Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Seriously, I don't eat for two-- because that's a myth.
I eat healthily and til now, at 34 weeks pregnant, I gained around 16 kg only.
I eat rice, all sorts of protein, vege, fruits--- everything in moderation.
Takdela melantak sampai naik 30kg.

Cuma yang menghairankan---
Kalau ikut Apps 'What To Expect', at 34 weeks pregnant, my baby should weigh 2kg.
Bila pergi antenatal checkup yesterday, she's
So I was like, "Ahaaaa good! Lebih kurang!"

Dah habis scan, tiba-tiba obgyn cakap---
"Your baby is quite small. You have to drink more milk, if not nanti kena c-sec"
Aku macam-- WHAT??!!!
Apa yang small nya?
Motif c-sec?

I think this is the third time she mentioned the word c-sec.
Rasa nak tukar Obgyn je!
Tapi dah 34 weeks.
Nanti good Obgyn lain taknak terima dah.


  1. like me, bersalin at 33 weeks, baby was 2.3kg, but premature. however for premature baby quite big.

  2. Salam,
    For a 34 weeks baby,2.1kg is already consider good.

    By 38-40 weeks,inshaaAllah the baby will gain more..

    the Gynae SHOULD explain in detail why the c-sect should be in her choice of delivery...other than major complications,she/he shouldn't have issue pon sbnrnya for a "small" baby to be deliver vbac.. plus selalu dengar baby besar ada high risk for c-sect(which mostly successfully delivered normal)

    You could look around another gynae,in the same hospital in fact..

    Hope it all went smoothly inshaaAllah..

  3. Pn Daisy: Dear,normal birth ke?

    Nutasyah: That's the thing. She merely said if baby is small must c-sect. She didn't say anything about any other complications. Seriously, I freaked out right after the antenatal checkup and keep on reading articles on the web. There's no mention of c-sect for small babies pun. My obgyn has 15y experience, she should know baby will gain weight and 2.1kg for 34w is perfectly fine. I don't know what's her definition on ideal baby weight at 34w.

    1. Yes normal birth. and Alhamdulillah Allah ease the delivery process. and y I gave birth early its due to contraction. maybe night before giving birth I took VCO. I feel pain at 6am and delivered by 9.18am. quite short of time rasa sakit tu. Rezeki Allah bagi. anyway im not bragging myself but just sharing my experience. Tp baby kalau kecil lagi senang nk push except that you have complication such as high blood, diabetic, uri kat bawah, tali pusat terbelit etc etc
      some says private hosp doc will find a way to csec the patient to make a profit for the company. betul atau tidak wallahualam..

    2. Pn Daisy: Wahhh bestnya. That's good to know. Harap sgt dipermudahkan juga mcm awak. My Obgyn ckp 35w baru boleh makan vco, sapu down there at 37w...