Thursday, June 16, 2011


First and foremost, credit to blogger, syamimie--- bcoz of her i expand my choc-chp ideas.

She mailed me a few days back tanya pasal bulk order. Before this i jual 200-220pcs for rm50.
as if beli 5jars of my choc-chip cookies la. Murah kan? :)

Anyhow.......she asked with a twist--- her bro needa 250favors, her bro dah ada favor box sendiri so she dont need the jar.

so that's i dapat idea. I told her i'll put in large bekas 700-750pcs of cookies at X price.

Since she's buying in bulk, i offered her 800pcs of cookies instead. I personally think homemade food ia always d best gifts to the guests. Better than giving away groceries candies....?

*TWH signature choc-chip cookies in glass jar = as low as RM2.80 (minimum 500jars)

*Glass jar only at RM1.60 (minimum 500pcs) it's square and so cute! (way cheaper than ikea)

*TWH cookies bulk orders, mail:

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