Sunday, October 31, 2010


have u seen one??
bet u haven't... ;p
before this; just hotel,house, garden.. semua tempat i dah buat la pendek cerita!
BUT my first time doing it on the stage!

remember for nikah, Miss S wanted a green-brown CB?
for reception a purple-pink...
Miss S commissioned me to do the purple-pink candy buffet on the stage!!!
believe it or not... ;) believe it!

i did a HUGE candy buffet for her which normally costs a lot.
but since she's a trend-setter i gave her reasonable price.

again, i never upload any of my candy buffet artworks.
if any of u girls, wanted to hire me and look at my portfolio, make an appointment, we see each other. :)
yang ni present ciput...

*gambar ni saje upload bagi teruja.hehe.gambar dikecilkan sehingga 80% dengan sengaja, utk mengelakkan peniruan.taktau la if sekecil alam gambar ni ada jugak yg nak tiru, kan?
tak baik tau, Allah murka nanti....
readers pun bijak and know who-copy-who kan?


ps: i jumpa nuwoo, sher and shaja. diorg baik sangat. and definitely very very talented!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


hello hello.

i attended erkk somewhat coordinated a little here and there of Miss S's wedding.
she lovesssss fairylights so much, that her khemah nikah decorated with loads of fairylights.
i did an english-green-brown-white candy buffet.

and i was so satisfied that Miss S idea of having a green buffet turned out great!
first time buat green/brown. banyak client opt for pink, purple, white.
anyhow, kesian Miss S tak sempat ambik gambar apabila selesai doa semua, candy buffet diserbu!

i've done candy buffet for so many clients so i know; the first 2hours, nobody dare to touch it. but when a family member of bride or groom touched it, oh god other guests will serbu.
but i love looking at their excitement. especially those yang pertama kali tengok candy buffet.
tunggu gambar from OP Miss S... cant wait!

Miss S was sooooo beautiful di make-up oleh Epie Temerloh; who did make-up for Bienda's wedding too!

and her emcee, definitely my bestie who currently market yang amat dikalangan brides for wedding --- biasalah... nama pun pembaca berita kan?

Did i mention Miss S baju was SOOOO CANTIK!!!
syomir izwa made her baju; but deefinitely coz Miss S's body also superb mcm Marilyn Monroe. heheehehe

will upload photos nanti.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


this hall is freaking beautiful.
ok reality check.
it's not in Malaysia.
it's on the other side of the world.
in San Francisco.
i however wish we one here. ;p



i know i've been a little grumpy off late. forgive me.
but some people... erm... ya, some people *sigh*

but however, i choose to ignore them.
i received many mails of some loyal readers i missed.
oh god, i have 2oo over requests but blogger only allows 100nett.
i feel bad.

but here i am again. back on track!

thanks for all the support loves. i'm blessed.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


i'm working on something.
something i've not done for quite sumtimes.
remember i told u girls, currently i'm working in the media industry.

however, this is not what i wanted to be BACK THEN---

in primary i was a so-called A student whom worst score was like.. 92%?
changed 5 schools in 2 different states; kl n pahang. from SK to Convent.
never failed to be 1st or at least 2nd in the batch; parents senyum until telinga whenever ambil my report card.
even scored 160 at Mensa when i was 9... :)

secondary; the same exact reputation--
...but however, when i was in form 3 this huge typhoon hit my family so bad.
and honestly, i wasn't the sweet girl any longer-- a rebellious child, that's me.
ran away child, ciggy was my super best friend and lepaking was my future; true... i've been there.

Then, the biggest examination,SPM, took place and i didnt f-ing bother.
but i managed to get a pathetic 6A out of 9 subjects. science stream, so
ok la kan?

My father 'gone missing' and i registered for an Art course in Cenfad! Foundation in Arts.
Ya, the lecturers taught me how to make headgears, dresses, make-up, drawing, visual thinking and what not...

6months over ---my father on one fine day called my mother, asked me to quit.
he got to know from an uncle about the Art thingy.

He always wanted me to be an architect, but i chose not too and want things my way.
So later, father got real mad and i have to listen to him----- to be that so-called-science-daughter. mum is a doctor, so dia nak father nak i jadi doctor kot? or anything they categorized as the proffesionals. ceh.

but i masuk MMU later cos i hv loadssss of friends there. hahaha Malacca, Alpha IT patut i dah jadi software engineer, but i quit! reason? i broke up with my first love and cant hardly breath. hahahah i know, pathetic kan? call me with the L word. i know, i know.

a year at home, cried and cried.
and later Mass Comm came into the picture-- 2003.
i worked real hard.
dean's list every semester. alhamdulillah.
vice chancellor award for both my diploma and degree. alhamdulillah.
takdela senang sangat, but takdela susah sampai every sem belajar calculus, pening. hahah graduated with 1st class, 3.89, not bad la kan? ceh.

