Wednesday, October 14, 2009


ok, i pening. sbb i totally hav no idea pasal catere ni. for engagement---- 1 khemah, chairs, table, food segale brape ek the charge? and honestly takde idea langsung catering mane nak amik in klang valley ni. anybody yg ade experience amik caterer yg makanan best and hiasan cantik n bersih let me know plssssssssssssssss. kalau bagitau price skali lagi bagus. ur suggestions sgtlah appreciated.
ps: merisik berjalan sgt lancar, nanti saye upload gambar ok. love uols! ;)


  1. hey dear...from our previous experiences my fav caterer is this 3...kuzie, d'hidang and syed catering...

    syed has THE BEST briyani bukhara ..price very reasonable but i cant remember..i think it was RM 13 kot they charged us

    Kuzie catering food is pretty amazing..but they are abit pricey and they are abit sombong..but if u anak VIP that they will layan u best...they charged us RM 35/person for hi-tea buffet, but having said that the selection was very big...and all our guests were very happy...decor is by themselves and rather imposing..i said theme brown and white balinese, they use black damask as table cloth..gila tak kena kan...

    my personal fav is sajian from RM 15..the best food and very bersih mashaAllah and tak fav is the ayam goreng rempah...inshaAllah i'll be taking them for my reception...decorator by them is nabies food+full decor haritu they charged us RM 25/person

    the other one that i've never tried but i've heard so many good things about them is rassweddings....ramai bloggers has had good ratings on them..

    besides all this u also have some big names like ctcatering, suricatering and many more..but i've never tried them, so tak berani nak say anything...
    hope it helps...

  2. duduk mana u??

    dulu masa Nad tunang..ambil package 2 canopy & 200 org nasi hujan panas, ayam masak merah, daging dengdeng, dalca, sirap & fruits dalam RM2klebih...

    Belanga catering seksyen 7 shah alam..

  3. sab: syed's nasi bukhara mmg sedap. makan waktu berbuka ds najib n ds rosmah at putrajaya. kuzie pon pernah rasa. i prefer syed's food still.... d-hidnag i tak pernah rasa. but reading your review i like the word BERSIH. :) rassweddings tu i ade terbaca kat blog diah but dia buat ke mini event like only 1 khemah of 40pax? anyway, suricatering i baru call tadi, f&b + khemah + kerus meja, lighting, fan all =RM1800. ok tak the price?

    naddy: i tinggal dekat shah alam jugak!!! 2k++ for 200pax??? sgt value for money ok. tu including khemah,kerusi, segale tak, dear?

  4. food wise, i suke mirazy catering =) my office selalu hire them. sorry, tak tahu their price but here's the contact 03-61899553.

    ade few yg sedap too, but tak sure they entertain any small event.

  5. yup!! canopy 2 (big) + 1 (small), butterfly scallop (can choose any color),plastic chair with cover & ribbon,round table & cover
    lighting & fan.

    Restoran Belanga Katering Seksyen 7 Shah Alam
    u bole try jumpa wif Datin Khalela 0193280455.
    Baik je org nya..

    Sab : i tak pernah merasa Kuzie catering...bila la agaknya eh?? huhu

  6. mirazy pun pernah dgr... tapi takpnah rase la kan.. but seriously major problem carik caterer sbb byk yg tak buat small event.

    naddynad: huhuhu interesting! nanti kite call datin khalela tu and will bagi feedback kat awak k?! thanks!

    ps:u ade gambar of ur event tak? boleh la i tgk2 macamane rupa khemah, scallop all... sbb suri catering mmg confirm buat cantik cuma 1800 for ONE khemah mahal kot...