Friday, June 15, 2012


I'm leaving for boston in a few hours.
Do not know what to expect.
If u r familliar with the state, please share with me---
Where to go, bargain shopping, eateries, etc.
Sure will have back ache.
20hours flight.
KL- London - Boston

Will be back home end of the month.

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  1. Try the cakes in the cheesecake factory. And of course, Harvard uni across the river is a must!

  2. Yuyu...jelesss..nk pesan fridge magnet bole dear?kalau u ade ksempatanla..if jd..let me know how much k

  3. BIL: i had pineapple upside-down n hershey's bar. awesome gila. with lots of whipped cream :))

    dalila: alahaiiiiiiiiiii baru bukak blog. napa tak whatsap i dear? if not boleh i belikan.