Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hello ladies,
kembali memberi review seperti yang dijanjikan! :)
brides who don't wanna pay RM4-10k for simple dresses for the sake nak tempah dengan va-va-vom designers.. sila pilih option ini.
afterall, no one akan tarik tag baju anda pun untuk lihat siapa yg design kan?

to those who have a budget between RM1.5-3k, please go see Leng.
a chinese designer, who makes pretty dresses for Malay brides!
tell her Yuyu yang reccomend :))

sila suka dan jatuh cinta :))

*maaf gambar2 dari camera amatur milik Leng, but i believe u all can imagine beyond imagination* ;)

my pretty friend, Aysha :)

last but not least, yours truly :)


  1. Kak Yuyul! Why now?? Two years after my wedding day.. =(

  2. yg ada budget mmg recommended deal dgn leng..very soft spoken, PR pun bagus.. their beading works is superb!

  3. hi yuyu, i like leng's design! the price 1.5k-3k tu include the kain kan?

  4. hanie: huhu i pun baru jumpa leng last year, dear....

    oshiz: kan? she's an expert buat dress meleret2 ni!

    scahz: kan?? sgt helpful!

    awied: kalau ngn kain 3 k...
    kalau without kain, nikah boleh dapat 1.5k ... reception 1.5-2.5k

    maya: kan? love it too!

  5. yuyu dear, ada tak leng's contact no or studio add?

  6. Hi Yuyu,

    was surprised to see my sister's picture there (#3) because it was Oscar who did her dress, not Leng (well, as far as I know) hehe. My wedding dresses were from Lagenda too. Not Leng, but Oscar ;)

    Anyhoooo, yes Lagenda's price definitely within budget! Dah lah cantik! :D

    ps: well anyhow pun they're from the same boutique. I don't know how things works in the boutique, maybe Oscar's job is also Leng's and vice versa. Just sharing. Peace ;)

  7. mrs khan: 0197524204

    bintanghati: hello!

    chezzem: oscar is one of leng's designers... he works for her. :)

  8. Cantik!! Kat mana boutique dia?

  9. yupss tp syg dah book gan org lain.....