Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hi ladies,
I need your kind assistance and feedback. Terutamanya blog readers yang pernah / sedang belajar (undergrad/postgrad) di United Kingdom.

Scholarship application opens next month and applicant can only pick one institution for the application purpose. Ughhh beria i apply sampai 6 uni, sbb i thought kena letak 3 pilihan uni. Pfft

Lucky me, i received conditional offer from all 6 institutions:
1) Sheffield
2) Royal Holloway (in Surrey)
3) Leeds
4) Sussex
5) Cardiff
6) Birmingham

I know that it is too early to dream. But i live my life with WHAT IF(s)... I am a planner and always like to have Plan B, C, D and so on. 

I need your help to share with me some insights or little important things I might need to take into account:
*Taught Master's Degree*

1) out of the 6, which city is the best place to study for international students?
2) location wise? crime rate?
3) cost of living? rental? halal food?
4) which institution has the most headache? (i learned that postgrad should be a wonderful experience, but a friend of mine has to attend class EVERYDAY! Erkk)
5) if u were in my shoes, which uni would you choose? :)

Let me know! I really need your help... Muahhhh!! Xx


  1. I'm not the one who deserve to give feedback coz kita tak penah g UK . hehe

    Salam perkenalan .
    I'm following here

  2. I would definitely choose Cardiff because that's where i went to for my Bsc Bus.Admin degree and i loved it so much that i decided to stay on and took up MBA.
    I stayed at the Cathays area which is literally 5-10mins of walking to any schools/departments of Cardiff Uni. You can stay at Cathays where students residents and houses are located or at Riverside which is further away but a popular location for Msian students. I've always stayed at Cathays for those 5 years I was Cardiff Uni.
    Crime rate is low unlike other big cities in UK.
    It's mostly populated by students and Welsh people are very friendly.
    You can opt for staying in at Halls of residence at Cardiff Uni or rent out in your own or with housemates.
    I stayed with my friends at Woodville Rd & Wyeverne Rd both in Cathays area.
    For a 1 bedroom flat i paid 345pounds monthly. It's cheaper if you stay at Cardiff Uni halls of residence or share with friends in a house.
    Halal food is really easy to get. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and Halal butchers at every area that you stay at in Cardiff.
    I didnt hv back to back classes everyday. I had 1 class in the morning or afternoon and followed by tutorials. It's very subjective and depends on which department you are in.
    I love Cardiff Uni & hope you will too :-)

  3. Nys: hi sis!

    Sparkly: i am delighted to hear from you. Your personal experience means so much to me what more in deciding which uni should i pick for my pg studies. Pg is a life changing experience and i want to make things right by making the right decisions, insyaAllah. I am happy to know that Cardiff is one of the safest city in the UK. I take that into consideration...i am gathering info and in the process of writing down the pros and cons. Thank you so much dear! Appreciate ur feedback. Hugs