Sunday, July 31, 2011


Just a quick announcent:
All payment for cookies collection on 14/15th august and 24/25th august must be made before 5th august. Strictly 5th AUGUST as the last date to submit payment. Fail to do so, order will b invalid . Any payment made 6th august onwards ( yg tiba2 masuk without informing me) tidak akan dilayan n duit will be returned. Thank you. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Thursday, July 28, 2011


alritey love,
i asked for their permission to write things that caught my eyes!!!

let me start with cik yaya!
omygodddddddddddd her dress is the 'it' wedding dress of the year!
i swear this is the prettiest i've seen in 2011.
what more, si pemakai pun cantik sangat sangat.
her dress is dusty pink.
made by qudyn.
and ya, her makeup is soooooooooooo gorgeous! (mungkin faktor tuannya cantik banyak membantu makeup nampak cantik juga) hehe
i know u girls have to agree with me, kan???

her oh-so-pretty dress!!!
to-die-for flawless skin & make-up!
and now, the most creative invitation of 2011 setakat ni!
the award goes to cik syamimie karim and kudos to her brother who designed the card!
mimi is such a sweetheart.
majlis tunang adik dia dekat temerloh, so she said just incase i tak dapat datang she gave me athe card n gift in advance! untung kan jadi blogger?
sangat baik mimie ni! i love u lah!
ok the custom notebook, my nephews dah contong (cepat je tangan dia kan?!)
but omygodddddddddddd who can not go mad looking at the e-invitation!
theme is vintage engagement! so detail!
and what i love the most, how they tell the guests of color codes in a very subtle way!
great idea!!!
nak tahu lanjut, silalah bertanya kepada Syamimie Karim !

sangat classic kan? and i love the choice of various fonts used!

i swear sangat creative!!!

this one caught my sepet eyes! colour codesssss. hebat!

ok, sebelum terlambat, promote sikit a few order minggu ni :)
cupcakes! pink +purple. thank you deena!!!
macarons! lavender+oreo! thank you mawar!!!

macarons lagi! caramel+choc ganache!!! thank you farah!

email me:

SAYANG SEMUA!!! kiss busuk-busuk! muahhhhhycks! *hugs*
-off to jakarta and bandung in a few hours-

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Omygod i rasa itula yang dibisikkan kwn2 yg kepochi setelah sekian lama tak jumpa i.

Smlm i mintak tailor ukur a few parts of my body and guess wut??? Pinggang i 31inches??? I ckp ngn dia ukur ngam2, she said 81cm.

Selama ni pakai seluar,sampai sekarang waist 28 or 29 inches. atau uk10 or uk12 ikut design. Napa ukur 31inchessss??? Ke mmg saiz seluar n ukuran different? Tambah risau ni!

Corsett kuuuu pls do magic!

I dah hantar kain to designer, tapi tak ukur lagi sbb mmg niat nak diet. I told designer, ukur september nanti... So pls pls pls waktu designer ukur, keciklah pinggang i!

Fitting bulan 10 n bulan 11--- mintak2 pinggang 26-27inches jek.

Tolongggggggg :( BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I was shocked when i stepped on the scale 3days back! I weighed myself, 6kg heavier compared to dec 2010!
I weigh 9kg heavier compared to dec 2009!!!
And guess wut, i weigh 12kg heavier compared to 2008!!

U all the maths!
Total weight gained---12kg :(
I know, i know. Sad aint it.
What more w-day is only 4months away.
Eh chopppp 3.5months je tinggal!!!
And im still fat :( ya, like seriously.

On a positive note, i stopped eating rice after dat tragic self-weighing.
And.... Tengah terpengaruh nak try premium beautiful,pb.
Tapi mahal betooolllll
Tapi semua perempuan yang cuba mesti kurus. Taktau apa magicnya.
But that probably best explains why pb is expensive kan?

Cuma satu je, org kata kalau pakai pb kena disiplin. Kena pakai everyday. Minum air byk2. My friend dura fits size M on her big-day bcoz of pb. So she highly reccomend me to try. She's soooo nice and very supportive!

So why not i giv it a try kan? Will update progress! Bersemangat!!!

