Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I was born on March 14th,1984. A true Pisces. And my fiance-- he was born on June 30th,1982. His zodiac is Cancer.

We both have different traits. I am very artsy, bubbly, confident,independant, meticulous, an impromptu speaker, loves the limelight, easy-going, crack on stupid jokes, byk songeh at home but appears charismatic n firm at work. Bossy at times, fussy most of the times. Huhu Impatient; i walk fast, talk fast, write fast... :) romantic haha, sensitive, and... Ya, i love kids A LOT. Haha suka masak, suka hias tapi malas sikit bab mengemas (asthma tak tahan dust haha)... Oh and i prohibit myself being friend with any sort of detergents. In a way, i hate to do the dishes n laundry, i'd rather pay. Haha gila jujur tak?

Himself is another side of yours truly.like seriously, totally different. He's quiet, shy, emotional, not as confident, clumsy versi comel and... ibu's boy hahaha anyhow, he's protective, loving, caring, open minded, rational, understanding, very polite, he makes no jokes but laughs at my stupid jokes, haha tak pernah jealous (senang i haha), unsociable and likes to stay at home (kalah i ok? mcm anak dara).. On another note yang comel-- when he dtg lepak my parents home, he automatically tidy up the living hall-- bukan mula2 kenal dulu je, sampai skrg pun. Mmg tabiat dia suke mengemas (senang i kan? Haha) :) ....sometimes i send my baju to him at the office, and he'll return them in 2days clean and wangi. Apa punya perempuan la i ni kan? Haha but he whines not :) not even once in 5years.

26th SEPTEMBER is so special to both of us. 26th SEPTEMBER 2006 we started went out dating (officially)...
And this year....
26th SEPTEMBER 2011 marks our 5th year together--- through thick and thin, with loads of laughter, tears, and what not.
We'll be celebrating our 6th year as husband and wife on the next 26th SEPTEMBER. InsyaAllah.

I am more than happy :)

*nanti saya upload photos celebration smlm ye? He brought me dkt his one hidden diner, sgt romantic plsssss. suka!*BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


  1. happy for u too dear! :) oh please please share where's this hidden diner place..sounds so romantic..! :D

  2. walllaaawwweeeeyyyyyyy... so romantic ah ur soulmate. tak sabar mau tengok muka bakal suami sis tu. big applause for him!!! ehhhh... both of u sebab da bertahan selama lima tahun. =)

  3. ohh we r the same bab laundry ni!harhar!lucky u he likes to kemas!wish u happy forever! :)

  4. comellll!!! diffrent yg compliment each other! :)

  5. alhamdulillah :)
    cpt upload ok. he3

  6. Hepi 5 years kak yuyu. U both so comel together. The character.

  7. Aww~~ happy anniversary MissX!!! Yes, opposites do attract! hehe. Mine would be next 7th October. I pray for you and him to be happy forever..and yes next 26th Sept as husband n wife :)

  8. you girls are sooooo sweet and always generous with kind wishes. thank you soooooo much! i love u all to the max. muahhhhhxxxx! nanti rajin2 i upload gambar k?

  9. beruntungnyaaaaaaa.. i tak boleh cakap sebab now dah jadi my husband. ahaaaaks. tp ok laa my hubby blh jugak tolong iron baju sikit2. hehhehehe. Happy 5th year anniversary!!