Sunday, April 15, 2012


7days to go, and we can't wait.
we wanted to book a hotel for our stay ---- but we're very much confuse whether to invest or not:-

1) Villa Fontaine Hakozaki
Near TCAT, very near to Suitengumae Station. Located in Hakozaki, near Nihonbashi ( where Tokyo Station is situated). At the moment, there's a promotion going on. RM203 per night! cheap ain't it?! ... BUT it's 20mins train journey to Shibuya and Shinjuku. We're afraid Hakozaki city dies at night :(
CURRENT PRICE: RM239 only! including tax: RM272 only

2) Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku
In the district of Shinjuku. 3mins walk to Shinjuku JR Station. 7-eleven, shopping malls, and coffee houses around. almost 10 halal restaurants in the district if Shinjuku/Shibuya. Beautiful Gardens -- Shinjuku Gyonmae and Yogoyi Park.
CURRENT PRICE: RM353. including tax: RM409.

i know the first choice is way cheap compare to our second choice. but it's our honeymoon right? why don't we spend a lil bit more, so we have a pleasant stay during our bulan madu... tapi takut pulak pegi jalan2 sampai tengah malam, hotel tidur 6jam je sehari membazir.

both hotels have direct limousine bus from Haneda Airport--- to TCAT ... and to Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku.

so i need ur opinion especially from friends/bloggers staying in Japan or have been to Japan before.

- should i go for a cheaper hotel but far away from Shinjuku/Shibuya?
- should i gor for a slightly expensive hotel in Shinjuku?

which one yang access nya lebih baik? 

Tell me, i wanna know! :))


  1. Miss x: i think maybe u shud take the 2nd opt though u have to pay more. My experience bila melancong ke negara luar yg i x pnh pegi, hotel location sgt penting coz dr situ la u th susah senang transportationnya, tmpt mknnya, nak pg sight seeing lg. Just my opinion :)

  2. *warning: comment meleret*

    Honestly, I would take Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku. I've stayed before for about 5 days last year, sangat best. If I had the budget, I would stay there when I go Japan this weekend. The service there is friendly and they can speak English. If you want internet, they have the lounge for guests to use on the first floor. Unfortunately, you can't get wifi throughout the hotel - only on the first floor and lobby. In the rooms, it's using LAN cables.

    It's walking distance from the Shinjuku (JR) station to go to the major places. Also, next door to it there's the Shinjuku (Toei) station that you can take if you want to head to Tsukiji Market.

    Nearby also is the 'red-light' district, where you'll see the host/hostess club. Tengok2 je lah, because it's an interesting cultural experience. Aside from this, a lot of places for you to see and window shop. There's a big Muji there as well, so masuk and jenguk2. :D

    But be sure not too wander too far, nanti sesat balik ke hotel (personal experience :P). But basically, always use the Shinjuku station as your landmark. Then again, you can get lost IN the station itself.

    The Airport Bus Limousine to and fro from Haneda or Narita Airport is a better and stress-free alternative to taking the train and cheaper than taking a cab. I've taken it before and seriously, you just wait for the bus (on time, so be there at least 15-20 mins before), board and relax. You can buy the tickets in advance at the station.

    Walking back to Sunroute is fairly safe because it's less than 500m away from the main cross-junction and it's very well-lit. There's a supermarket/kombini right across the street if you want to get snacks and drinks.

  3. Oh so nice! you're going to japan for honeymoonnnn? enjoy yourself deary! :D