Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 has been a great year for me. I'm blessed. Thank you Allah.

1) Kahwin dengan my favourite guy! oh girls, who wouldn't love a cute dude who is huggable and not only that.... he also do the dish and d laundry, who wouldn't kan?? ;p kiddin'... i love u sayang!

2) Won Anugerah Skrin for Laporan Khas/Berita Terbaik-- can u believe me? i defeated karam Singh in my 20's! woot!

3) I'm healthy, my bonda and ayahanda are both healthy.. Alhamdulillah :)

4) Decorate own home! i never imagine i can be my own Martha Stewart in Kota Damansara.
pssst... living at home alone is seriously creepy. husband go to work 6pm and only come back at 2am, so i go kacau him at the office until d stated time so i dont have to be home alone :)

5) I'm still breathing... I'm alive. Alhamdulillah.

hey girls, thank you sooooo much for reading my blog! i really appreciate u girls reading this not-so-awesome blog. any blog wouldn't b a blog if no one's reading --- baik buat diary kalau baca sorang kan? :) i heart all of u!

Happy New Year everybody! have a great year ahead! i'm sure u will~~~~~ Muacks!!!

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Sunday, December 18, 2011


i'm glad u girls read my blog!

i'm happy to share my thoughts with all of you!

i'm thankful that i have u girls.... who inspire me so much!

hope i can inspire u more, i hope.

Thank you sooooooo much!!!


Friday, December 16, 2011


DIY date&time counter + wishing tree (takde gambar from OP yet.. wishing tree DIY-ed too!)

DIY strings & cards for wishing tree -- with initials

DIY lego signage with initials

DIY centerpiece : orchids in lacey glass jar

DIY yellow candy buffet!

DIY bridesmaids hand bouquets!

DIY bridesmaids headgear!

semi-DIY bridesmaids attire!

DIY mirrored nikah table :)

DIY nikah corner!! (no need pleamin yeay!)

DIY mirrored box!

DIY photobooth kit!




Thursday, December 15, 2011


*the bride is taking a tea-break: commercial* ;p

the biggest i've done so far!
not mine, but ezlin's!

thank you ezlin for the trust. hugs.

more pictures, here! (copy & paste the URL ya?) :

Monday, December 12, 2011


Favors concept: Old English-Traditional Malay

Theme color: Yellow

For the guests: Mangkuk Tingkat with custom choc in organza pouch & homemade wajik :)

Mangkuk Tingkat by: The Wedding Heaven

Organza pouch by: The Wedding Heaven

Custom wrapper choc chunk by: Oh Mai Wedding

Homemade wajik: All the way from Perak

Walaupun pada mulanya i get the tak-pernah-dibuat-dek-orang from my mum, i still proceed after they both gave me greenlight to do as i wish. I want something unique, memorable and exclusive for my guests. Something different!

Alhamdulillah, everyone who attended my small nikah ceremony love the favors so much.

Mangkuk Tingkat simbolizes our orang dolu-dolu yang jadikannya sebagai bekal. juga dikenali sebagai Tiffin or Sia... :) And so does wajik... i added a pinch of English touch by putting in custom choc chunk in organza pouch. So tingkat atas letak choc in organza pouch, tingkat bawah letak wajik :))

Since i had a small nikah of 70pax, i don't mind spending a little more for the guests, as long as they're happy of what they'll bring home with them. :) As for nikah favors the whole combination costs me RM17 for each guests (Mangkuk Tingkat + Wajik + Choc Chunk + Organza Pouch + Ribbons & Tags) and Alhamdulillah everyone love it.

Even Sue Cantik told me, she likes the mangkuk tingkat idea so much, she washed it and keep it well....weeeeeeeeee :)

...Not to mention, the favors jadi bualan rombongan lelaki ye coz they love itas much as we do :)

suka! xx


-Mangkuk Tingkatboleh didapati dengan harga borong:

***edited, dah naik harga sikit***
RM320 for 24 Mangkuk Tingkat (retail price: RM21.90-27.90 each di kedai2)

order at:

Choc Chunk with custom wrapper:

RM50 for every 100pcs!

Less if u order 1000pcs and above! Get RM20 off if u mention u're my blog reader :)

password: reader Yuyu MissX

Homemade wajik nun jauh from perak, mail me kalau ada b2b perak berminat. Or b2b KL yang sanggup pi amik kat Perak, mail me personally jugak. i bagi contact makcik tu :)

i swear sedap gila. lembut sangat sangat.... the best wajik ever!

Parents my hubby makan sampai licin!

erk.... My parents pun apa kurangnya, lama tak kena wajik. haha licin!!!

Till then!


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Sunday, December 11, 2011


our little place we call home... :)

i always know what i want.
since back then, i am always The Planner.
from now on, 'I' work as 'We'.. so 'I' cannot be 'I' anymore...

We went scouting for furniture since Spetember (2months before our wedding).
Listed down what we need and want for our mini home.

There are series of various aspects to contemplate when choosing our home furniture:

1) how comfy they are
- huggable cushions on a 3 seater couch.. :)
- two chairs with back and arm rests...
- couch is sooo important for us two so we can spend our weekends watching tv togetha comfortably (ada weekend ke aku ni? he-he)... so ya, we invested a little more on the couch.
(i pilih, he bayar haha)

2) the color
- white or grey
- we want our home to be clean,... or at least appear clean :)
so if u bring ur kids, pls make sure they don't doodle on our white furniture or wall ya? ;p

3) the size
- no bulky furniture
- our home is small, 1100sqft, i cannot buy furniture like mum. well, i cannot spend like mum.
we cannot stay in a home like mum's bcoz there's just us two
(hakikatnya belum mampu lagi uols! not there yet....)
Mula hidup as husband and wife, so we can't be lavish... no more biggie homie for me nymore.
i am miss independent! an small apartment for us two is more than enough.. alhamdulillah :)


the only problem i have now is choosing curtains. curtains give me headache!
we want diff types of curtains for every space.
not so dark at the hall -- sheer curtains probably.
sunshine can't go through at our personal space ;p haha

next, to choose a filler color, bagi naik seri hall ;p --- we have white and grey furniture.
so we're still disccussing whether to add purple or yellow .. what say u? :)

then, to buy home deco -- vases, flowers, paintings.


can't wait to officially move in! :))

1) Jangan rambang mata. Beli apa yang ada dalam list asal sahaja.
2) Furniture are not curtains, u don't change annually (unless banyak duit)... so since furniture are not curtains or bed sheets, we promised to ourselves furniture 5 tahun baru tukar :) so, why not invest a little more on the quality.
3) back to point one, stick to ur / our budget. ours-- mmg we both tetapkan no more than RM15k... strictly. no more than that. sentiasa ingatkan each other jangan rambang mata.... ini pecahan yang both of us buat:
- hall RM4k
- dining / kitchen RM2k
- room RM2k
- deco (curtains / carpets / vases/ flowers / rack/ etc... ) RM3k
- electrical goods ( TV/ Fridge/ Washer ) RM4k
== alhamdulillah byk electrical goods and barang dapur dapat hadiah dr families n friends. tq~==

Happy planning newly weds!!!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


**my lovely henna***

so this is the original deisng--- i got it from the internet:

the design of my likings-- i mailed a few henna artists to ask them the fee, availability and whether they can do my preferred design or not...

the henna session bermula!

look at my palm girls! (not my tired face ;p)

see how halus and details her henna drawing~~~

sama dengan the design yang i sent!! (scroll up!)

kak norish drew henna on my kaki by only refering to the printed version of the photo i mailed her! hebatttttttt~~~!

merah gila plsssss. RED!

(not to mention i love my wedding ring + engagement ring together) ;p

and sooo... my first nikah review on my henna which i love, love, love!

i called a few henna artists 2 months before my wedding.

i was shocked knowing how the service can be sooooo expensive.

one henna artist even quoted me RM360.... wuuuuu~~

so i keep on doing research and what not.

apparently price is not my major consent but whether they can draw the henna like how i wanted or not...

i even ask about the color--- i want a red henna

(not orange, nor marron. apatah lagi black.. haruslah tak mau kan?)

i am so lucky to have kak norish as my henna artist.

kak norish and husband reached carcosa seri negara at 3pm.

i walked em to my suite... and kak norish mula melukis.

Goodness.... gila amazed with her talent.

plus, she's so particular on choosing what type of henna.

lain bahagian lain brand ok...?

untuk fingers cap pakai henna lain jenis,

untuk lukis jenis lain....

the reason according to her, tapak tangan lebih cepat merah, so tak boleh pakai inai yang mmg cepat merah sbb by the time dia siap lukis takut inai warna gelap (amazing kan?)

she took 3hours to do the drawings.

serious penyabar sungguh orangnya.

very prompt in replying mails, cepat reply sms and phone calls, lukisan teliti dan halus, bakat semulajadi, inai yang sangat merah, orangnya ramah, all that come with a price....


trust me... untuk pakej tapak tangan-atas tangan- kaki- kuku tangan dan kaki, semualah----

it starts with RM100!! iyeeeeee

atau kalau nak over bagi design, menjalar sampai atas kaki (tutup parut) ;p --- RM200 only!

sangat reasonable kan? plus... dah masuk transportation fee!


edited: sorry girls!! lupa letak contact number!
Norish Henna: 017-3276448

(tell her yuyu tv3 recommend. anyway, u can always email her ur favourite design-- she can draw accordingly. good luck all!)

Thursday, December 1, 2011


i had a small nikah ceremony.
sharing precious moments with only 70 people close to my heart.
.beautiful family members & friends.
.simple. nothing to shout about.

to my readers, thank you for reading my blog and sharing ur precious thoughts throughout my wedding preparation.

as u know, i was the wedding planner for my own ceremony :)
from the DIY deco, to the smallest detail like my bridesmaids' handbouquet.
from the choice of color, attire and what not.
me & hubby r even carpenters, in making our own mirrored nikah table. ha-ha
.personal touch.
.and definitely with vass help by some talented people in d w-industry.
Alhamdulillah, it's all worth it :)
exactly like how i always wanted.
simple, small and beautiful.

more photos at my talented official photographer page: