Monday, September 24, 2012


am i getting married???


with another guy???

another nikah & reception???


(xpasal kena hempuk dgn husband ai nanti)i

my sis-in law (husband's younger sister) is getting married, insyaAllah in January!

and insyaAllah kalau panjang jodoh, my younger bro will kahwin too, next year.

weddings keep me smiling, all the time.

i love the wait--- tggu vendors reply my emails.

i like the adrenaline rush driving here & there for appointments.

i love doing researches, looking for quality products and services at bargain price!

so yeah.

this time around it's not my budget.

have to stick to whatever they have.

but.... i promised them, memorable wedding with low budget!

so..... whoever has the same idea of having a memorable wedding with not much budget, u can keep following my blog and wait for my weekly update.

I'm gonna write on:

1) Wedding Cards / Invitations

2) Kain / Materials hunting

3) Tailors

4) Hantaran

5) Gifts

6) Deco

7) Venue

8) Caterers / Canopies

9) Make-up

10) Photographers

8) etc....

oh yeah! can't wait!

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