Saturday, March 20, 2010


i promised korang to share photos of my candy buffet kan?
for the time being i only have one gambar yang blur from the phone; so tak clear sgt.
will kasi yg clear after dpt gambar dari official photographer.
excuse gambar ni yg tak clear sgt tu yek, buat ia kurang cantik. (notice candle atas meja tu pun tak nyalakan lagik )
walaupon serious sgt cantik kat luar jadi pujaan tetamu! hahhaha perasan plsssssss!

decided to do under both brand; theweddingheaven and this blog. theweddingheaven tgh revamp the blog anyway.... so for any inquiries korang can mail to:


***special price to bride & bride-2-be bloggers as well as followers dekat sidebar. tee hee.
tempahan dah penuh sampai middle of april;onwards jek boleh...


  1. hey thats a pretty cool candy bar! i was planning to have one for my wedding also. i email u nanti ye

  2. hye nahwal, thank you... :) yg ni set-up yg paling famous since we started.... if u need one, do let me know. promo price for bloggers.

  3. hey..cantik! i pun suke. pink ok! i'm having one for my wedd too. will email you for more info. :)

  4. cntik tu dear... u ada buat cupcakes gak eh? seriously u should start ur own biz...nnti upload byk2 lg gmbr k... mane tau i bleh tempah from u for my wed nnti... all the best!!~

  5. elly: thanks.... mail me! ;)
    anasateria: tq. anyway, ha...cupcakes tu we provide design rose jek. tapi boleh adjust the colour ikut tema.... ;) rasa guarantee sedap ;p

  6. babe.... i teringin..
    jap i email u ya...very sweet..hehe