Thursday, May 31, 2012


Im glad ramai yang dah menjalankan candy buffet business. Alhamdulillah... Congratulations!

TWH sendiri tak menang tangan, kami sub kepada vendors yang lapang dan mampu menghasilkan candy buffet yang cantik dan berkualiti jika tak cukup tenaga kerja

Bulan Mei tangan retak terpaksa menolak semua candy buffet jobs, favors orders, kotak cermin, and other deco jobs :(( tried my best to find replacement for all bookings, but only one replaced. Lagi 3 takde vendor yg boleh take up the job... as much as clients are sad, saya pun begitu sbb kurang pendapatan bulan lalu...

Anyway back to the TOPIC ABOVE. Ada muka tebal tak malu businessnya--- Candy N Such (boleh search di facebook)

I got to know dia buat business cb bulan i was informed by one of my blog readers. Dahlah curi gambar candy buffey dari internet semua. Gambar candy buffet The Wedding Heaven pun dicurinya!!!

So I wrote dkt her fb, "i'm the owner of the wedding heaven, kindly remove the candy buffet photo that doesnt belong to u"...

Si bodoh Candy N Such bukan sahaja tak delete the photo, lebih muka tebal... Delete my comment takut client dia tahu she curi my photo without my consent.

Dik non, nak buat business jgn curi karya org lain ye? Tak pasal gegar ampang tu karang!

anyway, business will resume July 1st! I'll be in boston, usa June! Yippie!

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Friday, May 18, 2012


hello hello,
i know i've been married for 6 months... so pls yawn if u wish to yawn reading my review.
was dolled up by Sue Cantik for both my solemnization and reception.

she did a wonderful job for my solemnization (except her hair spray didn't hold strong, so my hair serabai already after 2 hours, so yes... i hate my nikah hari a lot) . anyway, i looked slimmer on my solemnization day.

As for my reception, not quite satisfied with her make-up service. the makeup was so-so. i didn't like my leper hair. and color on my face, not enough (i think) for a night reception. urgh. my cheek looked chubbier, and the shading at my jawline was not at the right place, so tak nampak runcing pun. :(

Sue Cantik is a famous make-up artist. very very friendly and humble. Her rate is RM1000 per session.


 Solemnization make-up (Sue Cantik)
- foundation / powder / base whatever u call it, sangat best! flawless gila muka i...
- eye shadow --- love the most!
- hair --- i hate.

Reception make-up (Sue Cantik):
- foundation  --- again, i love it!
- eye shadow & blusher: he/she can do better. makeup saya tak menyerlah.
- hair --- macam sanggul cincai dan leper. tak suka.

the major lesson is, spending a lot of money doesnt mean u'll get a celebrity-like make-up. if you're confident with ur regular make-up artist, go for it! famous ones can make u happy and ... upsetting too, at times. u decide :))

Monday, May 14, 2012


u have no time? or out of time? do not know where to start? confuse?
so u need a wedding planner, and we're here for you!
very affordable package.

- mini pelamin
- gubahan hantaran (7 dulang)
- registration table
- candy or chocolate favors for 80pax

NIKAH: RM5,000
- mini pelamin
- gubahan hantaran (7 dulang)
- registration table deco
- candy or chocolate favors for 100pax
- event coordinator
- event emcee

- pelamin bersanding
- registration table deco
- cupcakes buffet M
- candy favors for 100pax
- vip gifts for 15pax
- event coordinator
- event emcee


- pelamin bersanding
- registration table deco
- cupcakes buffet L
- vip gifts for 50pax
- high table exclusive gift 12pax
- event coordinator
- event emcee
* other requirements / requests at additional fee
* additional items at extra fee: bacaan selawat & doa personnel, exclusive lighting, singer, live band, etc.

mail us quick!-

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Peperiksaan memasuki skim pegawai tadbir dan diplomatik, Gred M41.

Haha saya pegi exam ptd tadi.
It's my first time.
I am (kinda) lucky.
I filled in the online application last month and received the letter last week.
Most of my friends applied since last year baru dapat surat exam same week dengan i...

So how was it?

Seksyen A: bolehlah since saya kerja di bilik berita, so soalan ttg Asean, unhcr, segala agensi kerajaan, parlimen tu mmg boleh jawab dengan yakinnya.

Seksyen B: berangan kira cantik2, when i was at my 20th question, tiba2 ada announcement kata tggl 25minutes. Hahah barulah buat laju2. The last 5questions tak sempat kira langsung! so i tembak je. Haha

Seksyen C: memahami petikan, senang sbb straight to the point, mcm sekolah menengah je. MUET punya lagi susah.

Seksyen D: sebenarnya soalan senang, tapi jawapan spesis goreng sbb bukan fakta tapi lebih kepada pendapat. Saya jawab soalan 2: pembangunan negara berkait rapat dengan pemimpin muda berfikiran positif dan proaktif. Haruslah aku ckp dr aspek pemimpin muda pendidikan, perniagaan dan aktiviti kemasyarakatan dan sukarelawan utk pembangunan negara. Hahha

Seksyen E: my favourite section! Felt like a pro writer when structuring d english essay. Its about social network danger. How can i not know that?Huhu Haruslah tahu! The drug mules, abduction and easy robberies. 30minit je dah siap :))

I dont put much hope since i (think) i kinda fumbled my secB. Hahaha 39ribu sat for the exam today.. Nationwide!!! Only 200 will be called for the iview. Haruslah yg ada mak bapak org kuat government pakai back door kan? So maybe 50% je yg truly deserve the post. Good luck to all who sat for the exam tadi!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hey! I was in Tokyo 8 days.. eh 9? It was fun, fun, fun.
If someone ask me, describe a thing about Japan --- Treasure Hunt!
Yerp! me & hubby mcm join treasure hunt je. haha train hopping to more than 10 districts in Tokyo---
From visa making, booking the honeymoon hotel, to the crazy duo travelling and air pocket back home.
I stayed in Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku which i highly reccomend!
It's located in the heart of Japan, easy access to all station, many halal restaurants only 10minutes walk and depan hotel ada 24hours family mart. :))
We went sakura viewing, disney, strolling in the park, shopping, capturing our moments, exploring so many high tech cool stuff.

Flight tix, hotel, entertainment, transportation, food, shopping-- we spent not more than 10k. we're glad tak exceed the budget...

Off all the countries i've been so far-- dubai, africa, dublin, london, indon, singapore, thailand, etc.... Japan has the best weather of all! apatah lagi saya pergi time Spring :)) The closest weather-temperature i can relate to is Genting. tak panas, and takdelah sejuk sangat sampai numb mcm Europe winter. Yerp!
So inilah gambar-gambarnya:-

p/s: please yawn if bosan tengok saya :)

 I'm praying hard for my US visa. esok interview dekat embassy. InsyaAllah dengan izin Allah SWT.