Tuesday, November 30, 2010


drooling? hehe
oh people.... i honestly think RR's era is over... erk. nah kiddin'. huhu
...they're still producing great dresses but with extra $$$$, why not. mind you, harga makin naik.
last time i wanted to do my engagement dress with syomir but it didn't happen so...
but lately, i just fall and keep falling in love with his superb dresses.
i remember back then, mid 2009, his price for a baju is only 800 for nikah and 1200 for reception.
so worry the price heighten extra miles.
i've seen sue's, tahirah's and soraya's dress and loving them a bunch.
but can i have 2 bajuS (nikah and reception at RM3k?--- my kain)
most blogger friends told me that blogger can get special price, 2.5k to 3 k for DUA BAJU!
haven't try my luck yet. but would love too.
i am about to mail syomir. will update you girls. love.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


my pretty friend lyana is officially engaged!

i was a bit late yesterday since i have to run here and there to settle things.
tak sempat blow rambut pun, so i chose to belah rambut tengah (tips for last minute outing preparation;-- do not do side bang, as it has the potential to go leper)
and.... i'm wearing MissX e-baju, again! ;p huhu
my first time was march 14th, then 2 kali pakai jadi emcee for weddings.
but for lyana's E, i don't wear my meleret kain. kang org kata over pulak.

the food was great. i loveeeeeeeeeee the daging a lot. catering by Sajian Emas. nyums@

oh back to the ceremony, her pelamin sangatlah effortlessly gorgeous.
i love the combo of white material drapes, chandelier and fairy lights!

but who's the prettiest of all? definitely lyana!
make-up ndone by someone name Fatin i guees (will correct this later if salah)
i love the fact that lyana biarkan her hair down with sexy curls.. it's sooo her.love.
and the best part i love?
her baju!!! oh so gorgeous.
she tailormade dekat bandung. cantikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
purely herself from head to toe.

so many kawan datang, some i dah tak jumpe for quite sometimes. sangat happy dpt gather. huhu

i'm so happy for lyana, and can't wait tgk dia kahwin. she will be one pretty bride i guarantee. love. congratulations. hugs and many many hugs.

*the pretty lyana; pretty her, pretty make-up, pretty baju*

*her pretty pelamin*

*us at lyana's e-day*

*me and my akma yang cute*

*baby the legend, me and kema cutest*


Friday, November 19, 2010


a few bloggers blogged about the pelamin of this bride+groom...
but i'm way interested with the bride's make-up
this make-up artist i do not know.... but their work is pretty great!
like a collaboration of two; a chinese guy and a chinese lady.... hasilnya, menarik.
the pengantin?
none other than illyana, pic from fad+ rumahmerah
oh can someone please figure it out for me? pretty please..........

**the beautiful hair +beautiful bride**

***the oh-so gorgeous make-up! & gorgeous bride***

**the talented hair-lady, anyone know her? please let me know!!!**

**the very talented punk chinese make-up artist. VERY TALENTED!**
**lihat, betapa telitinya dia**

korang, please buat 'reseacrh'!!! i suka!!!
if kroang tau who did the makeup+hair please let me know!
if korang kenal the bride, please ask her and let me know!
thnak you

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


hello lovelies,
i went to Unaisah's a few days back to get my cute mum her baju.
was so terrified that mum will not fit into her bajuS coz she gained lot of weight
dia saje2 hantar her baju in March, and every month tanya about her baju.
but i told mum, Unaisah is very very busy with bridal dresses.... bet she couldnt finish mum's baju yang saja2 tu...
So since Raya Aidiladha i called Unaisah asking about mum's baju..
Mum was kinda sad knowing she can't pakai baju by Unaisah on Aidilfitri.
Since then, tiap MINGGU dia tanya! until.........
a few days back, we went to Unaisah's and she got 2 out of her 3 baju!
that made her day, definitely! although, another baju tak siap lagi.. huhu
i have a thing for my mother. i always love those who treat my mother nice ;)
On Aidiladha yesterday, she happily wore her baju. ye, sangat happy ok?!

...AND you know what, i hantar my kain to her jugak. one of my baju kahwin akan dibuat Unaisah. CONFIRMED~! :)

***Unaisah is fully booked until October 2011. November brides can start sending kain now!***

Saturday, November 13, 2010


what if we can't afford ngi?
i know, he can consider a hall pelamin at RM10k, but seriously do not expect much...
to me, he's a PELAMIN DESIGNER! again, a designer!!!
so do not put his creative work down.... because witht he quality he delivers, janganlah perlekehkan dia sampai nego macam dekat pasar tani. be reasonable in negotiating.
he's not merely a pelamin maker.
just my 2cents, negotiating a beautiful Rm30k pelamin to get it done at rm10k is ridiculously absurd... seriously.
i know, we as customers, wanted the best price, value for money what not but....
like............ come on girls!
i don't have that 30k too, but if can't afford one, do not push them.
at the end of the day, disspointment is the perfect answer.

for the girls who have all the $$$ without the need of getting LOANS.... oh go for it! u can afford it, we'll be happy for u! tumpang gembira! we will do the same if we have $$$, don't we girls?

so back to point A, if you (...we) can't afford a pelamin designer, always have options.
opt for other pelamin maker with less $$$ and have beautiful pelamin as well. woot woot!

so here... the two other pelamin makers i love : )



these two pelamin maker do a grand hall pelamin at RM8k. seriously.
kinda affordable kan?

so.... do u have any pelamin maker in your mind that can do less than Rm10k? share with us!

Monday, November 8, 2010


ok, since my first flight naik airasia last December, i honestly think it's not that bad as mum used to scare me all the time.She is pro-MAS, so forgive her... and the fact that she's entitle for loads of cimb enrich points that... in a way allows her to pamper self at the golden lounge, bc, and what not, so in a simple word... she hates airasia. but seriously i don't mind :)

anyway, the kinda help i need from u sounds really absurd.

but.... ya, i was over excited (obsess) with airasia's dirt cheap tickets price so i bought 8 tickets in total (4journeys). i booked them in August. but.... now i don't know how to get the booking number! i totally lupa the date, booking number, and mail i signed in! the few thing i ingat are my destination and defnitely my name! that's it! tu je!

i've checked all 3 e-mails i have, but none of them keep the record of the bookings. sad. damn.

SO, HOW????
how am i supposed to get my travel itirenary and how in the world can i book hotel room without a freaking date???
ps: can i just call AirAsia, say my name and get all the 4 booking number? erk..

Friday, November 5, 2010


aren't they beautiful, girls?
lace bridal shoes..... oh soooo gorgeous!!!
kasut from stuart weitzman :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


hello, this is not an idea-entry but a question-entry :)
if you've been to so many halls, which hall u like the best?
and if you've been to so many hotels, which hotel is the best?
or any great venue idea u think is great?
tell me about it!