

Menjadi seorang pengapit or MAID OF HONOR bukan mudah seperti yang disangka. MAID OF HONOR selalunya kawan yang rapat. tugas MAID OF HONOR bukan setakat tolong kipas atas pelamin, malah TANGGUNGJAWAB lebih daripada itu. seorang kawan yang betul2 IKHLAS sahaja layak bergelar MAID OF HONOR . ciri utama KENA PANDAI SIMPAN RAHSIA. MAID OF HONOR selalunya tahu 90% of the preparation, malah if si pengantin terlalu percayakan si MAID OF HONOR, dia even akan bagitau surprise or any gimmick. dan juga beberapa perkara jika tidak diberitahu dengan cara berkias atau berdolak-dalik oleh bride kepada si MAID OF HONOR bermaksudkan bride tu taknak berkongsi. maka, jangan mengorek dan mengkaji. jadi, kalau nak jadi MAID OF HONOR, renungkan beberapa perkara ni.


a) bila bride tgh deal dengan vendors, let her be. biar dia discuss apa yang dia nak, jangan interrupt. beri pandangan bila diperlukan sahaja. toksah nak sibuk mencelah sbb kadang2 might annoy kawan baik anda iaitu THE BRIDE. nak tahu kenapa?
kadang-kadang bride taknakla share berapa budget dia sekalipun dengan bridesmaid. sbb tu la jangan kacau. ketahui tugas anda secara tepat.

b) jangan mudah ambil hati. tang preparation, bride sangat busy. kadang2 terkalut, tersuruh itu ini, fahamilah.. bukan niat. tapi itulah yg dinamakan cold feet. kekadang MAID OF HONOR tempat luahkan perasaan, jangan hang dok pi canang pulak!

c) ada bride tak suka share siapa vendors dia. sebabbbb kadang2 ada org beli time sale ke, kat outlet ke, so tak semestinya dia nak share; ada sbb2 tertentu kenapa dia tak share. contohnya bride yang ada kawan2 and makcik2 mulut puaka. so contohnya anda di bawa ke warehouse sale gucci, contohnya. sudah tentu sewaktu bershopping bride-bridesmaid, kamu berdua tau... nak carik barang murah kan? bila dapat dari rm4000 jadik rm2000 jek. tak ke best dikala itu??? tapi INGAT, sebagai MAID OF HONOR yang meneman, zip kan mulut. tak perlu la kau cakap kat kawan lain "alaaaa aku teman dia aritu, beli kat warehouse sale 50%!!! murah je!" TAK PERLU!!!

d) si bride jumpa satu tempat tempah barang yang murah dan berkualiti di ceruk2 alam. MAID OF HONOR of course pegi teman bride. so sebagai MAID OF HONOR, bila bride tu tempah di tempat tersembunyi dan takmau orang tau, dengan cara diam2 tak mahu ditanya atau bride cuba berdolak-dalik FAHAM THE SIGNAL!!! maksudnya bride tu taknak share! (mungkin sbb bila commercial takut harga naik). anda tidak perlu mencari, mengorek dn kemudian pergi bagitau kawan lain. KECUALI, bride tu sendiri nak bagitau dan nak share. let the bride talk, or ask your friends to ask the bride themselves. MAID OF HONOR jangan jadi informer.

f) jangan opportunist.


a) it's her day. jadi MAID OF HONOR jangan lawan toke pulak. bukannya bride berdengki, but it's her day afterall. benar, MAID OF HONOR pun kena kelihatan cantik tapi janganlah sampai tetamu tak kenal yang mana satu pengantin perempuan.

b) jangan rasa kecil hati. kadang2 bride ni tengah kalut+nervous. di mintak panggilkan ahli keluarga atau amik kasut contohnya, jangan ambil hati, just for a day pun. itu tugas MAID OF HONOR HATI KENA IKHLAS.

c) MAID OF HONOR kena ada bersama bride sentiasa. if rasa tak sanggup, jangan volunteer / say yes waktu mula2. janganlah pulak bride kat dalam tu tengah bersiap, time tu la anda mahu keluar masuk. ataupun, bersembang kat luar selama sejam!!! bride mungkin perlukan bantuan anda.

d) MAID OF HONOR walaupun bukan ahli keluarga sedarah, tapi waktu hari perkahwinan kena jadi tuan rumah. maksudnya, waktu kenduri layan tetamu sampai majlis selesai bukannya melantak bersama2.

e) waktu salin baju utk majlis potong kek contohnya, atau waktu makeup sebelum majlis. ada dialog dan perkara2 yg akan jadi antara bride & groom. pekakkan telinga. if dengar, simpan rahsia. :)


Saturday, June 26, 2010


hello peeps~~ this is Miss X reporting with great news!
UNAISAH did it again! yeay!
i remember a few months back i stumbled upon her blog--
and immediately jatuh cinta...
i always love this girl since the day i met her.
she's so kind and sweet.
(even my mother loves her so much!)

and from the day i introduced her i never regret that i did so
(terjumpa blog dia, tros jatuh cinta)

she never dissapoint any b2b with her creations
(except kalau terpaksa tolak sbb full)

and alhamdulillah murah rezeki dia...~
(orang baik dibalas baik kan?)

oh she's so talented girls! we're usually afraid of trying new style, but not for Unaisah.. she's very experimental yet still maintain the islamic values in all her designs.
i fall in love..... cair macam lilin~~~~~~~ *melt*

*modern and still sopan. i love!

oh check her out, korang!

p/s: she made my engagement veil which sangat sangat cantik!!! i love!


