Thursday, January 26, 2012


bulan januari 2012 tak sebaik bulan sebelumnya..

Rasa down sgt sbb saya rasa saya sudah stagnant. Langsung tak move forward. Tepu. Saya rasa saya perlu tukar kerja.

Ada 5 booking bulan ni, i dah amik cuti. 3 executed...Ada 2booking email dgn tak putus2 until hari majlis, but until date tiba takde payment. So im sorry, i dont execute without any payment. It hurts me dealing with not so serious client... Walhal i dah give way to pay 3days before majlis. Tak baik lg camtu? Tak marah tapi... Sedih :(

Bulan 12 gaji masuk awal, bulan 1 pun gaji masuk awal. So hujung bulan sengkek... Nasib dah ada husband. If not pengsan. I prefer gaji masuk pada d usual date. Duit byk habis settlekan rumah.

I hope bulan februari dan seterusnya lebih baik.

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Monday, January 23, 2012


Oh i miss sabby's ramblings, i miss ashylla's writing, i miss jacky's stories, i miss moose's comments and so i miss other wedding bloggers weekly updates. Pls write again... Exb2b tips will be great. Saya juga boleh share.

Mana la pergi all great malaysia wedding bloggers?Everyone is so quiet...

But ya, after kahwin mmg slow down sikit. Saya juga.

Wait until i serve u lumpsum update ya?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


hye all!

i think my loyal readers sure know i hired the talented Bak aka Bakri Hafiz Hisham for my wedding. he is very friendly, and baik.... so tak sampai hati nak marah tho he's late ;p ....i have not received my album yet (not his fault)... i yang tak pilih lagi gambar2 yg i suka. :) bak actually uploaded my photos a week or two after event. cepat sgt sgt!

with bak, i can be very honest. i told him i want kurus pictures. saya suka ilusi kurus ;p *wanita indenial* haha i sure pick all kurus photos and non-lemak bulging pictures to squeeze in my w-album. so i don't care.. tho the photos include lovely people in my life, i'll definitely say goodbye to 'em if myself looks like a hyppo in it. (they can view dekat my laptop for more pictures haha).... i know,i know--- i am mean. but ya. thanxbye. :)

hiring bak--- i would say, sangat easy to deal with. i'm the fussy type but i can handle all discussion with vendors via mail. i don't know, but i just trust the technology. i don't go vendors-bugging, make many appointments in order to make decisions. i just mailed 5-10 times, ask for their acc number and bank in the amount.i believe my own eyes to decide and do judgement. so ya, i hired bak sebab bak punya PR sangat superb (cepat reply email walaupun busy) ... he's so kind,sweet and talented. (puji melambung mana tau dapat free mini clip waktu honeymoon... haha)

i am so lucky. bak's friends tag along too! ichi, haziq and khalisah. (reception another team, but definitely bak as the chief la kan? .... nanti i review in another post ya?)...

anyway, i don't mind bak's friends to tag along and publish my photos because they're all soooooo talented. they get to capture gambar, i get a few photos... all of them, masing2 ada skill and trademark sendiri --- angles, shots, color.

one thing about bak and his friends, they're kinda quiet. (tapi suara bak je saya dengar, kadang2). but kata orang, diam2 ubi berisi. gambar each and every one of them sangat superb.

cuma saya sedih no one tegur my veil jatuh, and my hair dah kena peluh waktu outdoor photoshoot. i hope bak will photoshop the hair/veil area, duplicate warna veil... yahoo!

so i present u a few photos from each of them. :)) -- bak punya gambar banyak! sbb he has uploaded loadssss in his webpage.

1) BAKRI HAFIZ HISHAM - the mastermind (
--- dah upload banyak gambar!---

2) ICHI - another photographer (

3) HAZIQ SAHARUDDIN- next photographer (

4) KHALISAH - lagi satu photographer -belum lihat hasil gambarnya. *nanti saya update*

p/s1: lihat: color tone gambar each photographer lain2.... suka!!!

p/s2: Bak ada promo RM2500 per event. cepat grab! u shall see his work at the said website and mail him to discuss further! for the other talented photographers aka bak friends go view their page and contact them too!

eh ada lagi, p/s3: saya dan suami bawa bak fly with us for our honeymoon di negara jiran! next month! yippie!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hello all,
I have a panel of french lace for sale, bought it at the famous apique@mayestic, Rp2,100,000 = RM720++. Colour: white. Sangat soft and rumbai2 lace dia cantik, terletak sgt if nak rumbai2 lace at wrist and kaki baju as well as neckline. Kalau kat jakel mmg 600-over 1k per meter. Asalnya nak buat baju nikah but suddenly qudyn suggested chiffon silk sbb i'm a chubby bride, and chiffon suits me better. So now i'm letting go the beautiful lace at only RM500nett for the whole one panel. Will upload very soon. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop