Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Hello girls,
Today I feel like sharing my beauty secret (well, I am not beautiful at all. not even close), But I would love to meet the first person on earth who invented make-up! Flaws can be concealed and it makes women feel a lot confident with themselves (but please...not too much k?)

First of all before applying any make-up, I always apply moisturiser and Boots No7 is the best on earth! I've tried some expensive ones, but they didn't work.  Boots No7 moisturiser for normal to dry skin is £13.50 (RM76) It's totally worth it! 

Ok, this is my naked face. Not so appealing right. Look at my dark circles, and also my regular visitors-- a few pimples on my chin.

*Don't be shy to show who you really are without make-up. No one is perfect.*.

Note: I've been using the same make-up technique since 2008.

For  flawless beauty look please apply concealer on your chin, forehead, under-eye and areas with pimples or scar. Remember to create an inverted triangle... i don't know the reason behind this, but I've tried square and even slowly pat the concealer on my dark circles. Inverted triangle technique is still the best! 

I don't wear make-up on daily basis but when meeting my friends, I'll put on a very basic day make-up. It's very easy, even a 3 y-old can do it LoL. Spread to even like applying peanut butter on a toast.
Then, apply loose powder. Please don't use TV stick- ditch it. For god sake, we're in 2015!

Next-- your eyes. Don't overdo it. Apply white eye shadow on your lid. Then apply a dark brown shade of eye-shadow only at the corner of your eyes. Use the same eyeshadow to give you eyebrows a natural look. Seriously for day make-up don't use brow liner, under the sunlight-- your brows will look weird and ugly. Lol don't forget to use mascara. My fav is Dejavu Fiberwig (For daytime make-up... strictly no eye lashes!)

*Spot my fav colour! hehe*

After you have finished, Apply blusher. I like a soft pink tone. I would usually apply Sephora mattifying powder on my jaw and nose too-- to contour. Buy 3-4 shades darker than your skin. I'm using No 42 Tan.

Don't forget to add sweetness to your smile by applying a matte lipstick. I am a loyal fan of MAC Please Me. I have used it for years!  Love, love, love!

Tada... done! Grab your handbag and you're set go! Xx

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