Sunday, June 20, 2010


It's 4.30 am! Can't sleep, so I bukak page sana sini. Omygod korang! Ada one artist ni hina karya designers sampai tahap melampau! Calling someone a DUMBASS is a no-no ye? Orang graduate Harvard pun tak berckp begitu n tidak seriak itu. If nak comment pasal kerenah/attitude designer terhadap cutomer, it's ok but not one's karya! Bcoz all of us understand, arts sgtlah subjective,kan? Kita yg bukan artist ni pun sedar kepentingan fashion designers. And as bride-to-be we bukak the blogs for inspiration sbb we usually don't hav much idea of our future dress isn't it? As a public figure she shudnt condemn sampai tahap melampau, if tak suka, cakap tak suka but bukanlah sampai menghina. Dengan statement hazab yang dikeluarkan dicampur dgn riak dan berangan, saya rasa dia tak perlu lagi terima sponsor designers. Itupon SPONSOR. Appreciatelah.. Benar juga kata zery n hatta, bidang si artis juga dia di tahap ala-kadar, kenapalah nak hina budak muda yg sedang meningkat naik. Itu rezeki diorang.. Rezeki masing2 tuhan bagi.. Haih.. Apa punya pe'el la.. Sila lihat blog zery zamry. Lihatlah kata2 yang dimulakan si artis..selayaknya.. Cemuih uols!

Friday, June 18, 2010


hello love.
i'm so sorry for not updating my blog for soooooo long.
now only i have bisul at my leg, so i update sbb tak larat nak jalan sana sini.
berdenyut denyut rasanya.
anyhow, oh i'm not a fan of jimmy shanley but as i was googling for pelamin, i found his pelamin tunang. sangat la sweet and gorgeous. but BY WHO? who's the pelamin maker? anybody?

pic credit to mediamalaya

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Baiklah... 2 tahun lepas Linda Rahim ni meletop sgt... pastu sunyi.
kali terakhir i heard about her doing stuff pun waktu engagement elyana (tu pon deco, not baju).
anyway, undeniable.. baju Lynda Rahim cantik sangat-sangat.
but of course the pretty statement comes with a price...
katanya.... (this was last year)--------

package RM4k
- baju bride & groom
- kasut for bride
- accesories

(please let me know 2010 if ada change of price/package)
pricey but apa salahnya if hati dah jatuh cinta.
website dia dah tak beroperasi but her boutique is in Taman Dagang.
If the price is within your budget, why not kan? ;)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


orang melayu penuh dengan adat.. kan? selain merisik dan bertunang.. ada beberapa lagi majlis adat yang sering dikelolakan:
1) berinai kecil
2) berinai besar
3) nikah
4) bersanding
5) bertandang

saya mungkin tak buat berinai besar dan kecil. suka juga dengar kawan2 cerita meriah, semua perempuan2 datang kitaa bersiap cantik2pastu dorg letak inai sikit2. but..........dulu seronokla sbb tumbuk inai, pakai sendiri segala. i remember if ada aunty/ kakak sedar nak kawin kitorang sibuk la jugak amik lebih2 inai tu pakai kat jari sendiri. hahah mcm2 org tua punye petua, letak minyak cap kapak la, limaul la, arang la, nasi la... hahah but i miss all those excitement! anyway, sejak ada trend lukis2 ni, ramai yg hire tukang lukis inai. mana nak cari pun taktau.
KENAL ANY PELUKIS INAI? please share... thanks! ;) sbenarnya nak buat inai basic, 'cap' hujung jari je... tapi konon2 majlis bertandang nanti nak tambah lukis2.. biar gambar lain2 ;p
* simply classic... all-time favourite!

*lukisan cadang nak tambah waktu bertandang, simple camni cantik kan?


waktu habis sekolah dulu saya selalu rasa nak nikah dekat masjid... masjid wilayah my choice, time tu masjid wilayah famous sbgai tempat nikah sbb architecture dia yg cantik.tapi fikir2 benar, masjid tutempat suci. bu what if kawan2 dan saudar terlalu ramai nak datang. and ada di kalangan mereka yang tak 'suci' time means period. so, bagi bersama-sama orang tersayang, cadangnya nak buat kat rumah je. tapi mak saya ada idea lain, mmg la better bak kata mak saya "grand" (kononnya la kan?) tapi ntahla... saya suka rumah. but apa pun saya ikut je cakap bonda dearest... ;)


saya ni cadang nak buat kat dewan perdana felda sbb makanan sedap, lampu2 dia cantik and boleh ajak ramai org. tapi kerana kawan2 mak ayah saya ada yang protokol sikit mummy dearest cadang nak buat satu khas untuk dear invites, and another one kat dewan bukit damansara, which currently sgt la famous. tiba2 my father nak buat a small private event pulak. entahlah apa dia cuba buat. saya ni ikut je la... again.


semuanya terserah kepada keluarga fiance... any idea in Kluang, Johor sbb fiance blur nak buat kat mane sbb dia tak pernah amik tahu hal dewan, hotel, etc... ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010


ohhhhhhhhh i know, i know! forgive me for not writing/updating, dah lama kot!

anyway, 1-2 bulan ni sibuk nak move in rumah baru, kerja pun agak hectic.
back to the tajuk entry.

my makeup dilakukan oleh makeup artist hebat butik saidatulnisa atau lebih dikenali dengan panggilan kak liza.

ok, she was early yang i ni baru sibuk nak buat itu ini bagai kan? nasib dia tunggu and tak marah.

she's so pretty and soooooooooo friendly. selalu ketawakan i sbb dia kata i kelakar. doink.

with no doubt dia makeup mana mana bride to be pon mmg cantik la kan?

walaupun i si comot yang bermata macam panda, she managed ... pretty la (sikit) can? ;p

...oh fee is very reasonable ;)

ps: bulan depan or july dia bersalin if im not mistaken. so bride-to-be atau yang nak tunang dia start amik job bulan 8. silakan!

photos by: tedroz