Ps: oh pls support me girls! Love love love
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Sunday, July 24, 2011


hello darlings! thanks for those who ordered first batch 20/21st July pickup! it was such a wonderful time baking for u girls! 38 jars of choc chips alone tak masuk other types of cookies lagi. 2nd batch this coming 27/28 July dah full with 80jars. so i stopped taking orders for 2nd batch since 2days back. thank you very very much.

anyway, i'm opening for third batch uols! booked-- 52jars, so vacant lagi 28jars to those who wanted to order! perfect as gifts when visit sanak-sedara, kawan-kawan waktu raya. coz all tall jars come with ribbons! :)

THIRD BATCH collection date: 14th & 15th AUGUST 2011
FINAL BATCH collection date: 24th AUGUST 2011 (to those yang takut cookies abis tak sempat raya)

slot in ur order in one of these, mail me at

order via mail, do not comment here to order.

***to those who placed order for 2nd,3rd and final batch, bayar ikut this pricing below. changed jars... so price ikut jars baru! yang dalam papercups semua kurang RM2. love.***

FIRST BATCH haritu! thank you all!!!

choc chip cookies RM10 per jar! 45-50pcs
made: choc chip, brown sugar, tatura butter, premium flour

rainbow cookis RM12 per jar! 30-35pcs
made: choc chip, tatura butter, smarties

havana cookies RM10 per jar! 16pcs
made: nestum, oat, almond, premium choc fully dipped, choc rice

london almond rm10 per jar! 16pcs
made: premium choc fully dipped, whole almond inside, almond nibs

truffles rm10 per jar! 16pcs
made: almond slice, sunflower seed, croqueant, rice bubbles--all dipped in choc!

diva happy pills rm12 per jar! 23-25pcs
made: blueberry colatta, walnut, dipped in colatta!

TWH french macarons!!!
24pcs RM72 (pick 2 flavors)
36pcs RM105 (pick 3 flavors)
- sberries (ivory)
-oreo (grey)
-lavender (purple)
-vanilla (green)
-passionfruit (orangey-yellow)
-coffee (brown mix)
-choc ganache (pink)

KAD KAHWIN SAYA!!! yippie!

lupa nak ceritaaaa--received real mock-up via courier on 30th June!

i ordered 30th May!

So, they kept their promise to finalize everything in one month!

ngam-ngam... :)



the cards prototypes. yay!

*fax this back, as approval for them to start printing :0)

Dococard is the best!

i'm a satisfied client!

it's true wut bonda said, they definitely deliver a great service if we pay a sum of money kan?

yikes! serious tak menyesal walaupun mula-mula nya rasa macam membazir je kan?


they are on time as promised when we decided to hire them:

- perjumpaan pertama 30 May 2011

- received 1st draft: 7 days after meet up-- it's a computer drawing. she asked me to let her know a few colours for the samples. so i told her pink, blue, silver, brown.

- received 2nd draft: 2weeks later, a mock-up of the card that she has in her workshop.

- received final draft (photos above): 30 june 2011! haha maksudnya, tepat satu bulan seperti yang dijanjikan :) the real thing, card mock-up sampai kat rumah i! she gave me colours requested---pink, blue, silver, brown... supaya i boleh judge sendiri, by feeling and holdind the cards myself. haha mula2 nak sangat pink: but bila tengok live mmg biru lagi cantik. so.... i really really appreciate them sending the sample via courier! sample envelope pun dia bagi... gila tak happy?! ;)

ALL that without any extra cost! semua dah termasuk apa yang i bayar. so i kira, service tu lets say around RM200-- design, protoype, courier, etc... maksudnya mungkin kad i jatuh dalam Rm5-6 je sebenarnya... betul tak? the rest rupiah is for the service. oh I LOVE DOCOCARDS!

so, kerana saya happy, saya offer untuk bayar the balance kerana ada rezeki cookies & macarons; ringankan beban bonda saya... sweet tak dapat daughter macam i? hahaha

i can't wait to collect all cards this coming July 29th!

yerp in 5days time, i'll go jkt again! love love love.

love korang jugak yang support beli cookies and macarons saya! yerp u girls did contribute!

*if any of u tak buat card lagi and looking forward to tempah in jkt, do consider dococards.

price range is RM2-RM20

but again, look at their service... puas hati.

and the best thing, selesa.

tak payah bersusah-payah ke pasar tebet.

(mak saya sakit lutut. so have to consider her condition)

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Friday, July 22, 2011


*photo credit to liana noordin*

thank you for the beautiful photos!


Thursday, July 21, 2011


Oh i change packaging beli kotak yg nmpk dlm...
tapi kotak tu takde size yg ngam2.

Maka, i dah finalize. skrg macs dijual dlm 2saiz.
24pcs rm72 (2flavors)
36pcs rm105 (3flavors)

Kalau nak lain drpd kedai/vendor lain? Pls try;
Oreo macs
vanila macs
Sberries macs
coffee macs
lavender macs

Yg classic:
Choc ganache

I gerenti mine sedap and BESAR. Nak testi yg mana sedap, yg mana tak sedap. tanya blogger, dia 1st time try smlm :) hahahaBlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

RAYA ORDER (im on hiatus!)

Phewwwww harini berjaya siapkan 38jars choc chip, 10jars havana cookies, 8jars diva happy pills, 6jars london almond, 6 jars rainbow cookies, and 5jars truffles!!! Andddd 120macarons!

Sakit badan. Apapun missX berterima kasih kpd readers setia and silent yg sudi order. Terima kasih bagi rezeki kawen kpd missx yg sampai sakit pinggang siapkan cookies. Appointment ngn designer pun i cancel demi menyiapkan order....Timer kasih byk2!

Order first week puasa dah full, kalau nak order, next collection 2nd week puasa; buleh collect order 13th/14th august. Collect kat ttdi/damansara. Again, terima kasih byk2 semua.

Love u ols!!!

Ps: will upload pictures soonnnnnm ;) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


theme: done
venue: done
food: done
makeup: done
attire: tbc
shoes: done
attire pengapit: done
henna: kindly suggest
pelamin: done
handbouquet: done
lighting: tbc
invitations: done
favors: tbc
photographer: done
videographer: done
entertainment: done
songs selection: done
emcee: done
cake: tbc
- guestbook/registration: tbc
- photobooth: tbc
- welcome signage: tbc
- photos: tbc
- candy buffet: done

Ok tu je. To me, sbnrnya organizing reception lg mudah drpd nikah...

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Saturday, July 16, 2011


* inilah dewan untuk majlis bertandang. cantik kan?

good morning!

awal saya ber-blog today.

lupa nak cerita tentang problem dewan yang saya dapat tahu last week.

di sebelah saya, nikah and reception Alhamdulillah tiada masalah.

segala duit bonus telah dikumpul untuk tidak membebankan parents.

nak tolong la mana patut walaupun tak sebanyak mana.

anyway, nak cerita tentang dewan di sebelah pihak lelaki.

his father dapat panggilan from dewan management...

pada tarikh majlis bertandang, dewan itu akan digunakan untuk satu majlis yang mana Sultan Johor akan berangkat mencemar duli.

Maka, tarikh itu tak boleh digunakan.

orang dewan mintak maaf and mintak tukar tarikh.

malangnya, bthe same month and the next month pun full sgt sgt.

so nampak gaya majlis bertandang saya tahun depan la ya?

selain dewan di atas, mmg takde proper dewan dah kat Kluang.

kluang is a very small town, so yg ni mmg paling cantik.

the parents pun tanak buat kat tempat lain.

so takpelah, semua i serah pada his parents.

memang frust, tapi i always look at the positive side.

tapi mungkin ada hikmahnya.

mungkin beri kami lebih masa untuk buat preparation.


so, tak perlulah saya merungut.

ada hikmahnya.

spread the love

pssst : saya dah beli baju untuk adik beradik, bonda-ayahanda, kawa baik lelaki semua. kawan baik pompuan je tak beli lagi.... soon, very soon. love

Thursday, July 14, 2011


This kinda of question pasti bermain di fikiran semua bride to be.

