Thursday, September 8, 2011

THIS IS LIFE (reality)

I first knew love when i was 17.
And the proposal was so romantic, at coffee bean klcc when he knelt down on one knee with a blue rose and asked me to be his girlfriend.
When the whole space smiled and applaud including his twin brother who witnessed the occassion.
we went through ups n downs.
i was excited all over.. you know, first love.
I cooked for him-- poslaju in the morning and food will reach him by petang at his matriculation.
We shared notes, helped each other in studies.
I made cards (handmade) on every single occassion and so did he. I know, how romantic kan? We painted d house together. He made me sing in front of d public coz he tahu how i love to sing, play guitar and what not. Not to mention my voice isnt that bad :) i went to highschool prom with him, even performed the next year's prom. We dedicated songs to each other most of the time; 112,boyz2men and his karaoke fav nothing's gonna change my love for u...Boleh? When he fell sick, i buat wut i hv to do. when his skin got infected, i donc mind to rub the medicine without gloves. how gross his hingus n tahi mata can be, i oso dont mind. That was the good old time...all the sacrifices i made, i dont hv to mention.almost 2years of d happiest journey in my life.

things happened for so many reasons. he changed. he knew i love him with all my heart. but you know, when the wind started to blow left and right, things went wrong. totally. he started to avoid me d fact that 1-2 family members of him didnt favor me. They're not happy for us. I however nvr gv up, tried my best to win their heart but failed miserably coz ya, they're not so fond of moi. Pernah i waited until 8hours at gloria jeans just because he cant leave the house. When he showed up I cried for 10mins but ya, i'm all good in a bit. Until this one time he didnt picked up my call. After a week, i got to know dat d father was unconscious, in d hospital. i visited but was chased out. I didnt gv up, came again but no one talked to me.

Until the day his father passed away. Allah lebih menyayangi arwah yang saya sifatkan lelaki yg mempunyai hati yg sgt mulia, memahami, rasional dan ikhlas. Al-fatihah.

My life went upside down when 1-2 of d family members started throwing tantrums at me. Called me a bitch, slut, and even told me that saya ni sehina tikus di sampah. I was accused "u gave him passion, mislead him, make his studies fall n fall". No one stood up for me. But i still remembr, his late father did.thats y i respect him.

Worst, i was even accused sbg perempuan bawa sial who caused the late father's death. My heart shattered into pieces. Imagine, i was 19..late 18 like dat. i cant handle such accusation. i called him, the line was no longer avail. i went to his house, no one. i was all alone. yes, all alone. Lost. upset. broken hearted. Tell me how can i forgive him and everyone involved? Damage has been done. Allah Maha Adil.

Imagine, i quit my studies and stayed at home for a year.

Its easy for him to leave without a proper goodbye. But what he hd caused me? I wasted years of my education life. I am a qualified software engineer by now but i dropped out bcoz i was so depressed.


But again, Allah knows what is best for me.

I am now a happy woman, working as an exec broadcast journalist and most importantly, i hv found a man who appreciates me for me.

A guy who appreciates me cooking, debating, singing, laughing out loud, making my stupid jokes and gestures all the time. Me who surprised him on every single occasion. And me who cries over small arguments.

He's not 6ft tall, he's not the hottest hunk, he's not romantic either. he comes from keluarga sederhana, he speaks broken english, and he's definitely not Einstein.

But this guy whom i'm in love with works his ass off for me, to make me happy, to buy me baju kurung on every hari raya, and beli telekung for a better me. This guy protects and stands up for me all the time. Sabar dgn kerenah i coz he said-- he knows it's all worth it. My love for him is beyond everything. When i love someone, the love is for real. My type-- hard to fall in love and hard to fall out of love. My love blossoms and grows every single second and will never stop growin, ever.And he certainly knows that.

He makes me happy. He layan me manja and he is manja equally. He respects my parents and dont mind sleeping at my living hall--snoring.He dont mind if i curik his nasi lemak's sambal n egg yolk tho he likes to eat em equally. He always think i'm pretty tho saya busuk tak mandi.He would sacrifice his sleep to drive me here n there. He even sacrifice watching his football team in action if i need his help.

This guy who never gives up loving me. Mind you, i'm a PISCES-- one loyal-loving-caring-artsy-bubbly babe but sensitive dan banyak kerenah.

Ya, its been 5years. We're getting married very soon and i hope our love will never end.

Sayang i love you...

You will forever be my garfield, my starfish, my asho, my cekodok, and whatever names i might call u as i wish. Haha U are my love. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


  1. jodoh itu rahsia ALLAH.. alhamdulillah, you find a much3 better man sebagai suami. ;-)

  2. Cik Hazz: alhamdulillah.. To find a perfect guy is difficult. The one i thought was 'the one' -- chicken-out and left me all alone. Suffered for years. He's def history... But i pray he lives happily with his loved ones but to forgive after all the sumpah seranah dan fitnah-- kemaafan tu kuasa tuhan, bukan kuasa saya. Satu hari yg memfitnah mungkin akan dpt anak perempuan-- in my case i'm the only girl drpd 4beradik. I suffered, my parents suffered tpo looking at this unfortunate daughter of them who cried everyday listening to songs and menatap photos...

    The man i'm marrying is perfect within my 2 eyes, that is more than enough. He might be a little ignorant at times, i def understand that, he's not mr. romeo. I don't need the three little words everyday coz i know deep in him-- he loves me.

  3. Babe. I broke into tears when i read this. Allah itu Besar dan berkuasa..

  4. Alhamdulillah.. sweet ok.. hihi.. :)

  5. MissX, I read this with a smile on my face, more of a grin :) hehe. I'm so happy u'd find a guy who appreciates and loves you, and mostly who will stand up for you of course, not like your previous experience, but all in all that makes us grew stronger aite? Me too is having the best love of my life after several bad experiences and he's just like what u described your "garfield". He's not that tall, speak broken English, not that rich but we go thru thick n thin 2gether while sharing coz money was tight! I always pray for your happiness MissX :) And praying that my fairytales end up like yours too, a marriage! Hehe

  6. sweet love stories
    i wish u all the happiness ahead and full of love

  7. awww sweetnya. mcm drama cerekarama pulak 1st love story u.huhu.. i pun pernah kene dump begitu saja wpun tak pernah declare couple ke apa. haha, takpe u found a better man than him skrg! yay!

  8. Allah works in mysterious way and thing happens for a reason. Alhamdulillah you found a great man and he's going to be your husband soon :)

  9. sho schweeeeeet... LIKE this post..!! :D

  10. i really love this entry!!wpon tak same sgt dgn i kan..1st love i dump camtu je pas couple 5years n die terus je kawen..sgt makan hati..kurus gile, setiap hari nangis siang malam, kerja pon terabai je..alhamdulillah skrg i jumpe sum1 much2 better n next week die dtg merisik..thanks sgt kat blog u..i asek rujuk cni je sebagai guide nak beli cincin lah, baju lah, mekap lah, tq dear!! hee :)

  11. this is so sweet!

    Allah maha Adil.

    The first love stories is sumtin similar with mine. We sacrifice for love but they give us shit.

    Alhamdulillah, you've found a better one! We're happy for you. Wish you all the happiness ahead babe ;)

  12. the story similar with me also..

    Allah s.w.t give the wrong person first, then give the BEST person after that.

    U will marry with the right one soon..good luck dear....WISH U ALL THE BEST..Semoga bahagia Selamanya =)

  13. Sorry for the late reply. Thank u all. Terharu saya baca u girls punya comments...

    entry ni dibuat selepas saya terima msg frm my ex last week. I wonder what took him 8years to realize what he has done wrong? after all the damage, sumpah seranah dan fitnah yg saya lalui... Skrg baru dia sedar kesalahan dia? nak minta maaf takde my num katanya... Hendak seribu daya.

    Apapun sy tak pernah salahkan dia sebenarnya and i never say bad things about him either aftr the breakup coz i believe he was the victim of the situation too. But pemfitnah utama si kembar tu tak minta maaf pula ya.

    Sedih i tgk mcmana tuhan beri kesengsaraan dalam kebahagiaan. Si kembat berkahwin dengan seorg perempuan berkulit cerah, berlesung pipit, the only girl in d family, loves to sing, i believe she's also bubbly, funny and a go-getter. kesian, after being rejected and made the worst situation of my love life with his jealousy, tuhan kurniakan dia isteri persis saya. so, si abg menatapla isteri si adik which i bet reminds him of me.

    Apa lagi keajaiban yg tuhan mampu tunjuk ya? Mungkin tuhan kurnialan dia anak berbintang pisces yang mempunyai kerenah seperti saya? Untuk dia hadapi sepanjang hidup sbg amanah, anak yg celoteh dan pe'elnya seperti saya. Yang bila besar akan jatuh cinta and the partner left just like dat. Lambat lagi, 20tahun lg mgkin balasan tuhan tu akan tiba. Bukan saya doakab but spt yg slalu saya cakap, Allah Maha Adil. Tahulah kamu perasaan ibubapa saya when this poor daughter of thr cried everyday for beinv dumped and worse difitnah. tahulah kamu perasaan ibubapa saya apabila anak perempuan harapan merela dropped out studies and forgone the ambition. Tahulah kamu kesalahan yg kamu lakukan bukan sahaja kepada saya, malah ibubapa saya. Ketahuilah kamu, someday u'll have a daughter, wut u've done to someone's daughter will come running back to u. Bersedialah. Allah Maha Adil.

    Apapun msg yg tiba di kotak fb saya tu, saya anggap dugaan. my future husband wad well informed about it an being him the kind-hearted man, he responded with a smile and even askes me to meet my ex to settle d unsettled matter. bayangkan how can i not love him? he is so rational about it coz he trusts me and he believes d love we shared is stronger than wut we both had.

  14. Things like these make our life colourful.. Glad you've found the one :)

  15. No wonder u jadi journalist. Your writing bukan sahaja untuk dibaca tapi boleh digambarkan.

    I love the part that u sincerely love your fiance, Miss X. U appreciates the love and sacrifices that he gave to you.

    I can feel the happiness from this new relationship. I doakan semua yang baik-baik dalam hidup u selepas semua yang dasyat yang I sendiri tak tau kalau I berada di tempat u, I boleh handle ke tak.

  16. oh my dats so sweet!! i really2 like all ur post..plz put like button as i will like all of luck in ur life dear!

  17. Dear Yuyu,

    Do you have email for me to contact to ask for advice?

    Thank you

  18. really nice of that Allah gives you someone which is very nice too. To the man that broken your heart, I think he did realize your 'appearance' after 8years, but not in 2 years you both in love