Friday, March 26, 2010


Hye korang!
since i tak decide lagi to reveal myself (tengah pikir)
should i start with hantaran or pelamin dulu?
wut do u think?
holla ya? ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Modem terbakar.
Maka takboleh update.
nak guna BB ni, boleh buat entry jek.
Gambar2 engagement semue dlm pc.
Until internet n modem kembali pulis, saya update ?!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


should i............ or should i not?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


for my engagement, i had a pink+white theme candy and dessert buffet.
feast ur eyes babes!
(ignore the transparent cling wrap/ plastik yg balut2 dekat all the jars, we only open them an hour before pihak lelaki datang ;p)
mail: or

Saturday, March 20, 2010


i promised korang to share photos of my candy buffet kan?
for the time being i only have one gambar yang blur from the phone; so tak clear sgt.
will kasi yg clear after dpt gambar dari official photographer.
excuse gambar ni yg tak clear sgt tu yek, buat ia kurang cantik. (notice candle atas meja tu pun tak nyalakan lagik )
walaupon serious sgt cantik kat luar jadi pujaan tetamu! hahhaha perasan plsssssss!

decided to do under both brand; theweddingheaven and this blog. theweddingheaven tgh revamp the blog anyway.... so for any inquiries korang can mail to:


***special price to bride & bride-2-be bloggers as well as followers dekat sidebar. tee hee.
tempahan dah penuh sampai middle of april;onwards jek boleh...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i was thinking to start a business of my own instead of assisting. MY VERY OWN.
i want to be a specialist in candy buffet.
after all i'm very much dedicated in that business.
not that i'm not happy assisting and helping around but i really want to have my own business.
to help bride to be out there and to get extra income.
and i'm very much confident with my ability to do set-up for candy buffet.
whilst partner is an expert to do so many things, i want to do mainly for candy+dessert buffet.
will present you my candy buffet karya i had on my engagement.
my very own, i did it myself except best friend tolong letak je cupcakes 30 minutes before event.
after all i came out with selection of candies, ideas, equipments, items, planned, supervised, set-up, deco my engagement candy buffet all by myself.
dah dpt gambar i show korang ye?
i would appreciate opinions, comments, condemns, etc....
thank you.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Alhamdulillah semua dah selesai.
My e-day berjalan dengan lancar.
Makanan sedap.
Happy crowd.
Cameraman cool.
Makeup sgt puas hati!
Attire from veil to baju semua saye sgt suke!
deco from hantaran,pelamin,outdoor,indoor, and candy buffet all from theweddingheaven.
Candy buffet dpt sambutan plg hangat ye malam tu.kalah I hahaha
Wait for d official photos!

Ps: thanks to parents, friends and all

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I sgt adore my baju! Omg exactly like how I imagined bfore. Serious cantik(puji baju sendiri k2? Hahaha) kain yg elaborate meleret2,lace at kaki vaju, scoop neck with lace patches,lace cantik kat tangan.
Omg! With a reasonable price, I cudnt ask for morem
Tadi pegi fitting. Nak kecikkan sikit je baju.berjaya yogurt diet aku yg gemok dah jadik chubby. Huhu
Nanti I update w gambar k?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


1st part:
yesterday me and Mr. X went to patchi. i pegi yang dekat jalan maarof. i went several times dekat butik patchi in midvalley before; beli gifts for family, and friends...and 2times at BSC's patchi. orang-orangnya macam biase la tanye ,"can i help you?"... then we pilih>dia timbang> bungkus>bayar.
At jalan maarof's patchi, it's a wonderful experience. tak snagka the largest patchi boutique in malaysia sangat baik (in a sense tak pilih usual la i kan, pegi jumpe vendors i akan pakai selebet yakni t-shirt and jeans ;p) they layan us nicely, explained pasal every single chocolate yg ada; classic and deluxe. i told them earlier i nak beli for hantaran tunang je,nak beli sikit je la kan. but still, the two SA layan me dengan sangat baik walhal bukannya nak beli 10kg kan? Mr. X thought of buying a day or a few days before tunang, but sbb service superb tros beli byk!!! and the best part, we simpan our chocolates there to makesure dia selamat (tak cair ;p)... so i got the chance to actually choose yang mane i nak! beli dua jenis jek so senang nak susun. nanti Mr. X tinggal pi sana pickup jek.hooray!Patchi at jalan maarof is highly reccomended!

2nd part:
my best friend dah balik from dublin!!! i'm so so happy!!! and yes, she brought back a box of butlers chocolate yang i sangat la jatuh cinta waktu i visited her last winter! chocolate tu sangatlah sedap! (but the special box hantaran untuk Mr. X) oh god! my darling's an addict to butlers cafe, suke sangat singgah d cafe kat Grafton St for coffee. hahhahaha but yeah! yummy delicious ok? anyway....................omygoddddddddd! saya sangatlah thankful! i'm blessed more than i deserved; with lots of beautiful friends. alhamdulillah .... thanks a lot dear A*** E***** (you know who u are, I LOVE U)


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


******* DONE
******* PENDING

venue: home.DONE.
baju: rizmanruzaini.fitting done. pickup march 10th.FULLY PAID.
make-up: liza.deposit settle balance event day itself.
photographer: ted.deposit paid. to settle balance event day itself.
flowers: floristika bangsar.they'll deliver march 13th.FULLY PAID.
deco: theweddingheaven.FINALIZED.
canopies etc: suri catering.FULLY PAID.
catering: suri catering.FULLY PAID.
candy+desserts buffet: theweddingheaven.DECIDED ON 'M' SIZE INSTEAD OF 'L' sbb 50pax jek.DONE.

adat: sirih do arrangement e-day's eve.TBC
persalinan: songket terengganu metalic.DONE
cupcakes: pickup march 13th. DONE.
strawberries: shopping buy.TBC
chocolates: butler's chocolate ireland.DONE.
cake: theweddingheaven.DONE.
perfume: 1million paco rabbane.DONE.
shirt: hackett.DONE.
wallet: gucci.DONE.

adat: sirih junjug.TBC.
persalinan: chiffon silk + lace.DONE.
ring: +gambar kat bawah.DONE.
chocolates: patchi.DONE.
cake: bakery shop in johor.TBC.
perfume: annick goutal petite cherrie.DONE.
handbag: speedy 30 damier.DONE.

4) SCRIPT & PROGRAM theweddingheaven.DONE.
8.30pm arrival
8.45pm bincang
9.00pm sarung cincin
9.10 photo session
9.30 dinner
12midnite end...

for the time being, 52 in total.

fuh~~~~~~~~ alhamdulillah... tinggal a fes jek in RED COLOR. saya berbangga jugak dengan diri sendiri sebab 95% dah settle ;) yang tinggal hanya yang perlu di bayar hari pertunangan, yang perlu di ambil sehari seblum hari pertunangan ...tu jek. alhamdulillah~ insyaAllah semua berjalan dengan lancar.amin.

A VISIT TO FLORISTIKA (for my own sake) ;p

before i proceed, i would like to present you my new found love.... MARIA~~~

**maria tu nama warnanya... cantik kan?????? ;) i like!

Me, my love ones and the few creative fingers went to floristika bangsar just now. we ordered flowers, flowers, and flowers! ;p since i was there, and being the bossy me i chose all the flowers myself ;) hoooray! slalu pegi floristika ni datang beli biasanya beli white roses, white orchids and carnation dianthus jek for our clients, then candies ikut first time for my very ownself rasa pelik pulak;baru nak kaji warna lain and rambang mata! hahaha. anyway, berikut adalah senarai harga terkini untuk rujukan bride to, we bought:

imported roses>'maria' (10)--- a bunch w 20stems= RM26each
imported roses>white (10)---20stems= RM24each
doubles 'A' local roses>white(10)---24stems= RM20each
eustoma> white + pink(5)--- 5stems=RM30each
pompom>white and pink(5)---10stems=RM10.50each
carnation dianthus (5)---banyak= RM18each

takbeli hydrangeas; sebab walaupon cantik ia cepat layu. so taknak take d risk.
buy RM500 above, if your home is within Klang valley, they'll deliver 'em; FOC ;)

the flowers are all great. now it's all up to my creativity with my soul sista! wish us luck! ;p

Monday, March 1, 2010


good news! dah dapat the bon-bon, fresh from jakarta! so i akan post bon-bon korang yang order esok k? insyaallah..... happy news for me too since my friend bought me a black lace bon-bon! weeehuuu! ;p