Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i was thinking to start a business of my own instead of assisting. MY VERY OWN.
i want to be a specialist in candy buffet.
after all i'm very much dedicated in that business.
not that i'm not happy assisting and helping around but i really want to have my own business.
to help bride to be out there and to get extra income.
and i'm very much confident with my ability to do set-up for candy buffet.
whilst partner is an expert to do so many things, i want to do mainly for candy+dessert buffet.
will present you my candy buffet karya i had on my engagement.
my very own, i did it myself except best friend tolong letak je cupcakes 30 minutes before event.
after all i came out with selection of candies, ideas, equipments, items, planned, supervised, set-up, deco my engagement candy buffet all by myself.
dah dpt gambar i show korang ye?
i would appreciate opinions, comments, condemns, etc....
thank you.


  1. determination + usaha + (rajin x 2) - penat - mengeluh - apa org kata / masa sebaiknya = Satisfaction + money - regret

    start as early as you can .. go by your instinct.. when you feel like doing it, JUST DO IT .. no harm of trying! all the best!

  2. its good to start ur own bness. all the best! =)

  3. go for it!

    p.s. intro/promo price often works for newbies ;D

  4. koranggggggggggg thanks for the kind wishes! i'm so happy have lots of support! huhuhu will deinitely buat promo and give good price to kawan2 bloggers.huhuhu

  5. good price?i looooikkeee~ hehehe

    congrats u,dah tunang..hehe

    btw, join our b&b gath tak?jom la join..bley bergsossipin :)

  6. hello ann, working la that day.... i punye kerje ni pelik, tak tentu masa. weekend kerja, PH kerja. tension.

  7. omigod i want to hire u! u have such a good taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! quote me please!