Sunday, December 11, 2011


our little place we call home... :)

i always know what i want.
since back then, i am always The Planner.
from now on, 'I' work as 'We'.. so 'I' cannot be 'I' anymore...

We went scouting for furniture since Spetember (2months before our wedding).
Listed down what we need and want for our mini home.

There are series of various aspects to contemplate when choosing our home furniture:

1) how comfy they are
- huggable cushions on a 3 seater couch.. :)
- two chairs with back and arm rests...
- couch is sooo important for us two so we can spend our weekends watching tv togetha comfortably (ada weekend ke aku ni? he-he)... so ya, we invested a little more on the couch.
(i pilih, he bayar haha)

2) the color
- white or grey
- we want our home to be clean,... or at least appear clean :)
so if u bring ur kids, pls make sure they don't doodle on our white furniture or wall ya? ;p

3) the size
- no bulky furniture
- our home is small, 1100sqft, i cannot buy furniture like mum. well, i cannot spend like mum.
we cannot stay in a home like mum's bcoz there's just us two
(hakikatnya belum mampu lagi uols! not there yet....)
Mula hidup as husband and wife, so we can't be lavish... no more biggie homie for me nymore.
i am miss independent! an small apartment for us two is more than enough.. alhamdulillah :)


the only problem i have now is choosing curtains. curtains give me headache!
we want diff types of curtains for every space.
not so dark at the hall -- sheer curtains probably.
sunshine can't go through at our personal space ;p haha

next, to choose a filler color, bagi naik seri hall ;p --- we have white and grey furniture.
so we're still disccussing whether to add purple or yellow .. what say u? :)

then, to buy home deco -- vases, flowers, paintings.


can't wait to officially move in! :))

1) Jangan rambang mata. Beli apa yang ada dalam list asal sahaja.
2) Furniture are not curtains, u don't change annually (unless banyak duit)... so since furniture are not curtains or bed sheets, we promised to ourselves furniture 5 tahun baru tukar :) so, why not invest a little more on the quality.
3) back to point one, stick to ur / our budget. ours-- mmg we both tetapkan no more than RM15k... strictly. no more than that. sentiasa ingatkan each other jangan rambang mata.... ini pecahan yang both of us buat:
- hall RM4k
- dining / kitchen RM2k
- room RM2k
- deco (curtains / carpets / vases/ flowers / rack/ etc... ) RM3k
- electrical goods ( TV/ Fridge/ Washer ) RM4k
== alhamdulillah byk electrical goods and barang dapur dapat hadiah dr families n friends. tq~==

Happy planning newly weds!!!

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  1. Syafawani: hye dear. Hubs want yellow... Myself want purple. Prolly purple is a women prone color kot hahaha

  2. hye =)agreed! haha..purple+white is totally awesome kan..but yellow pun not bad i guess..selamat memilih to both of u ya! hehe

  3. i pun baru pindah rumah last week. so far memang rumah kosong la. simple je rumah kitorang tp takpela baru kawen kan. oh i pilih purple :D

  4. Syafawani: will pujuk... Nak purple!!

    Cha: yerp baru kahwin... Tak boleh lah beli dining table 5-6ribu.. Hahah semua i beli tak mahal.. Couch je yg almost 2k. Yg lain each tak sampai 1k pun... Owh ya, purple cantik kan?

    Nana: purple.... Oh man... Kalau yellow pun i berserah je la. soft yellow tnang effect kot.. Positive

  5. yellow cantik ah sis.. kalau campur pun macam okeh. hehehe.

  6. congrats dear. i am on hiatus for so long and dah lama tak tgk blog.taktau jer dah jadi puan dia :)

    so how's married life :)

  7. babe..where did you get those furniture. i suka your arm chair and the table. mind sharing? thanks email me at
    Thanks a lot!

  8. hi miss X! miss this post! i suka cara u budget for the house.hehe useful tips :)
    suka idea couch 3 seats and 2 chairs tu.sbb apartment i ala2 mcm u jugak.xbesar.hehe.

    btw,i choose..... purple. :)

  9. yuyu, is that d rimba apartment? ;)

  10. Oshinz: hahah susah nak buat decision plsss

    Wawa: all good dear..alhamdulillah!

    Arelynn: mailed ya! :)

  11. Lisa: thank u dear... Tu la pasal. My aprtmnt stands at 1100sqft only.. So small so kena fully utilise the space. the hall is d same size of my room at mum's home... Pfft.. Adapting, adapting. Nemind i have to live with it. Miss independant!

    Lina: hye dear, mine is d'shire villa.. Adapting. I know. My mum dtg n told me "d house is small. Third room mcm store size je. Why dont u buy a landed home. There's one new property selling at 500k je" haha easy for her to say 'je'... its ok insyaAllah i'll go through it sbb i jenis koboi :) afterall this home wasnt that bad for us two :)