Ada yang memilih perkahwinan yang gah!
Ada yang mahu perkahwinan yang mewah.
Ada yang hendak perkahwinan yang ramai hadir.
Ada yang inginkan perkahwinan yang small and intimate but luxurious.
Ada yang kekal dengan perkahwinan yang tradisional dan jimat ongkos tapi cantik.

But afterall, who doesnt want a beautiful wedding kan? :) .... so do i.

I want a small, intimate beautiful wedding.

Kalau diizinkan Allah swt? Saya mahu majlis pernikahan yang dihadiri hanya keluarga, saudara terdekat dan beberapa orang kawan rapat. Di majlis pernikahan, hanya 50org. Simple, tanpa pelamin. Kalau ada pun deco bunga dlm pasu2 kecik. Majlis siang (waktu petang prefered)-- hi-tea, tanpa nasi minyak yang cliche. Salam2, amik gambar, balik rumah, tido.

- saya suka daylight utk nikah, malam is a no-no. saya tak mahu sampai 200org waktu nikah, sbb nikah kena hayati. Kongsi kegembiraan dgn yg sangat rapat sahaja. Anyway choppp saya tak paham, husband kalau nak solat sunat kena kusyuk, apa guna solat kalau photographer n videographer keliling? Baik tak payah. No nasi minyak for nikah, only reception. saya personally rasa tiada keperluan menjaga hati semua org. Jaga hati ibu bapa dah memadai. Buat apa susah payah nak nikah, balik ada pulak kenduri kat rumah? Pastu ada pulak reception lain. Tak ke membebankan? Taktaulah kalau parents saya nak mcmtu. Entahlah, Masing2 punya cara.

Saya taknak reception saya dihadiri beribu org yg saya tak kenal. Biarlah 100org pun asalkan yg dtg tu share my happiness. Saya nak reception kurang drpd 500 org. Biarlah org kata "buat apa spend RM?k utk kurang 500pax? Tak balik modal! Baik RM?k ko jemput 2000org!!" . Mahu saja saya ckp pada si polan, saya tak mintak pun balik modal. Kalau ada, rezeki mak ayah saya. Kalau takde, rezeki org sekeliling yg datang, luangkan masa, kongsi gembira; sayangi kita n kita sayang mereka. Makanan penting. favors pun saya akan beri makanan. Segala benda perhiasan di badan atau dewan, saya bersyukur je setakat yang keluarga saya mampu.

- logik jemput tetamu yg sedikit adalah supaya mereka gembira sepanjang majlis. Buat apa ajak 2000 org kalau yg dtg lmbt makanan tak cukup n complaint? Lebih teruk lagi yang makan 2-3 round tapi sibuk mengata catering murah tak sampai 10ringgit. Motif? Soal gifts pula, biarlah depa tak boleh simpan buat kenangan, at least to me niat memberi masuk perut tetamu lagi baik, biarlah any form of food. Baju, pelamin, semua tu saya bersyukur je la... Rezeki saya baik sbb ada parents yang memahami.

Apa pun bagi kedua2 majlis, yang saya nak adalah a small-beautiful wedding like i always wanted.

Ps: nak tergelak bila ada sorg rakan bertanya "reception ko jemput brapa org?". "tak sampai 500 pun". "hah??? Kau agak-agaklah kalau nak jimat pun. Jgn kedekut sgt. Aku ni pun ajak 1500 tau kat umah!". Saya senyum je. Dalam hati saya berbisik, tapi simpan sendiri sahaja... Tapi yang zahirkan kepada si rakan "takpela, itu je yang aku mampu.." senyum dan beredar.

- buat apa canang sana-sini, pastu hujungnya majlis anda ala-kadar sahaja? Silent is gold. Baik diam-- kalau majlis biasa2 pun tak salah, kalau majlis extra sikit pun tak salah. Better diam. Betul tak? Kalau nak share, biar habis majlis. At least it's there, bukan sekadar omong kosong...BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


Ok, ini bukan statement. Ini nak mintak pandangan/pertolongan uols. Ada tak kenal kawan2 yg pandai makeup. Takyah makeup artist, takyah mak andam. Asalkan dia pandai makeup, takyahlah beria sgt asalkan cantik. I nak mintak siapkan touch up my bridesmaids and my mum. Budget rm200 camtu. Do ask around ye kalau ada kwn2 berbakat gitu... Thanks, love!

