Monday, October 4, 2010


hey ladies!
i'm day-dreamin at the office.... erkkk kind interest?
anyhow, i was thinking..... i wanted an english kinda wedding but somehow
i really fall in love tahap tergolek with this one song last time and up til today which i couldnt compromise. but aaaaa one lagu melayu will sabo the theme tak?
if i choose the song, rosak la theme/concept i kan?
but if i don't, i'll def regret the rest of my life? no? huhu
anyhow the song is:
Kaulah Segalanya - Hazrul Nizam


  1. babe, i LOVE that song. i was contemplating to sing that song as a surprise for my other half but like you, takut ruin the theme. then again, x pe kot. why not? its not a traditional song, so i guess should be alright! happy song-picking!

  2. hye lame tak jenguk wed dlu guna dis song utk berarak masuk..sgt lomantikus!should consider it.hehe