Saturday, October 30, 2010


hello hello.

i attended erkk somewhat coordinated a little here and there of Miss S's wedding.
she lovesssss fairylights so much, that her khemah nikah decorated with loads of fairylights.
i did an english-green-brown-white candy buffet.

and i was so satisfied that Miss S idea of having a green buffet turned out great!
first time buat green/brown. banyak client opt for pink, purple, white.
anyhow, kesian Miss S tak sempat ambik gambar apabila selesai doa semua, candy buffet diserbu!

i've done candy buffet for so many clients so i know; the first 2hours, nobody dare to touch it. but when a family member of bride or groom touched it, oh god other guests will serbu.
but i love looking at their excitement. especially those yang pertama kali tengok candy buffet.
tunggu gambar from OP Miss S... cant wait!

Miss S was sooooo beautiful di make-up oleh Epie Temerloh; who did make-up for Bienda's wedding too!

and her emcee, definitely my bestie who currently market yang amat dikalangan brides for wedding --- biasalah... nama pun pembaca berita kan?

Did i mention Miss S baju was SOOOO CANTIK!!!
syomir izwa made her baju; but deefinitely coz Miss S's body also superb mcm Marilyn Monroe. heheehehe

will upload photos nanti.



  1. can't wait to see the picture!!wahh ada candy buffet ekk..

  2. cant wait for the pictures too! =)

  3. sha: huhuhuhu kena tunggu OP dia bagi la... Miss S pun pi honeymoon. 10th baru balik....

    Cik Belle: hai awak! :)