Thursday, October 21, 2010


i'm working on something.
something i've not done for quite sumtimes.
remember i told u girls, currently i'm working in the media industry.

however, this is not what i wanted to be BACK THEN---

in primary i was a so-called A student whom worst score was like.. 92%?
changed 5 schools in 2 different states; kl n pahang. from SK to Convent.
never failed to be 1st or at least 2nd in the batch; parents senyum until telinga whenever ambil my report card.
even scored 160 at Mensa when i was 9... :)

secondary; the same exact reputation--
...but however, when i was in form 3 this huge typhoon hit my family so bad.
and honestly, i wasn't the sweet girl any longer-- a rebellious child, that's me.
ran away child, ciggy was my super best friend and lepaking was my future; true... i've been there.

Then, the biggest examination,SPM, took place and i didnt f-ing bother.
but i managed to get a pathetic 6A out of 9 subjects. science stream, so
ok la kan?

My father 'gone missing' and i registered for an Art course in Cenfad! Foundation in Arts.
Ya, the lecturers taught me how to make headgears, dresses, make-up, drawing, visual thinking and what not...

6months over ---my father on one fine day called my mother, asked me to quit.
he got to know from an uncle about the Art thingy.

He always wanted me to be an architect, but i chose not too and want things my way.
So later, father got real mad and i have to listen to him----- to be that so-called-science-daughter. mum is a doctor, so dia nak father nak i jadi doctor kot? or anything they categorized as the proffesionals. ceh.

but i masuk MMU later cos i hv loadssss of friends there. hahaha Malacca, Alpha IT patut i dah jadi software engineer, but i quit! reason? i broke up with my first love and cant hardly breath. hahahah i know, pathetic kan? call me with the L word. i know, i know.

a year at home, cried and cried.
and later Mass Comm came into the picture-- 2003.
i worked real hard.
dean's list every semester. alhamdulillah.
vice chancellor award for both my diploma and degree. alhamdulillah.
takdela senang sangat, but takdela susah sampai every sem belajar calculus, pening. hahah graduated with 1st class, 3.89, not bad la kan? ceh.

at times, looking at a few friends-- who weren't even in the top 10 during high school, i pity myself.
which i know, my very own emotions KILLED me 11years back; if it never happened, by now m probably somewhere in another part of the world.ceh lagi.

it's history and i have to let it be.
life goes on, and i have to fully utilise what i currently have.


i'm working on something.
something i've not done for quite sumtimes.
i miss sewing.
so i want to do it.
tomorrow i want to start sewing.
ok. bye.


  1. hey babe,

    everythng happened for reasons.. jgn sedih2 k.. if awak x masuk MMU, kita pn x kenal kan.. haa, kitorang best kan? kitorang sayang u tau.. ecehh~

    sometimes kawan2 lain ni luaran je nampak keje best, pangkat tinggi.. but who knows what they feel inside kan..

    and i always knew that u're so good in art or yg seni2 ni la.. apa je u buat, semua nampak cantik..

    so, if u wanna go for sewing, then go for it!
    akak always support u ok..


  2. kak diana,
    i miss everything.... and at times i hate my current self :(
    anyhow, menjahit tu saja suka2. dulu buat baju kurung sendiri je. nak jahit balik, see if i still have that touch...

  3. T_T...
    I can relate to ur story T_T..U r not alone..
    I also have my own regrets..seems like we r the bunch of normals..dont worry..the person that u look at tu pon hv their own regret.nobody is perfect;)

  4. queen4aday: kan?? that's y we need to fully utilise what we currently have... and make ourselves happy and happier :)