Tuesday, April 3, 2012


hye girls!

so.... i don't have a professional shot of my invitation card.

the photo above, taken by my husband's big boss who loves the card so much and can't help herself capturing the invitation-c.

i'm very much happy with the outcome of my wedding invitation.

always wanted something different and something some friends would keep.

(i notice most of my colleagues still have my invitation on they're table *proud* )

so i had my wedding invitation handmade by Dococards in Jakarta.

i'm not proud that it's expensive.

neither saying it's cheap.

i know some j-rude folks will go "kat sana murah gila kan?"

but then i appreciate sincere and polite questions "ok tak the price?"

the invitation doesn't come cheap.

Dococard is a handmade wedding invitation boutique.

they made pretty cards for those who appreciate invitation cards (as much as they appreciate their guests)

.. and cik puan muda julita made her wedding invitation there too.

but definitely the expensive range and very beautiful.

my card middle-price range. still affordable.

well, i made a pact not to order invitation more than RM3...

and yes, i did not cross the line... but my mum did!

but anyway. with their great service, i won't complaint :)

1) Ordered 30th May 2011

2) draft sent 2 times in June (first draft, and 2nd with amendments)

3) they sent mock cards!!! yesss couriered all the way... with 2 cover colors and 2 box colors for me to choose. real cards! so i can see the end product. so WE picked blue and let them know our decision so they can start printing and making 'em.

4) 15th July, they mailed --- the cards are ready!

5) we flew to Jakarta on July 29th to collect my invitation card!

simple :)

so yes, please consider dococards if u're looking for something different.

hapuskan fikiran " ala, orang buang jugak wedding card. rugi je buat mahal-mahal"


think positive " i appreciate my guests, i want to see their happy faces receiving the invitations, and i want them to remember that they're invited to the auspicious occasion" ... that's how~ :)

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  1. miss x...i got ur invitation..im the among 5 that been selected to be invited to ur lovely big day..but i got the card in my mail box on 24.2.2012!! sorry for not confirm the RSVP..sorry for not attending..and thanks for the lovely card, definitely i gonna keep it..=)

  2. Rhana: thanks dear!!

    Schaz: no wonder u takde! Mcmanala boleh sampai lambat card tu. Lama betol... Yg dtg zati, sabby n renee! Huhu Hope u like d card.

  3. Wah....love d card. Mmg berangan nk design kad kawen cam ni, simple, classy and look exclusive.. but sy xdpt la kad cm ni...bajet semput..heee...

    Btw. Done follow ur lovely blog and letak link kat my blog as my references bila mncari idea kelak...hehehe

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