Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I love to cook, a lot.
A proud cook. You know in the modern world where most ladies tapau and eat outside.
So yeah, i'm a proud young lady who can cook. Young ke? Hahaha

My husband don't know how to cook.
So that makes his cooking special.
My husband cooked me burger.
I was sooooo happy.
Not to sweat myself an hour before dinner, everytime.
The burger moi husband cooked was not a homemade patty but the usual Ramly Burger patty bought at Giant.
But i love the burger, makan mulut penuh sambil terharu.
Screw diet, suami saya masak weyh!
Kthanxbye :)

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  1. hi dear.. i suka baca your blog even though im a new reader here. minat baca pasal your wedding planning experience since im a b2b. and i like the fact that you're honest and blunt when it comes to giving opinion. boleh x share dgn i wedding checklist tu dear? my email azleen.aa@gmail.com thank you

  2. yeayyy. i support young people who has courage and enthusiasm to cook. best apa masak utk suami :)

  3. salam.

    i was googling on ramly burger n found ur blog. hehe. ur hubby is sweeet! :D