Pssttt: esok post 16jars of cookies! Kecuali lisa, pass by hand ;p . Alhamdulillah, thanks for d order,readers! 2nd batch i'll deliver this coming 22nd july.... Sila order before 20th july kalau nak masuk dlm list 2nd batch.

Yang nak raya order, waktu email tulis subject: RAYA ORDER

- choc chip cookies rm10 per jar (around 40pcs and above)
- rainbow cookies rm12 per jar (around 35pcs and above)
- diva happy pills aka blueberry crunch rm12 per jar (25pcs)
- premium london almond rm10 (18pcs per jar)
- truffles aka almond choc rm12 ( 18pcs per jar)


THANK YOU VERY MUCHOS!BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


dunia ni kecik... kenapalah kau menipu.

entry ini ditujukan kepada seorang perempuan muka tembok.

dia ni satu-satunya case xerox and eksploitasi yang obvious--

malulah sikit... again, dunia ni kecik.

she mailed me in February tanya pasal candy buffet and favors.

excited habis nak hire TWH ni.

she called me so many times and texted me so many times. senang cerita, she was bugging me every single week 'kononnya' risau candy buffet dia ada slot atau tak. whether i can do it or not.

so, i checked ada event sbnrnya that date but i can slot in sbb time lain-lain.

she replied me macam extremely happy.

being a vendor, i pun happy bila client happy. i sent her quotation and she somewhat agreed (siap upgrade from M to L size ok?!)

the next email of hers, mintak tolong i... NAK MASUK NONA TV3 katanya!

i told her i'm in the newsroom can't help much, but i have a friend buat Nona.

I pun baik hati mintaklah dia send me briefly about her wedding.

Si polan email lah i....

Bukan main lagi katanya dia stewardess MAS and husband dia pun sama.

Wedding concept grand-- LOVE IN THE AIR. perkahwinan awan biru la.

her wedding brief--- kawan2 dia pakai uniform MAS (by right dia boleh disaman sbb ada peraturan pakaian ber-uniform *edit: she said dah minta kebenaran. baguslah*) but tak kesahlah, itu wedding dia.

Pastu dia email i-- doorgifts dia nanti MAS mini planes and nanti ada 5ft replica MAS plane waktu cake-cutting.

And nak dijadikan gempak cerita dia-- dia senaraikan segala nama sultan, kerabat, menteri, CEO sana-sini. wah grand gituuuuu.

*hairan jugak, bukan nak rendahkan.. but dia kata wedding nya kat dewan komuniti*

cerita va-va voom!

(since i work in the newsroom ada menteri and CEO yang dia mentioned, i've met them in person-- jangan sampai i tell them and let them sue u for using their names!)

*edit: she said dia memang kenal semua tu sbb dulu kerja hotel 3 tahun. ok fine. :) *

aku ni pun sengal, excited sangat siap forward dekat kawan aku kat Nona untuk cover wedding dia. haha when my friend told me boleh cover, aku pun excited called this girl to tell her the good news! hahahha u know wut, dah dapat tahu nak masuk TV, lepas tu DIAM terussss!

i mailed and texted her utk discuss pasal candy buffet and favors, dia diam je. tiba-tiba she told me, nak tanya kakak dia dulu. motif??? tup-tup tak jadi hire i sbb kakak dia nak buat! hahah nampak sangat MEMPERGUNAKAN i untuk masuk tv kan? aku benci pembohong!!!

u know wut, i got to know from a friend she actually did candy buffet by HERSELF! akak dia assist je. hahaha guna nama akak dia untuk membohong aku. anyway, her first mail hantar dkt i konon2 tnaya pasal candy buffet tu was 1st February- last mail 4th March 2011, lepas tu diam terusssssss. hahaha i dapat tahu, perempuan ni siap set-up bisnes candy buffet jugak!!! set-up blog bisnes dia 29 March 2011! after she received my candy buffet quotation format!!!

