Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Fresh from Boston, USA. cheapest in Malaysia! (i guess). RM44 each!!!

** additional RM6 for poslaju**

** big bottle, 250ml!**

==sorry quality gambar kurang memuaskan==

1) Ravishing Love (Blackberry & Lilac), RM44, 250ml --SOLD OUT!!!--

2) Berry Kiss ( Wild Raspberry, Praline & Rose), RM44, 250ml -- ONE bottle left!

3) Be Seduced (Raspberry Creme & Sultry Musk), RM44, 250ml ---SOLD OUT!!!--

and..... Be Seduced EDT uols!!! at the same price = RM44 only! (30ml) - --SOLD OUT!!!--

**gambar saya depan kedai tak boleh rotate la pulak**

email me!: whpisy@yahoo.com


coming soon.... a debut for my ready made apparel :)

more fun colors!

Till then!!!

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  1. nisa davi: excuse me? i never buy, use or got to do with whatever imitation. i just got back from boston, usa. thank you.

    huda luna: mail dear... ada 2pcs je each scent. tak boleh beli banyak, takut excess baggage aritu... :)

  2. waiting for the kaftan top...=) hopefully available in any yellow tone...;)