at times, looking at a few friends-- who weren't even in the top 10 during high school, i pity myself.
which i know, my very own emotions KILLED me 11years back; if it never happened, by now m probably somewhere in another part of the world.ceh lagi.

it's history and i have to let it be.
life goes on, and i have to fully utilise what i currently have.


i'm working on something.
something i've not done for quite sumtimes.
i miss sewing.
so i want to do it.
tomorrow i want to start sewing.
ok. bye.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I met this one lovely girl last month.
She's one of the readers who bacA my humble blog.
But however we met to talk on candy buffet coz she wanted to hv it on her big day.
We had a kepoh conversation (which is great), coz we also shared on our wedding plans.

After the kepoh conversation,she told me she wAnted 1 candy buffet for nikah n 4 for reception.
I waasss so hAppy to think that someone really appreciate my artwork n hardwork.
DahlA last month I was commisioned to do cAnday buffet for IndiAn+chinese couple.
But anyway,sadly I had to turn her down coz I won't be around on da 31st but agreed on d 30th for her nikah.
Understand,dt I hv a vass commitment working at tv3 newsroom at the same time running dis busines-- she smiled.
Since she's so sweet, I however agreed to do one for her sanding,which I hv to set it up earlier on the 30th.

She then asked me to be her event's emcee since she knows I do emcee jobs (inilah duit poket extra org tv3 hehe)
But again I can't.
So I reccomended my colleague who's A newscAster but his fee is definitely higher. My fee is only rm500-800... His? Rm1k-rm2k depending on d event)
Tho i just got to know this girl,since she is sooooo nice, I told my colleague she's a friend of mine. So asked him a favor to give her good price.
So he did, it's RM1700 for 2events :)
the girl went back home happily.

TodAy I met her agAin (mlm tAdi)
I was so flattered when she actuAlly gave me kain to suit the event's theme.
Told you, she's so nice n sweet.

To Soraya, thank you. LOVE.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Hye fellas,
This is apparently a question type of entry. Hehe

Q: do u girls think having ur makeup done at 2pm is absurd whilst ur wedding will only start at 8pm? Just do it or not recommended?

-q1: Ada tak possibilities of makeup hancuq n hair serabai within that 6hours of waiting? receptions starts at 8pm kan. Or for 6hours it still maintain as gorgeous?

-q2: possible tak from 2pm tu I duduk dlm bilik until 8pm? Or usually bride busy kt dewan lg until petang? (Erkk mcm mati kutu jerk)

-q3: if she is ur top choice MUA, u dare to face the uncertainties asalkan got her Or.. U'll just forget her and opt for other MUA?

Ok uols. Help me answer this ridiculousness. I love this one MUA but she said the particular date I mentioned, dia Ada slot pagi til 2pm je. Sedangkn my majlis 8pm. So how?

PAMERAN PENGANTIN@KL convention centre

How was it?
Not worth going...
I went juz now.I think ada 50booths je
Out of that 25, 15pusat kecAntikAn fAcial-slimming bagai.
10 cÂmtu butik/studio cinA.

So yg lg 25? Lebih kurang:
10- kedai kAd
5- kedAi baju
5- pelamin
3- caterer
2- favors

Sedih uols
Yg menAriak n famousa sikit hAnya rins suzanA:
Itupun sewa bAju RM800-RM1.5k uolsss! SEWA yA???
Baik mak tempah dkAt unaisAh! baju nikah syomir pun lepas uolssss

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

one of my dreams hancus :(

I wanted ayangkamell for tandang n prolly reception.
My wedding is far far away lg setahun lebih kottt but...

AYANG KAMELL is fully booked!!!

Sedih plsssss

Kind earthlings, pls suggest a good mAkeup artist with the same fee, rm600.
I'm sad n pls calm me down. Ecehhh but yA, sedih :(

self-motivation (sedapkan hati) : *meditate* ommmmm ayang pun kadang2 makeup macam dragqueen so MissX dont worry much. prolly will get a better one.. (ulang 1000X) jangan sedih, ada hikmah disebaliknya...ommmmmm

Monday, October 4, 2010


hey ladies!
i'm day-dreamin at the office.... erkkk kind interest?
anyhow, i was thinking..... i wanted an english kinda wedding but somehow
i really fall in love tahap tergolek with this one song last time and up til today which i couldnt compromise. but aaaaa one lagu melayu will sabo the theme tak?
if i choose the song, rosak la theme/concept i kan?
but if i don't, i'll def regret the rest of my life? no? huhu
anyhow the song is:
Kaulah Segalanya - Hazrul Nizam