Thursday, December 30, 2010


hai korang,
i lupa nak cerita tentang seorang tailor yang hebat!
operasinya dekat rumah dia at PJ.
ohhhhh she's so nice...
a chinese tailor, aunty-aunty.
my friend yang reccomend dekat i.
dia pandai jahit kurung modern RM90 je~
if ada lining RM180 :)
best kan?
so i think to those yang nak jahit plain kurung modern boleh lah hantar kat dia.
dia takde handphone number.
ada phone number rumah je.
nanti blackberry saya dah pulih, saya update k?

Sunday, December 26, 2010


hello uols,
i need your help in voting on favors.
tujuan polling ini adalah supaya saya tak berangan sorang2; memberi favors kepada orang ikut citarasa saya sendiri. jadi, saya perlukan bantuan korang.

MCQ--- pilih satu daripada jawapan berikut ikut citarasa anda, dan beritahu sebab anda memilihnya... ;p

a) photo frame
b) scented candles
c) chocolates in tin-can
d) etc (share with me!)

thanks a bunch!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


*igt senang aku nak publish gambar candy buffet? kerana kau, sorayaku darling. ku publish juga sbb nak tunjuk skali gambar kau yang romantic dengan zam. tee hee*
her name is soraya.
the first time i met her, i never thought ada client sebegini peramah.
i kalau bercakap dengan perempuan ni, mesti bantai gelak pecah perut! hahahaha
maka, kerana she's freaking friendly, dia telah menjadi kawan saya after a few times we met.

she has soooooooooo many ideas in her mind macam wedding planner ok?
..and never fail to suggest and share new things to me too.
she wanted 1 + 4 = 5 candy buffet at the very beginning, but i was tight by work schedule.
so i promised her to do 1 for her solemnization and 1 for her reception.
but the reason i'm writing now, not to talk about my candy buffets only, but soraya herself.
she is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty + friendly. macam dah kenal lama. rasa macam aku dah kawan dengan dia dari tadika pulak. huhuhu
she has good taste in planning her W-day!

her baju untuk semua majlis by Syomir Izwa. meletops u!
siap kasut, veil bagai. she tailormade 4 baju, 3 kasut, 2 veil. hamik kau! hehe
maklumlah, badan melets macam marilyn monroe~~ pssst ;p
tak masuk bab make-up lagi tu! ayangjamell, epie temerloh makeup 2X, amy janz.

and others....
all deco done by the creative nuwoo and sher. suke!
her cards by ilikecard
her videographer cst production
her favors by marryme2u
superb photos by green apple
and candy buffet, definitely from theweddingheaven
(solemnization: green&brown candy buffet, reception: purple&pink candy buffet)

soraya is not a blogger, but looking at her choices of vendors, she's definitely a researcher.
very careful in picking up vendors. dah puas google. hahaha
and the best, dia meletakkan kepercayaan kepada hasil kreatif anak2 muda, sekalipun melalui online. and there u go, both her majlis were perfect!

congratulations! i loveeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

PS: untuk maklumat lanjut atau meng-upload gambar2 cantik dengan kadar yang banyak, saya kena minta kebenaran empunya badan. any details ie:price,etc.... pun kena tanya tuan badan. :0)
PS2: kalau entry ni dapat comment lebih 10, saya share gambar2 candy buffet, macarons, bagai..... ;p kalau tak, saya anggap korang tak hingin nak tengok ;p HAHAHAHA
kejam tak? paksa, paksa! ;p

Thursday, December 16, 2010


aqidd: mama, skrg christmas kan?
me: belum christmas, skrg winter.
anaqi: winter? tapi malaysia tiap hari hujan.
me: kita takde winter season.
anaqi: kita takde saljikan?
aqidd: ada la... yang hujan tu la salji. sebab salji amerika datang malaysia dia dah cair.
me: *gelak*

sumpah cute please. and why in the world my 5 y-old nephew chose america, not some other countries? haish. ni lah pengaruh tengok tv ;p very cheeky si bulat ni.

anaqi on the other hand, a curious young chap--- playful but very intelligent. last month dapat sijil anugerah pelajar cemerlang ok? :)

baik, esok saya bermulalah jelajah salji!!! wehooooooooo!
with none other---my two most adorable nephews. nyumssssssssssssss gigit pipi.