and lagi lawak tu siap promote kat blog dia--- her creation akan masuk Nona 17 July ni!!! tak maluuuuuu! dahlah betray aku to get the quotation, pastu tipu aku kata kakak set-up, pastu bukak bisnes tiru aku, pastu promote kat orang bisnes baru dia tu masuk tv sedangkan yang tolong kau masuk tv pun aku ni tho kau stranger yang menyamar potential client!!! (walaupon kau propa kerabat bagai, nak hire TWH bagai) TAK MALU KE???

so korang semua, tengoklah wedding dia yang dia propa grand sgt 17 July ni dekat Nona TV3. nantikanlahhhh. konsep steward-stewardess MAS tu ada kat bridesmaids dia je. yang doorgifts, replica 5ft tu semua TAK ADA!!! kawan i yang attend her majlis pun cakap dia ni mmg propa!

*name removed, she mailed me. apologized*

to owner My Lacey Cookie Jar, shame on you.

I still keep all ur mails and sms-es. jangan sampai i publish dekat sini.

berhentilah propa, sembunyilah bawah meja, tukarlah nama kamu daripada memalukan diri sendiri dengan cara menipu and bohong orang lain.

seriously, u're such an embarassment.

*isi lain dikekalkan sebagai pengajaran kepada semua dan diri saya sendiri*

Monday, July 11, 2011


***no longer valid***

Phewwwwww buat promo 15pcs rm40 for small size sampai tak menang tangan. Bukan kenapa, sbb mcm2 colour requested with diff kind of flavor. Almost 600macarons, can u imagine? And most cuatomers are my silent readers and a few bloggers. So i mmg kena tutup this promo, sbb if kira balik balik modal 16cents each je. Adoi. So from now on, macarona jadi rm3 balik. Andddddd i akan tetapkan fixed warna+flavor. Order above 100pcs je boleh deman nak warna apa, with flavor apa. So, berikut my list of fixed color/filling;
1) brown: choc ganache
2) light brown: caramel or coffee
3) dark grey: oreo
4) ivory: strawberry
5) orangey red: orange/lime
6) green: icy buttercream (new!)
7) blue: choc nutella mix (new!)
8) purple: lavender buttercream (new!)
9) red: raspberry (new!)

Anyways, cookies sample order almost comes to an end on this 14th where u can order even ONE jar. But do take note, starting 15th july til 15th august i will only take raya order of 3jars minimum per customer. 10jars, free 1. After 15th august, no morw cookies.

Place ur order now! whpisy@yahoo.comBlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, July 10, 2011


hello koranggggggggggg, urgent!!!
saya orang selangor. tinggal kat shah alam.
my nikah venue will be in KL.
i got to know ada procedure nak tukar-tukar ni.
but i don't know how. please guide me!
step-by-step lagi bagus.
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


hello everyone,
most of b2b bloggers sure familliar dgn nama qudyn aziz kan?
the guy who worked with radzwan radzwill for 7 years before he started with his own brand a few years back. he's the backbone i think. ya, i think... :)
talked to him a couple of times.

i went to to his boutique and guess what...
...was smiling ear-to-ear looking at his collection.
he has improved tremendously.
believe me, it's unfair to look at his design in 2008.
it's 2011 uols. he is soooooooooooooo good!
but one thing, qudyn himself is very very shy.
i mistaken him sebagai sombong last time.
rupanya idak, dia tak sombong, dia pemalu... :)
sbb tu org tua kata, tak kenal maka tak cinta.
so being me, yang bubbly and tak tahu malu.
i snapped so many photos dekat his boutique.

sembang 2jam dah rasa macam kawan.
haha so i believe he's the type yang kena warm-up.
sembang lama-lama, dia mmg ok sebenarnya.
and the price is truly worth it.
no doubt, last time his rate was lower back then.
but again, it's 2011 uols!
so harga naik sikit.
but with the quality, i still think it's worth it.

don't u want to custom-made a gorgeous reception dress at only RM2500-RM3500?
...or at least a simple nikah attire at RM1500?
not cheap, but totally worth every single cent.
trust me.

jumpa qudyn tell him YUYU reccomend :)

Friday, July 8, 2011


hello peeps, i'm back!
are you salivating when looking at those pictures? hahaha

Diva Happy Pills (blueberry crunch) only available dari Miss X's kitchen.

it's pretty, it's yummy. unlike some others!

bukan sahaja cantik, malah guarantee sedap.

the cookies sangat sangat crunchy.

and not to forget the yummy blueberry-purple dip! nyumssssssssss

not only the kids will love it, but the ladies too!

usually kalau buat untuk candy buffet, i charge RM20 for 30pcs...

ut untuk raya order, RM12 for 25pcs! letak dalam jar with ribbon :)

harga yang missX letak sama je dengan harga pasaran, if u double the scale: RM24 for 50pcs.

skrg kat kl cookies pun range RM25-RM30 for 50pcs.

so ok la, i siap letak dalam glass jar with ribbon, u! boleh terus letak atas meja :)

get you diva happy pills now!

only at RM12 per jar!

ps: choppppp i'm so sorry sebab tak dapat do the postage today gara-gara perhimpunan bersih i dipanggil kerja. :(anyhow, i'll do the postage the soonest. here's postage schedule for this month:

postage/collection date: 14th/15th July.

next bacth: 20th/21st July.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


***promo no longer valid***

first batch collection date: 20th july & 21st july (ttdi/damansara)

theme colour: soft pink/ soft yellow / grey

flavour: choc ganache / peanut butter / coffee

quantity: 15 pcs per box

price: RM40

*shall u require mix colour/flavor = one box of 15pcs is RM45


thank you girls yang baru placed sample order!
and sorry to those yang masih clueless how the cookies look like.
i can't expect u girls to click 'older post' in order to search for the cookies photos aite?
so, to those yang masih tertanya-tanya rupanya, i currently have photos of:
1) choc-chip cookies
2) rainbow cookies
3) macarons

you can view them here:

almond london, havana cookies, blueberry dip and truffles in the making untuk postage 8th july ni!

hahaha thank you kepada anda2 yang comel order truffles and havana cookies though i haven't upload the photos yet. thank you for the trust! hugs and many many hugs!

yang nak sample order-- kindly place booking and payment before April 6th ya? (untuk first batch shipment) email:

Friday, July 1, 2011


Ok jakun.
First time nak pegi philippines.
Seumur hidup this is my 1st time; mungkin bcoz i dont favor country with language i dont speak. Which in a way-- i won't buy air tickets to any hard-to-communicate countries. No way for vacation, but kalau company hantar, mak on je!

Anyway, it's true-- for an example i sakit hati if pegi bangkok (walaupun murah) i think we speak better english than them, like seriously! Korang sakit ati tak?? It's very hard to even ask for directions from the cab drivers! And to bargain is even harder, pakai calculator ok? Aku ckp english, depa reply bahasa thai. Fenin!

That explains why indonesia is always my must-go-visit place. Setahun pegi 4-5 kali pun i tak kisah. i dont speak their slang, but they still udrstand our lingo. Shopping is relatively affordable and easy to find halal food. Tee hee I like!
English speaking country pun sonang-- spore, oz , europe countries, dubai, africa... Depa tak paham bahasa melayu but they speak english. (rendah diri)

Alrite, back to square one-- the philippines.
Haruslah meks tak speak tagalog, noks!
But mum said their english is way better compared to thai people. Nahunya je berbeza. Filipinos tend to emphasis the letter 'R' when they speak english. Curlassssss :)

Mum suruh i pegi one place namanya Divi Mall (tanah abang versi filipina) hahaha i remember when i was in high school, bonda balik beli macam wristlet banyak2 kasi dekat me and cousins. And each cost only 50sen which bonda bought in divi mall, manila. So i wajib pegi situ :)

Buying barang2 macam souvenirs, wedding gifts and boxes are cheap too, kata my bonda. So, manalah tau.... Hahah just incase, walaupon my trip tak sampai seminggu, wajib bawak luggage besar. Just incase.

I'm attending a conference in Manila. Since it's a funded trip, maka i don't worry much kalau excess baggage pun haahahahaha. One thing i hope, hope and hope--- time pls be kind to me.

Til then! Love

ps: anyone dah pernah pegi manila, any suggestion where i shud go? Do share :) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop