Thursday, February 27, 2014


Hey ladies!
Sorry I just got back from Japan...
The parcel has actually arrived on February 24th. Will post all of them tomorrow, to the beautiful ladies who ordered earlier!

Next batch, kindly order before March 3rd. ETA March 17th-March 20th.

For glowy, bright and radiant skin!
Snail White Cream direct from NAMU.
RM150 + RM6 (poslaju)

Subject: Snail White

*all photos STRICTLY belongs to me, do not use any of them without permission*

Latest picture :)) February 2014

To those who just read about this, you can keep track of my progress, more pictures here! --- (copy-paste link)

P/s: Be wary of FAKE product. If you find product's price is too good to be true, less than RM150, please ask seller to show evidence of parcel by NAMU. 

Make sure you get to see details on the REAL/READY STOCK products (bukan gambar Google yeeee!) ...and close-ups in order to identify between the AUTHENTIC products and and the FAKE ones. Remember, it is your face you're dealing with.

Love Xx

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Saya nak berkongsi contoh email, between the admissions team and I....cara-cara negotiate untuk dapatkan unconditional offer letter. 

For your information, I had sent applications to 6 universities and received offer from all 6! Four of the offer letters are unconditional. Conditional for the other 2 :) the University of Sussex is the hardest to convince for the IELTS waiver out of them all....namun, percayalah-- usaha tangga kejayaan :)

I know that some of you might need help structuring sentences. I am not perfect gramatically, but I pride myself for mastering the art of persuasion. Tak rugi jadi wartawan :)

So let me start with the first email until the last one :)) ---mind you the entry is long and you can see how to 'annoy' the admissions in a good manner and convince them at the same time---

I allow you to cut and paste. But as a potential postgrad student, do me a favour, ubahlah sikit2, janganlah copy paste sebijik ayat saya. Boleh juga komen di ruangan bawah ye :)

ME #1:
>> -----Original Message-----
> From: Yuyu Aziz
>> Hi,
>> I am delighted to receive the conditional offer letter from University of Sussex.
>> I am writing to express my strong interest in studying at your institution. I would like to request for your consideration to waive the IELTS requirement. I am submitting two documents as evidence of my English language proficiency.
>> The first document is the Malaysia SPM/GCE-O certificate, evidence produced by the Ministry of Education Malaysia which I obtained grade B3 for my GCE-O and A1 for my SPM English.
>> The other document (in a separate email), is a letter from Universiti Teknologi MARA, indicating that all classes, assessments and examinations were conducted in English throughout my undergraduate studies, I scored A for all English subjects and attained the Vice Chancellor's Award with CGPA 3.89. I won various journalism awards throughout my entire career too.
>> I understand the university regulations on the IELTS requirement. However, I hope you shall consider a waiver for the IELTS with the evidence I provided and mentioned above.
>> Appreciate if the admissions provide me an unconditional offer letter for the scholarship application in my home country closes February 16th. The unconditional offer will definitely strengthen my application to secure a scholarship.
>> Thank you.

UNI #1:
Caroline Marchant wrote:
>> Dear Nurulhuda
>> Thank you for your email.
>> We do accept as evidence of English Language the English 1119 (grades 1-6) in the Malaysian SPM awarded by UCLES.
>> Do you have an official copy of this certificate that you could send to me?
>> Best Wishes
>> Caroline

ME #2: 
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Yuyu Aziz 
> Dear Caroline Marchant,
> I have the original certificate for SPM but produced fully in Bahasa Malaysia (native language).
> I understand some institutions in the UK are subject to strict minimum English requirement and most of the time require IELTS and other qualifications awarded by UCLES.
> Unfortunately in 2001, GCE-O and English 1119 were offered as separate subjects. One will attain GCE-O grade included in the Malaysian Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, and candidates who wish to sit for English 1119 have to register for the said subject. 
> I do believe in my abilities to understand, speak and write in English. I hope the admissions team and department shall consider the documents I sent previously. For your information, the deadline for MARA scholarship application here in my home-country will close Feb 16th, 2014.
> I am putting my best effort to convince the University of Sussex for the IELTS waiver. I wish your institution shall grant me with the unconditional offer letter to help me with the application process here in Malaysia.
> Thank you.

UNI #2:
Caroline Marchant wrote:

> Dear Nurulhuda
> Thank you for your email.
> We have a list of English Language tests that the Home Office provide us with which are the only ones we are allowed to accept for visa purposes.
> The English 1119 is an acceptable test, but I am unable to see the GCE-O Level on our list. Unfortunately my colleague Marianne who is the Head of Postgraduate Admissions is not in the office until Monday so I will not be able to confirm whether your Language result is acceptable until then.
> Can you submit your Scholarship application without an unconditional offer?
> Best Wishes
> Caroline

ME #3:
-----Original Message-----

Dear Caroline Marchant,
Thank you for your e-mail.

I can submit the scholarship application without the unconditional offer letter but for your information, priority will be given to applicants who send in copy of the said letter. Chances are higher.

I would appreciate consideration from the admissions.

Thank you.


UNI #3:
Caroline Marchant wrote:

Dear Nurulhuda,

I will speak to my colleague Marianne when she comes in to the office first thingMonday morning so I can have a definitive answer for you then.

Best Wishes

ME #4
To: Caroline Marchant
Dear Caroline Marchant,
Any news from the Head of Postgraduate Admissions?

I have submitted my scholarship application today, application closed 5pm local time. However, I still need the unconditional offer letter.
Thank you.

Best Wishes,

UNI #4: 
On Feb 17, 2014, at 11:29 PM, Caroline Marchant  wrote:

Dear Nurulhuda
I have spoken to my colleague and we would usually expect to see not only your statement of results, but a separate Cambridge certificate confirming that you have been awarded the GCE.  Do you have a copy of the certificate that you could send to me?
For visa purposes we have to demonstrate to the Home Office that a student has satisfied the English Language requirement, and an official copy of the certificate would show this.
Best Wishes

(nekad bercakap seperti ahli falsafah. I need to justify and express my strong interest, show them I want this so bad)

From: Yuyu Aziz
Sent: 25 February 2014 15:42 PM
To: Caroline Marchant

Dear Caroline Marchant,
I sat for the exam in 2001 and the Ministry did not produce the Cambridge certificate, but the Ministry include the grade I attained in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia/GCE-O certificate I sent you previously.

For your information, I have received the unconditional offer letter from Royal Holloway, Sheffield and University of Leeds with the two documents as my English language proficiency evidence; letter from the institution I attended stating that English as the medium of instructions and also the GCE-O certificate produced by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

However, the universities are not my top choice. University of Sussex offers better course modules and subjects which are very much related to my interest and closest to my heart. I also went through the website and looked at the biographies of the academicians and lecturers. I believe I can learn a lot from them.

For your information, today even if I register for the IELTS, all sessions are fully booked in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia until April 2014 which is obviously beyond te expected interview date if I get a call from the sponsor. I can not dictate time at the moment, time dictates me instead.

I really hope the admissions and department review my application and see if there are possibilities to help me with the offer letter. I believe I am a strong candidate with commendable English language proficiency in both speaking and writing, I shall contribute to your institution.

Your consideration is very much appreciated.

Thank you.


UNI #6:
(at last! after loads of emails! syukur!)
26 February 2014, 12.04 AM, Caroline Marchant wrote:

Dear Nurulhuda
Thank you for your email.
I have spoken with my colleagues and I am happy to say that we can accept the GCE/O Level certificate you have provided.  Your offer of a place is now unconditional.
If you require a new offer letter for scholarship purposes please let me know.
Best Wishes

<===the end===>


Sunday, February 23, 2014


I went for a one week tour to Japan (Again!)
But this time around it's not a vacation but assignment sponsored by OKI. 
It was a wonderful trip, such an unforgettable experience.

Nothing to shout about Tokyo simply because I've been there before.

But the southern part of Japan however, makes me happy a million times.

From Tokyo I had the chance to experience the bullet train! Arrived in Kyoto, and had a chance to visit some castles and temples.

From Kyoto, ride on a bus-- an hour journey to Osaka. Stayed at Sheraton Miyako. It's winter and Osaka is crazy freezing cold, -3c to 2c ... Ughhh 

The highlight of the trip--- definitely the Kobe Sanda Premium Outlet. It has the size of Beceister Village with more than 100 stores including Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo, YSL, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Longchamp, Bally and a lot more!... The premium outlet is in fact the biggest in Asia. From my experience it is definitely bigger than Kildare in Ireland & La Vallee in France.

So ya, here are some of the memories captured :)

My daily consumption throughout the trip (if you are planning for a holiday, I would advise to bring some food from home because served food is pricey in Japan, one meal will cost you 3000- 6000 yen = RM70- RM300)

...and last but not least, the shopping heaven!

The end :)

Friday, February 14, 2014


I am gathering information. 
Love both courses at both institutions. Course directors are extremely helpful. 

University of Sussex
Royal Holloway, University of London

So it comes down to the decision-making ultimate factor  --- demographics.

1) Which one is a better city?
2) Safety?
3) Halal food/groceries?
4) The locals?
5) Leisure? Activities?
6) Malaysians community?

Blog readers, if you are studying or studied at any of the two, share with me your views.

If you don't but you have friends studying there, tell me about it.

If you live/lived anywhere in the UK and have been to any of the to cities, I am looking forward to hear from you too.

Please help me. 
I am in dilemma.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hi ladies!
Yesterday i got to emcee a beautiful wedding ceremony... Client is Aishah-Azizi.

I reached the building at 7pm.
From the ground floor, i gotta go up to the 4th floor.

guess what..
Sebaik sahaja sampai tingkat 4, saya terkejut tgk deco bermula daripada depan lif membawa saya sehingga ke entrance!

Entrance dihiasi orchids which i believe my loyal blog readers know that I am an orchid lover!

Masuk sahaja dewan...MasyaAllah
Cantik sungguh deco!
Dengan lighting pink purple (which i love)
100% drape.. Seluruh dinding dewan!
Beautifully decorated aisle and gorgeous pelamin!

The whole deco looked so luxurious and Mahligai Creative crossed my mind.
Dalam hati "pandai bride ni, pilih normal hall tapi all out untuk deco!"

But i was totally wrong!
I texted the bride and got to know that the package costs her only 10k! Yes, the whole package!
Even the bride herself was surprised with the top notch deco services!

I told her.. For 10k, last time with Nas i only got the pelamin. Ye, plus lighting and sakura and draping only behind the pelamin, plus florist ..the cost was 20k. *pengsan*

but Aishah got the entire wedding deco at only 10k... Omg! Mmg sangat sangat cantik! Aishah mmg ada taste dan pandai pilih... 

The photos here don't do justice, trust me it's 100x prettier in real life! 100% fresh flowers!

So kawan2 jadilah pengantin seperti Aishah yang bijak memilih. Daripada ikut perasaan macam my mom and i sbb nak well-known designer. Skrg baru nak menyesal. Pfftt

Congratulations Aishah & Azizi
Such a beautiful wedding reception!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


by: Nurulhuda Abd Aziz
Eksekutif Wartawan Penyiaran TV3

Saya dan rakan-rakan biasa hadapi situasi aneh oleh golongan yang memandang seorang terhadap tugasan sebagai wartawan.

Tahukah anda, kala ini wartawan bukan lagi golongan yang berkelulusan SPM, sebaliknya mempunyai sekurang-kurangnya Ijazah Sarjana Muda? 

Tahukah anda wartawan boleh pengaruhi pentadbiran dan bentuk agenda. We make people believe what we want them to believe.

Tahukah anda, wartawan boleh membantu anda dalam masalah setempat mahupun masalah di peringkat nasional?

Tahulah anda, we don't need official letter most the time, with just a click, a single phone call, insyaAllah we will get information we want from any chairman, managing director, ceo, and even several ministers :)

Sepanjang bertugas sebagai wartawan i pride myself for being able to help people from all walks of life.

1) 90 sijil kelahiran untuk anak-anak jalanan:
Syukur. Hanya hubungi KP Jabatan pendaftaran dan pejabat menteri, masalah yang membelenggu komuniti itu selama 20tahun, selesai dalam tempoh 2 minggu :)

2) Pembatalan penutupan Pasar TTDI:
Penjaja ditindas golongan mewah yang baru bertapak di situ. Pada hari sama saya berjumpa penjaja, saya sms datuk bandar KL utk dapatkan penyelesaian. Syukur, pasar itu dapat terus beroperasi. Don't underestimate us, even tons of letters sent by residents n penjaja tak menjamun penyelesaian. sms from a journalist convinced dbkl.

3) Ibu 3 anak merempat di ibu kota:
Saya ketahui isu ini apabila ke PPR yang terletak di Bangsar, ibu bekerja di A&W PJ, dan terpaksa tinggalkan tiga orang anak tidur di surau selepas dihalau keluar oleh suami. Saya hubungi Menteri Wanita ketika itu, dalam tempoh 5 hari permohonan keluarga itu untuk mendapatkan rumah PPR diluluskan. Sedangkan 3 bulan memohon di pejabat berkaitan, tidak diendahkan.

4) Bekalan air di Jinjang Utara
Rumah panjang dihuni golongan berpendapatan rendah, tiada air selama 3 bulan. Saya pergi menjengah, dan menyiarkan laporan pada 26hb... 27hb saliran di situ sudah dibaiki dewan bandaraya, sedangkan sebelum ini, tiada tindakan.

5) ...dan lain2 masalah--mintak nak apply tekun, anak nak masuk mrsm, nak skim rumah pr1ma... kalau ada urgency wartawan sedia membantu untuk ketengahkan isu.

Dalam semua penyelesaian itu saya tidak dapat apa-apa kecuali kepuasan sebab dapt bantu orang yang memerlukan. Bukannya saya dpt sijil lahir extra,bukannya saya dpt tapak pasar malam, and tak dapat pun rumah sebiji dua. Semuanya kerana tugas, dan rasa tanggungjawab NAK TOLONG ORANG.

Jangan pandang rendah tugas wartawan. You might need us one day
Wartawan adalah mata dan telinga masyarakat. Solution is just a phone call away

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