Friday, December 10, 2010


working in the industry ease me... seriouly.

i have cameramen friends all around me.

i have visual editor-- lots of them i can choose from.

so i chose a partner in crime; camera&editor to capture events of mine next year.

do i trust them?

why not. they've been working with tv3 for more than 10years.

way expert than banyak videographer setahun jagung yang charge RM2k for a single event!

cst 3800, manggis 4800.

manggis mmg special, i tabik.

cst friendly and pandai pilih lagu but.... if ikut rules of visual editing and broadcasting, they need to pay attention to the shots. banyak sangat jump shot waktu editing. hilang story-flow of the majlis.

in editing, if taknak draggy, buat insert/lay... but bukan jump shot.

for an example, ada a few video dorg... awal2 ada visual pengantin bersiap, dah majlis bagai, tiba2 dah 3 minit ada gambar pengantin bersiap balik. jump shot is a no-no walau art macamana sekalipun.

anyway, the peepz i'm gonna hire tv3 team.

the cameraman has previously worked for production, pernah buat nona and other women programmes. and the visual editor from / .

they did LIVE programmes as well. so no doubt on the outcome.

for 2events + 1 short clip of family+friends interview, RM1500 is definitely worth it, kan???

i'm happy! takpayah pening kepala dah.

videographer mission accomplished!

Monday, December 6, 2010


*i swear cantik kan? boleh terus pakai for nikah or reception!*

a young-talented-handsome guy ;)
his made-to-measure dresses cost RM4-6k.
but the outcome? superb!
look at diah's dress. marvellous.
but fyi, his ready-made is kinda affordable, RM2-3k.
...usually fits up to size 08 only.
he can alter the piece u confirmed so the ready-made hugs your body perfectly.
but the thing is, ada a few pieces je every collection n not all suitable for weddings.
if you're lucky enough; waktu keluar warna white or pastel colour--- cepat2 grab! huhu
you'll sure go ga-ga, huhu can make your nikah or reception dress, kan?
so, do not hesitate... pay a visit to his boutique if someone ckp ada pastel pieces dekat his boutique's rack, on the dot.
just go-see... why not?
will do so... probably one day.

Mr. Jovian Mandagie, please come out with white or pastel colour pieces with modern kurung like cutting with a little twist, every season! ahahaha i suka!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


sooooooooooooooo happy!
venue is the major to-book-list; when u have venue, u have the event flow + time.
so when you have venue and time, u can proceed with 3-4 other vendors.

1) pelamin; usually established pelamin maker needs a receipt dat venue to ensure we've really booked the venue and event time--- say, 7pm arrival- ends 11pm.

2) make-up; MUA can determine the extra mileage charges+rate.. ie: sue cantik, KL rm900, other than KL but still within Klang Valley RM950.

3) photog/video; if they've been to ur venue. it's easier. if they have not been there they can probably have a look at the place so they know shots that they're gonna experiment with.

in conclusion, it's good to have ur venue booked early. my w-day lama lagi. but guess wut, for the month..... the place is fully booked for all Saturdays & Sundays. Seriously! and left with only two fridays. another 2 fridays pun dah ada org booked!

So, my event will be on one fine Friday, InsyaAllah (erk.. ad aorg datang ke friday? ada kan? ;p)
My venue is selected since they're an expert in Malay Weddings-- just imagine, every week guarantee MESTI ada malay hold a wedding there; macam Dewan Perdana Felda la.... expert in Malay Weddings;--- tiap minggu ada wedding melayu, food tekak melayu, and organizer very familliar with adat2 melayu etc. but my place is definitely not Dewan Perdana Felda; i bagi contoh je ;p *dekat dengan rumah i* huhu

Mum dah letak booking, insyaAllah, dengan izin tuhan it'll be our official venue for our big day.
I'm thankful. Syukur. Alhamdulillah.