Monday, February 22, 2010


venue: home.done.
baju: rizmanruzaini.fitting.pickup early march.deposit settle balance.
make-up: liza.deposit settle balance.
photographer: ted.deposit paid. to settle balance.
flowers: floristika bangsar.
deco: theweddingheaven.
canopies etc: suri catering.deposit settle balance.
catering: suri catering.deposit settle balance.
candy+desserts buffet: finalize.
invitations: finalize.
tags: order.

adat: sirih do arrangement e-day's eve.
persalinan: songket terengganu metalic.done.
cupcakes: order.
strawberries: shopping buy.
chocolates: butler's chocolate ireland.done.
cake: theweddingheaven.
perfume: 1million paco rabbane.done.
shirt: hackett.done.
wallet: gucci.done.

adat: sirih junjug
persalinan: chiffon silk + lace
ring: +gambar kat bawah
chocolates: patchi
cake: bakery shop in johor
perfume: annick goutal petite cherrie
handbag: speedy 30 damier

4) SKRIP & PROGRAM theweddingheaven
script: done.
8.30pm arrival
8.45pm bincang
9.00pm sarung cincin
9.10 photo session
9.30 dinner
12midnite end...

for the time being, 48 in total.

itu je la kot.... ada apa2 saya tertinggal?

can't wait to pakai my eternity ring! (dah hint Mr. X, tujuan nak eternity ring time tunang sebab kahwin nak a beautiful solitarie....hhahaha boleh?)


  1. darling... meh le letak picture...
    nak negokkk

  2. riena: picture apa sayang ku? ;p adakah picture ku? hahhaha ;p i kan Miss X.

  3. wow, miss X, everything sgt details, semua hampir lengkap dah, mcm x pyh tunang dah bley nikah terus dah nie, hehe, Well done dear =))

  4. la...ur pic la kan riena...miss x pun kene letak muka..hehe

  5. y0u keep on jadi Miss X lah..I sukeee..surprise!hihi..

  6. abby: saya mmg sgt detail nad perfectionist. kalau tak kerana kerja tetap i yg tak tentu masa, dah lama i jadik wedding planner. i mmg minat. but co-own is good enough.
    harz: hahah Miss X seganla... one day maybe? ;p
    elianez: haha mysterious la kononnya kan? haha.... ;)

  7. wow. sungguh detail. my engagement ring is also (half) eternity! sebab masa nikah nak solitaire. hihi. the ring pic above sebijik dengan my-almost-tapi-tak-jadi e-ring from DeGem. My bf dah nak bayar tapi i rase that is not the one though...

  8. moose: hahaha samela kita. kahwin harus nak solitaire. my engagement ring; Mr. X mmg beli eternity ting 7stones;0.52ct.huhuhu nanti before wedding bolehla bodek execllent cut with D color. ahahhhahaha demanding kan? it's better to buy eternity ring time tunang coz according to him, his close girl friends yg tunang nak sgt solitaire end up with a yellowish stone for the sake of having solitaire. bila dpt a better one time kahwin, terus tinggal yg batu kuning-takde cert kat rumah.

  9. wow..wee..dats for the engagement preps..i cudnt imagine whats gonna be ur wedding preps plak nnt..hehe..sgt terancang!!

  10. hana: hai hana... it'll be juz a small simple wedding dear. alhamdulillah for preparation my mum and encik boyfriend sgt understanding n banyak tolong... ;)

  11. oh anyway... to moose, try, states punye company i think. dia ade mix and match--- try pair eternity ring and solitaire pakai on one jari---gosh sangat lovely... the idea of wearing both rings sbb ramai org bila dapat cincin kahwin, tinggalkan cincin tunang kat rumah.that way i can cherish both rings ;p

  12. Oh my, your E-day must be a beautiful one! I hope there'll be some pictures?:-) Anyway, I plak lain. I opted a solitaire for my engagement and a platinum band for the wedding. Reason being, I want a matching couple's band. For engagement, my dear boyfriend bought me a superlative cut diamond with AGS certificate. The rock is not big, only 0.27c but since the cut is better than an ideal cut plus I have a rather petite hands, am happy and satisfied :-). Owh, eternity ring is to die for by the way! And yours sgt cantik! God, I love talking about diamond!

  13. hello darl! my e-day will be small and simple je...indeed kalau 0.2ct skalipun, ada cutting that makes the diamons appears big. i found this one solitaire at le lumiere, the gardens. thought it's 0.5ct at least, but it's actually 0.3! pastu the SA ckp mmg cutting dia buat the diamond looks big. huhuhu i bet ur platinum ring nanti mesti superb!!! oh i'm happy for u!

  14. Hey, excuse my excitedness when I talk about ring. One tip from me, you don't need a big rock to magnify the diamond. Choose a 6 prongs casing instead of 4 and trust me, your diamond will look bigger. I've tried my diamond on a 4 and 6 prongs and the latter gives the impression that my diamond is bigger than 0.2c =)

  15. alaaaaa itula problem i. becos i always love the classic 4prongs. haritu wktu tgk ring mmg betul yg 4prong 0.5 nampak sama besar dengan ada another setting, padahal that one the batu 0.3 jek... but nampak sama size... bab cincin ni i mmg survey here and there. for engagement ring pon i pegi 7 kedai ok ?;p

  16. hey there, bloghopping n found yours. love your ring! is it hearts on fire eternity band? if u dont mind sharing, where did u buy it eh? anyway good luck for your preparation.. keep updating your blog eh :)

  17. syarina: hello dearest. go to brilliant rose. it's in bangsar village. ;) they have superb stones there!

  18. dear..your e-day plan mmg sgt tersusun ok. can't wait for pics (akan ade ke? hopefully ade ye..). the ceremony must be beautiful!

  19. hantaran i masa nikah pun 1 million paco rabbane the smell is so superb sedap ..and annick ouch my favourite ..

  20. elly: huhuhu saya ni cerewet. kena la plan betul2... picture ceremnoy and hantaran all sure i upload nanti k? picture i je takde.. (boleh?) hehehehe
    sha: hahahha mmg wangi. for my bf, i kasi limited edition punye... if yg biase blkg dia hitam kan. i bought yang fully gold. petite cherie mmg my favourite, i mmg pakai. sbb tu bagi jek yg sama, takut nak tukar nanti tak sedap bau dia...

  21. yang, dont forget to post a lot of pics of ur engagement day ok? mesti cantik and very very intimate!! ur such a good planner.

    u leh kasi number rizman tak? was thinking of doing my bertandang dress with him.

  22. nahwal: huhu will deifnitely update my engagement photos.. :) harap2 everything ok... insyaallah... rizman's number: 017-4766 004

  23. wow, u dapat speedy 30 damier untuk hantaran tunang.. beruntungnyer!! hehee. nanti letak pic banyak2 tau. ehee.

    yang, nak risik pasal suri catering la. boley? hee

  24. cik belle: sebenarnya nak lain, lain yang dibeli. huhuhu waktu nak mintak tu i called him from london, takut jugak dia marah sbb janjinya nak beli gucci jek. hahaha i terkejut when he agreed...nasib speedy jek hahaha nasib tak mintak multicolore. ;p

    suri catering:
    food + canopy + table+chairs + deco for 50pax=RM2100. very reccomended sbb family i mmg pernah deal ngn dorang sblm ni.

    sebenarnya price if tak ngade2 macam i, for 50pax u can get rm1500. depending apa yg u nak.

    for mine:
    1) theme all white
    2) food + cold drinks + hot drinks + mixed fruits = RM19per pax.
    3) i canopy arabian with butterfly underlayer
    4) banquet chairs + cover
    5) round tables + alas
    6) industrial standing fan
    7) sheer curtain (yg ni i yg gatal2 mintak)

    nak tau lebih lanjut, can mail me. ;)

  25. hehe. once again, beruntung nyer dapat future husband macam tuh. hehe.

    i suke suri catering punye deco. hee. nanti i email u k. sekarang banyak lagi mende nak pening2. hehe.

    btw, thanks Miss X. heart u.