Sunday, February 5, 2012


Sunday-- at the office working. Assigned for morning assignment. But at 8pm suddenly assigned for anotha task.. My phone was out batt, i do not know how to call my client to cancel the appointment at 9.30 since contact details dlm phone, i dont save anywhere else.

Lama pulak ceramah politik tu, sampai rumah at 2am! Charged my phone, switchrf on-- and there were 9missed calls and 3msgs from her. I felt so bad tho i dont even expect working late on sunday. Newsroom=ad-hoc. I am sad that i dissapoint her. To make things worse she came all the way from putrajaya to damansara.

Kenapalah malang nasib saya, kena late assigment, phone mati... Hurmmm malangnya.

I hope i can make it up to her. I apologized for that unexpected incident. I know i can't even escape from the task given by my superiors but again it's not an excuse for me to let her down. Sedoh sgt dpt tahu she came all the way frm putrajaya...Lesson learnt lain kali catat nombor client elsewhere so bila phone mati and ada urgent matters at least can call clients immediately. And if i were in her shoes, i'll definitely be equally sad and mad. I don't expect her to understand my ad-hoc job. It was a bad day for me for that incident to happen. Marah dgn kerja dan diri sendiri.

To nanie, i am truly, deeply sorry for what happened.

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  1. Miss X: Maybe you should keep a journal/details about client's name, phone number and mtg date. It would save you a whole lot of trouble!

  2. kev: this is not about not keeping journals... mmg ada buku on clients appointments and event date. ini kes perkara yg tak dpt dielakkan -- saya kerja dekat newsroom so selalua da ad-hoc assignment yg tiba2.. plus, kenapalh time tu jugak phone nak mati. haish :((