Thursday, June 30, 2011


To those who ordered/paid for the samples, i'll post the cookies on JULY 8th/9th. InsyaAllah. Will be in the phillipines until 7th.
First sample batch:

Fyi, i'll start taking raya orders july 15th- august 15th. Minimum order is 3jars. Jar with ribbon :)
1) choc chip cookies- RM10 per jar (around 40pcs)
2) rainbow cookies- RM12 per jar (around 35pcs)
3) almond london - RM10 per jar (18pcs)
4) havana cookies- RM10 per jar (18pcs)
5) truffles- RM12 per jar (18pcs)
6) blueberry crunch RM10 per jar (around 30pcs)

Order 10jars, free 1 jar of ur choice.

Do order as gifts to bakal mak mertua, bakal ipar, keluarga in-laws hahaha
Or own consumption, family, office, etc.

I still open sample orders until july 15th :)
RM(one jar) + RM6(poslaju)
Choc chip RM10+RM6= RM16

RM6 poslaju fee is up to 2jars only. 3-4jars RM12, 5-6jars RM18 poslaju and so on...

SAMPLE ORDER: limited to one jar per type of cookies per customer.


Sample order : before july 15th
Raya order: before august 15th

Raya hampers/corporate gifts will menyusul :)

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MACARONS BOX! (gimme ideas!)

I'll start selling macarons in a box! :)
each box is rm42 (?) consists of 15pcs macarons (normal TWH size, not big-fat macarons)...
but yet to decide whether to mix variety colorful macarons OR only 3 colours with 3 flavours in a box?
i was thinking to do promotion, buy 3 boxes at 120 instead of rm126 ( for ramadhan orders 20th july-20th aug ONLY)
I have so many things in mind.
So whih is better, colourul macs with various flavours, or 3colours+3flavors?
Do share ur opinion :)


I'll be selling first batch of 15pcs italian style colourfulMACARONS (colours determined by TWH) collection date JULY 18th! :)


place ur order now!!!!! (BEFORE July 15th)

i'll limit second batch to only 3colours + 3flavours starting AUGUST at RM45 per box.

Colours u can choose from:
Soft pink
Soft green

Flavors u can choose from:
Choc ganache
Peanut butter

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hello all, please teach me how to upload videos on blogger ;) i seriously dont know how. I know i promised to share the wedding video by fadfilm. But how to upload? Teach me, teach me! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


my latest candy buffet.

an L size.

it's hard to combine 3 colours as requested on one table-- soft purple/soft pink/ greenish-yellow.

but i thank them for trusting and loving the outcome.

if u love the fancy cookies--- place ur order now!

homemade chocs contributed by her aunty, cake in the middle by her cousin :)

u know, i normal don't share much on my creations since i hate copycats.

let me quote rizalman's "people copy u, because u're good"

candy buffet was not my idea either, it's from the US.

but i strongly believe i'm the first in Malaysia. to establish this creation. (ye ke?) ha ha

i don't mind more vendors doing it, but come on... change the arrangement pls...

janganlah sampai rekaletak pun nak tiru kan? :) takpela, halal je la... readers and clients are wiser in judging. :)


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Sunday, June 26, 2011


this is dedicated to the bitch who can't stop harassing my family.
u're no l0nger with us. u are history.
who's fault? ask urself!
u left your kids for 3 freaking years!
to fulfill ur so-called dreams, tinggal anak ikut boyfriend!
u can tell ur sad fairy-tale to all ur news friends who just got to know u and ur friends who never get the chance to know us.
act timid so everyone pity u. the fact that u fooled everyone!
face the fact, u're a mother with two kids.

stop telling lies that u're single and stop spreading rumours that u weren't happy when u stayed with us. stop telling lies!
my mother paid for ur education, license, car, house, maid, expenses,etc.
not only u, but also 100% of ur kids expenses! please be thankful!
u don't even contribute a single cent when u left them! for THREE freaking years!
u don't eve pay their kindergarten's fee, u didnt attend their report card day, u didnt attend theirs sports day, as simple as U WERE NOT THERE!!!
ask urself, what kind of mother are you??? kucing pun sayang anak!
to her friends, stop listening to her lies.
just ask urself--- what kind of woman, wife and mother she is??
WHEN she left her 2 kids, when she left her husband for another guy, when she told everyone bad things about her in-laws when the in-laws fed her when her family chased her out!
judgment is yours. is she human enough???

seriously woman, i pity u.
your family didn't want u. my family picked u up and fed u instead. but what did my parents get in return? stop talking humiliation when you humiliated yourself, proudly prove the world that u're a serious bitch.
my parents did nothing to u, it's between u and ur ex-husband.
and stop talking about me-- u know u have much dark past u possess that none of us ever tell anyone.
seriously, don't try me.

and it's sad that u even lied to ur current boyfriend's family.
acting single-- the fact that u have two kids at my parents' place who feed them, give them education, clothings and shelter for them to live.
ask yourself what did u give them in these 3 freaking years except a pair of sandals?
funny, in THREE years u only gave them a pair of sandals, a few toys and McDonalds for lunch?
u don't even pay for their school fees.
not even a single cent.
don't talk nafkah with my brother when you urself isteri derhaka, tinggalkan rumah tanpa izin suami untuk lari dengan lelaki lain, kejar cita-cita nak study overseas kononnya.
buat bank loan, ikut jantan tu, tinggalkan anak.
tak sampai setahun dah balik, tak cukup duit.
kau ni hidup dalam angan-angan tau! pathetic!

let's not talk about money...
u didn't register them for school.
u didn't cook for them when they're hungry late at night.
u were not there when ur eldest received award when he first got his 5As.
u were not there when ur youngest spelled correctly.
u were not there to teach your kids A-B-C.
u were not there to check on their homeworks and pack their bags for the next school session.
u were not there when their friends put kerengga on them.

don't fucking blame us for everything. at least we're with them EVERYDAY!
not once a month macam kau! ambik siang-hantar malam.
kau ingat rumah tumpangan??
u're selfish. gatal kejar jantan lain sampai tinggalkan anak sendiri.

i took charge as their 2nd mother for god sake.
i am only their aunty but i took over ur duty and u're never thankful for that.
and all u can tell ur friends, bad stories about me.
i went to see the parents when ur kids got bullied at school.
i went to see the teacher for ur kids education progress.
i fed and cooked for them everytime they're hungry.
they do their homeworks with me.
and i was the one who thought your youngest chap how to spell.

now ask urself, are u a good mum???

... i warn u, if u ever dare again to text funny messages to my mother, i'm gonna give u a tight slap on ur face and won't afraid to give u the perfect humilliation that u've hide from ur new friends who don't even know ur past. jangan rasa diri tu mangsa, sedangkan awak sendiri tak senonoh. dari sekolah menengah dah melacur, dasar perempuan sundal. if u ever come near to my house again i won't hesitate to lodge a police report. i mean it. stop spreading gossips, minta ampunlah dengan my parents who fed you for soooo long when ur family can't even afford to give u RM50. u're selfish, u're ungrateful, u're the best actress on earth. act happy, but hiduplah dengan hati yang tak tenang selagi kau tak minta maaf dengan my parents.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Are you looking to hire an emcee for your wedding?

TWH offers professional wedding emcee service in Bahasa Malaysia and English. It is crucial to hire an experienced wedding emcee to ensure that all events goes smoothly. The most important thing is to relief the burden and stress from you and your spouse on the big night so that both can relax and enjoy your big day.

To ensure smooth execution of the events according to the schedule. You and your spouse will not be disturbed at all unless there are some decisions that we are not convenient to make on your behalf.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested to know more about our services.

We have a few wedding emcee who work in the media industry for more than 3 years.

Here are the categories and rate u can choose from:


- Media practitioner: RM800 (without rehearsals), RM1000 (with rehearsals)
- TV personalities: RM1700 (without rehearsals), RM2200 (with rehearsals)

Bahasa Malaysia
- Media practitioner: RM500 (without rehearsals). RM800 (with rehearsals)
- TV personalities: RM1200 (without rehearsals), RM1500 (with rehearsals)

...And good news! price include transportation fee within Klang Valley.
EXCEPT sepang, semenyih, hulu langat, and all areas exceed 50km radius from PJ.

book one month in advance.

SQUARE GLASS JAR (clear dimension)

to those who mailed me, inilah glass jar untuk favors yang i cakap tu :)
square in shape, but cap dia round shape.
harga RM1.60 je
1000pcs ke atas RM1.50

ketinggian dia sama almost sama tinggi dengan kotak rokok.

square glass jar. cantik kan? takde la nampak cam botol jam atau prego. :)
ini contoh kalau nak letak candies, nak letak sticker ke.
tapi i rasa kalau letak sticker kat penutup lagi cantik.


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Specifically for TWH choc chip cookies

10 June Dee shah alam, 3jars
10 June, Zai shah alam, 3jars
12 June, ezlin ampang, 3jars
18 June, damansara ofis, 12jars
21 June, Wan shah alam, 3jars
25 June, Rien w.maju, 5jars + bulk order 6000pcs
25 June, Juliana shah alam, 3jars
30 June, Dira seremban, 6jars
2 July, Azie shah alam, bulk order 2000pcs
2 July aunty leya putrajaya, favors in jars 800pcs
8 July, Tim damansara, 8jars
8 July, Zana damansara, 4jars
8 July, Haryati shah alam, 10jars
14 July, Zeemah keramat, 8jars
21 July, Syamimie ttdi, 3jars + bulk order 800pcs
21 July, izzah sepang, bulk order 2000pcs
28 July, Azyati ttdi, 15jars
12 August, Nina damansara, 10 Raya gift set of 3jars (chocchip,rainbow,truffles)
12 August, Lynda.s damansara,10 Raya gift set of 3 jars (chocchip,rainbow,truffles)
12 August, Dira Seremban, Raya order 10jars
18 August, Lina shah alam, Raya order 10 jars + 5 raya gift set
19 August, Meza shah alam, Raya order 10jars
27 August, Noor shah alam, Raya order 5jars + 3 raya gift set

Sorry yg 1jar order I tak list. Sbb that's for sample order only, rm10.
3jars minimum, rm30.

Will update.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Hello uols, nak tanya pendapat. Patut tak i byat another facebook account?

I mintak ampun sgt2 tak dpt approve kat personal fb sbb ramai org office. So taknaklah nampak i bincang wedding. U know office--- mesti ada je yg busuk hati n stalker. so dlm my personal fb page, i never wedding-talk and i never upload pun gambar tunang.

Lagi 5bulan nak kahwin 2org je kawan baik ofis i tau yg i nak kawin. Yang lain semua taktau :) haha mysterious sgt kan?

So miss x igt nak bukak page under yuyu aziz jugak. i'll share photos n thoughts from personal fb jugak,cuma we can sembang wedding there. Senang jugak utk i drpd reply email kan... Hahahah boleh comment je kat wall kalau ada any inquiries.

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I raised this issue last year.
But 5-6months before wedding, lagi i fikir.
Sebab kawan-kawan tanya, nak cash or hadiah? -- jujur tak soalan?

Just from what i observed...
The chinese give cash in little red ang-pow when attending weddings.
according to my chinese friends, the minimum amount is RM80 if attending chinese wedding in KL. :)

The mat sallehS with the gifts-registry.
I attended a mat salleh's wedding once.
The couple have a house full of appliances; so they wrote--- 'appreciate monetary value' in the wedding invitation.

While the Indians-- some write 'no-boxed gifts' in the card which i think is quite practical for destinations wedding and also ease the couple-- not to angkut anything after the tiring reception.

I've done observations when attending Malay weddings.
I realized most still bring gifts for the couple if the family hold nikah/reception at home.

I've experienced sitting at the 'counter' on my cousin's wedding.
Sad to say, there are people who came, salam and gave empty envelopes.
They don't have to give if they can't afford too-- just come and share the joy.
I told my mum about the empty sampul.
mum said "orang melayu ni segan kalau salam tangan kosong...."
but to me, sincerity that matters... after all with so many people at the occasion no one will ever realize u don't hulur anything pun.

But anyway, just my humble opinion---bila attend wedding, please don't make me notice my own friends attending in a group--- datang makan ngap-ngap, amik2 gambar, balik terus. i never did say anything, but dalam hati i selalu cakap "takde adab". ya, it's sincerity. but sbb mereka mampu. lainlah kalau mmg tak mampu. bila bab adat-adab melayu lain nak ikut sangat, tapi bila memberi, susah. i honestly rasa orang macam tu stingy and selfish.

Due to my busy schedule and parents' busy schedule-- we hardly buy gifts, we'll give cash unless a close friend of mine mintak for specific gift (reasonable one ;p)
Sejak dah bekerja, mum thought me on how to determine how much to give. (our family's way):-

rumah: RM20
dewan: RM50
hotel: RM100

That particular amount is very basic, since we're not filthy rich either to give out RM1000! :)
But mum is very reasonable and baik hati--- lets say my mother, father and me attend a hotel reception dinner--- mum will put RM300 in the envelope. if paying for 3 heads.
Although it's Royal Chulan Hotel, RM160 per head-- mum's rate is forever fixed ha-ha
at least we help lessen the burden of the parents yang buat majlis..... kan?
sincerity is the most important thing.

Anyway, why different rate at different venue?
I don't categorize people by the location but that's how mum thought me.
it's reasonably fair.
The reason people giving cash-- to ease beban ibubapa pengantin who throw out the kenduri.

Remember the formula ( cash x heads = RM?)

rumah: RM20
dewan: RM50
hotel: RM100

situation: lets say i attend wedding dengan my fiance, that makes 2 heads:

1) wedding at home: RM20 x 2 heads = RM40 (i usually give RM50 ngam-ngam, senang..)
rational: that's the estimation of catering price per head in KL, so must give no matter what

2) wedding at hall: RM50 x 2 heads = RM100
rational: rate dkt hall berbeza so, estimare RM30-RM50 per head. RM100 is fair.

3) wedding at hotel: RM100 x 2 heads = RM200
rational: usually price range is RM90-200, but katakan i attend a wedding at Mandarin Oriental. I can't afford to give RM400, so RM200 is my max sincere cash-gift-- gaji ciput ;p )

But again, sincerity.
My friends yang tahu i'm getting married ada yang dah tanya apa yang i nak.
to my good friends, i akan slumber cakap " voucher ikea RM100. kalau kau rasa mahal, voucher IKEA RM50. Jangan beli aku hadiah, susah nak mengangkut"
jujur tak? hahaha ;p
to my BEST FRIENDS, i cakap "bagi duit. kasi mak bapak aku"

umum tahu, if we received gifts we can keep them,if it's cash-gift usually parents ambil...
but why not? to me, depa dah sacrifice a lot.
i'm 27 year old this particular 2011.

If we were to do some arithmetics:

Our parents expenditure-- dalam sedar atau tidak, yang jelas atau tidak--- kira-kira RM20k (a year) for food, shelter, clothing, education, health, daily expenses, vacation, barang-barang yang i mintak--- so why not duit kahwin bagi parents?
Imagine, 27 years X 20k = it's RM540k! that's more than half a million.

Belum lagi penat lelah and susah payah membesarkan dari kecil...sebak pula tiba-tiba.

i'll give every single cent to my parents.
i won't take any.
too much asking -- this and that for 27 years.
it's our wedding, but it's their time....

just my 2 cents. love.

if you wish to be super-honest, here is some what a polite wordings to do so...
but if you have more traditional people around u...... then don't.

-----sample of little note that comes together with invitation card-----
source: google

We are sending out this invitation
In hope you’ll join our celebration
But if a gift is your intention
We’ll take this opportunity to mention
We have already got a kettle and toaster
crockery, dinner mats, and matching coasters
so rather than something we have already got
We would appreciate money for our living pot
But most importantly we request
That you come to our wedding as our guest



ok, dalam masa beberapa hari lagi, i akan reveal baju ala2 designer i! hahahaha
kain haritu tak abis sambung lagi aku dah sibuk buat baju, boleh?
tapi sbb baju lagi senang (to me la)
macam baju melayu, top easier, seluar susah....
macam-macam i ni.
ok, nanti dah siap baju i yang dengan kain biasa, i post k?
i lukis n potong jek. mak i yg jahit! hahaha :)
comel kan my bonda? dah pencen doktor, jadi tailor pulak ;p
hahaha nanti i share.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


First and foremost, credit to blogger, syamimie--- bcoz of her i expand my choc-chp ideas.

She mailed me a few days back tanya pasal bulk order. Before this i jual 200-220pcs for rm50.
as if beli 5jars of my choc-chip cookies la. Murah kan? :)

Anyhow.......she asked with a twist--- her bro needa 250favors, her bro dah ada favor box sendiri so she dont need the jar.

so that's i dapat idea. I told her i'll put in large bekas 700-750pcs of cookies at X price.

Since she's buying in bulk, i offered her 800pcs of cookies instead. I personally think homemade food ia always d best gifts to the guests. Better than giving away groceries candies....?

*TWH signature choc-chip cookies in glass jar = as low as RM2.80 (minimum 500jars)

*Glass jar only at RM1.60 (minimum 500pcs) it's square and so cute! (way cheaper than ikea)

*TWH cookies bulk orders, mail:

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Koranggg tolong saya!
My boss suruh i buat laporan khas unruk buletin utama tentang tabiat makan pelik. Korang ada tak kenal kawan, sedara, keluarga yg ada taniat makan pelik. Contohnya, dari kecik makan maggi je... Makan hotdog je ke? Or makan kaca ke, batu ke, pasir ke.. Seumur hidup makan fastfood ke. seumur hidup tak pernah minum air yang ada ais ke, dari baby tak pernah makan nasi not evn once ke.... Tak pernah makan dessert ke, tak pernah kunyah ke, tak pernah minum air ke.... nees it as soon as possible. Org yg mempunyai tabiat makan aneh. Tapi survive sampai skrg BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


TWH signature choc-chip cookies in glass jar

500jars and above RM2.80 only!

(including ribbon, add 20cents for custom tag)

You only need the glass jar? RM1.60 only!

minimum: 500jars

***TWH choc-chip favors available with smaller quantity, but not as cheap***

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CHECKLIST (cincai)

Ok cincai je dulu sbb tgh lepak minum taktau nak buat apa coz everyone busy pegang phone masing-masing *anti-social* haha

1)Documents + kursus: belum ;p

Date: done
Venue: done
Theme: done
Makeup: done
Attire: done
Deco: done
Handbouquet: done
Henna: done
Shoes: done
Favors: done
Simple invitation card: tbc
Hantaran: almost done tinggal (cake,choc & macarons)

I'm proud of myself

Ok sambung sembang. Nanti depa pegang phone, I sambung blog pasal checklist recepyion k? Haha

Monday, June 13, 2011


aiyoooo uols!
tau tak perasaan bayar RM2k sejelepuk.
atau lebih?
bayar sendiri.
biasanya kalau lebih 1k sejelepuk mak bayar.
pokai rasa.
penah rasa macamtu? share ur experience! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Fad called me kata nak pass dvd!
Dia baru habis edit wedding adik blogger, dalila mian. I can't wait to watch the video!
I'll share with all of you.
Till we meet again! :) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

CREDIT CARD BONGOK!!! (honest truth)

ok, i sakit hati dgn maybank (mb) credit card (cc)
I have both visa n mastercard.
slalu mmg pakai cash buat apa pun.
Tapi satu card i mmg slalu pakai utk bookings, isi minyak and makan kalau lupa keluarkan duit je.

So dah dekat nak kawen ni haritu i ada booked flight tickets.
So cc i dah jadi rm2837.06.
Walaupon credit limit 8k, i tak suka tgk cc i tertunggak byk sgt, so i bayar rm837.06 nak kasi ngam2 rm2k.
So sbb dah cantik rm2k, i pun tak pakai la cc, pakai cash FOR ONE WHOLE MONTH.
punyelah disiplin-- nak isi minyak, makan semua pakai cash.
Minimum payment i bayar so tak kena intrerest.

Guess what.....
Harini i check tetibe rm2616.48!!!!
Hangin tak aku??? Takkan interest RM600 over!!!
I didnt use my cc for one freaking month!!!
dahlah minimum payment i bayar!!!!
And selama pakai credit card 2tahun, sbb marah ada amount bongok tu, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER TODAY-- i clicked my cc transaction history, i scrolled and checked sampai last month punye statement.

And guess what, selama ni MB mmg tak pernah state kadar interest!
Patutla aku bayar tiap bulan pon tak pnah abis.
dan lebih teruk sbg customer hak kita dinafikan!
Kita ada hak utk tahu brapa jumlah interest yg MB charge in RM!

ahhhhhhh any solution?
Kalau intrrest mcm bodoh ni, baik i bayar full n tutup cc terus!
Any solution nak pastikan interest tak naik? Teknik pembayaran ke...
Penat aku byr slama ni, hairan jugak tak kurang2 amount nya. Choy!!!! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Saturday, June 11, 2011


hello girls,
alrite, groupsmore offered a fantabulous offer, photobook at only RM80!

ok, ceritanya--- i TERbeli dua.
Anyway, to those yang berminat to get it, i'm letting go one of the photobook voucher.
1) berguna kepada b2b atau yang nak bertunang sbb MURAH!
2) berguna kepada yang hire photographer untuk shoot+edit+burn.
3) berguna kepada yang nak kawin before August 27th.
4) berguna kepada sesiap yang terlepas the deal!

Sangatlah berbaloi, daripada RM369, jadik RM80 je!
so, siapa cepat dia dapat.
email me:
(jangan comment sini kalau nak beli)

kalau uols survey, usually photographer akan charge RM300-RM650 per photobook, so RM80 sangat sangat lah berbaloi! seriously... siapa cepat, dia dapat!

the promotion dah takde, so belilah daripada MissX.

i will e-mail the voucher... easy! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011


Tadi saya buka email the wedding heaven.
And ada seorang insan email bernama syira.
Tajuk email: presenting milkadeal.
Zomygod! Milkadeal approached the wedding heaven utk advertise macarons n cookies TWH!

Tapi, tiba-tiba i terfikir---
I'm doing this partime and how murah i can sell?
As a homebase baker, i cant afford to jual murah sgt sbb i bake sendiri (bukannya ada kilang)

So, usually i jual macarons RM90 for 30pcs.
And cookies, rm10 per jar.

I thought for milkadeal, i nak kasi:
RM70 for 30pcs
And for cookies, buy 3 free 1!

Ok tak? Any idea? Please help me! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


hello everyone,
we can't compare a news designer to the establish rizalman.
so can't we compare new designer to the famous rizman ruzaini.
they are definitely in their very own league.
so let us categorize new designers in the 'upcomin designers' group, shall we? excited :)
want a fresh + talented designer?
and have budget less than 3k for a baju (ok, price might be higher if kau mintak berlian atas baju. haruslah harga vera wang!) haha
anyhow, i have 3 favourite upcoming designers in my mind.
i've seen their work in facebook, and i must say they too deserve a big round of applause for the talent they possess.

My pick:--




so tell me, who's your favourite?

or any other designer you want me to write about? :)

*that's not it...i have a few others, will write further on fashion designers!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Made a decision on my w-day designers.
And i don't want to search further.
Lagi banyak i google, lagi rambang mata.
So i think it's best for me to be very firm dgn my decision.
Jumpa, bagi kain, design, bayar terus. :) afterall, it's my own decision. If tak cantik pun i wont blame anyone :) haha

My choice?
Seorang yang dah terkenal
Seorang lagi yang baru meningkat naik
Seorang lagi yang dah hebat tp sdikit dilupakan

Kahwin sekali seumur hidup, ni la skali nak merasa. Jadi, rugi la kalau tempah dekat sorg fashion designer je kan?

Wsup with my choice?
Yang terkenal sbb i saja gedik nak own at least one. I cant afford jovian, so yg terkenal di mata i je la and sesuai dgn budget i. Design cantik, orangnya baik dan i selesa dgn dia.

Yang sdg meningkat naik, design dia mmg cantik2 tapi sbb baru bertapak, harus i bagi support apatah lagi kalau harganya berbaloi

Yang dilupakan, satu ketika dulu namanya gah di industri fesyen but dek kerana fashion designer pun makin ramai, dia pun kurangla publisitinya mcm dulu. But afterall, otai still hebat kan?

Itu je setakat ni.
Renung2 kan, satu kali kahwin dpt sentuhan 3designers. Best kan?
So tak payahlah hantar semua dekat sorg je...
Kalau tak sepesen je baju uols nanti.

Just my 2cents,
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Sunday, June 5, 2011


I started with nuffnang-- last month.
And put up advertlets last week to compare; which is better.
So, what's the result?
Definitely NUFFNANG!

One week earning comparison:
Nuffnang = RM0.80
Advertlets = RM0.35

So obviously nuffnang pay better $

In a month, via nuffnang i ada RM4.56
Ok la, better than nothing. :)

So to all bloggers, choose nuffnang as ur prefered host to generate income :)

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Saturday, June 4, 2011


i love baking..... a lot!!!
my baking passion punca TWH wujud di muka bumi ni.
i started with my own e-day doing candy bufffet for myself.
and that's where i think from word of mouth and photo uploads and tagging some baru kenal apa itu macarons. :) proud.
so, i bake macarons and cookies (every week!)
cakes too, but malas sikit.
i curi masa sekalipun jadual kerja di tv3 sangat padat.
i mmg suka memasak.
masak la apa-apa pun.
...dari lauk melayu sampailah lauk moden. mmg suka masak.
i pernah menang nestle cooking competition peringkat kebangsaaan, 3rd place-- wakil Selangor.
anyway, here are some photos--- me baking. (last week)
kalau nak upload gambar i bake and cook since form1, banyak sangat gambar.
so, here are some of my baking projects for business purposes and own consumption. haha!

macarons in the making

piping the cutey

baking--- see, macarons feet

TWH signature french macarons
crispy outside-chewy inside
(clients favourite: pink with choc ganache filling)
RM3 each

TWH signature rainbow cookies
(sangat rapuh/crispy and the chocolate in the middle, oh-so-yummy)
favourite for themed party/ birthday party/ own consumption
RM12 per jar

TWH signature chocolate chip cookies
(best-seller, seriously i'm proud to say my choc chip cookies sedap)
crispy-nipis-semisweet-dark choc chip

definition of my own perfect choc chip cookies (front)

definition of my own perfect choc chip cookies (back)

TWH gift RM10 per jar
for vip can, own consumption also can, raya also can!
free ribbon ikut warna tema.

will forever bake.
nanti kalau ada rezeki dapat baby girl ajar masak and bake :)
love all of you!

Friday, June 3, 2011


hello peeps,

i always wanted a bridal shower--- not a bachelorette party.

i'm not a fan of kinky party--- since we never know, if photos among friends might be used for some other puposes when friends become foes. haha who knows. paranoid.

i had oraganized bridal showers (4 times) and bahcelorette party (almost 10 times)

and... duit tak datang dari langit remember?

if our friends are among the rich kids, it's ok... but what if they are just like us--- work hard to earn every single cent for a living?

hahah i rasa 50% of bridal shower/party i pegi--- mesti ada sorang dua yang jenis berkira. trust me. mesti ada. hahaha

say, party for 20pax---

let's say if we get a proper hotel room = RM300

we order food = RM300

goodie bags for everyone = RM200

games = RM100

deco = RM100

man, that's a whole sum of ONE THOUSAND!

takkan la friends nak bayar semua kan, i so kesian...

cause yang oraganize usually close friends, so i lagi kesian.

organizing at home? no privacy

organizing at restaurants? = ok for bridal shower but not bachelorette party

organizing in pubs/clubs = we have to think about some friends who are not comfortable steping in those kind of places.


i'll definitely have one simple bridal shower for myself; definitely organizer is my bestfriend.

but, as kawan yang bertimbangrasa, i'll fork out RM500. :)

i think it is mean to let your friends use their money for everything.

it's just unfair.

kan? sweet tak i? ;p

ps: hakikatnya, sbb tau diri sendiri fussy. so i need to know the venue, the theme and etc... HAHAHAHAHA

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Ok, actually i bukan nak bagi pandangan.... I nak minta pandangan...

I worry my perut terjojol tatkala duduk ayu bersimpuh waktu nikah...

So anyone tau the best bridal corsett? (brand, where to buy, etc) pls share. Muahx! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop