Monday, March 28, 2011


if there's no restriction,

no self-claimed-adat-wajib----

i wish to have a small-beautiful wedding.

how i wish.

lepas nikah, balik rumah.

pegi laman rumah.

deco---pretty things but no too elaborate.

just me and groom.

his family of 5, and my family of 6.

my two nephews.

that's it.

seriously, like only the 13 of us.

probably 3-4 bestfriends dressing up pretty---

without having to susah2 angkat dulang berat fresh flowers.


tak salah kan?

takde undang2 kata takboleh.

undang-undang yang ada, undang2 manusia.

undang-undang yang kita buat.

tapi dah jadi lumrah---

if buat macam ni ada yang merajuk tak diajak.

ada yang mengumpat kata emergency.

ada yang mengata kata kedekut.

kenapa lah....

how i wish~


how i wish....


  1. yes.i wish for the same.too. not only u.sigh.

  2. simple je kan..huu~..impian suma orang kot:)..

  3. jooleata: kan?

    lisa: i wishhhhhhhhhhhhh

    adibah: saya mau :( tapi saya tau takkan jadi kenyataan

  4. kite pun nak.. small wedding with beautiful view and sweet moment. tak payah spend duit banyak2 kan? tapi macam tak boleh. kite hidup bermasyarakat-that's my sister's words. T.T

  5. my wedding, i only invite not more than 300 people. it is intimate enough for me. really relaxing and peaceful

  6. yeah, we will had beautiful simple weddings where now are soo much costly,

    that kind of styles, banyak save, and yang penting is, definitely will get d things we wants~ owh why we are stick so much with adat! T_T

  7. yup.. i agreed too...
    and its a bit hard when we have to satisfy everyone..

  8. Hi! This is my first time here. I certainly agree with you, that is exactly my dream wedding, so you are not alone here =) If not because of parents, I would say I dare to pursue a private, intimate wedding. All the best to you! Btw, nice pics here :)

  9. i know!!how i agree totally with you!i just invited this mat saleh dude to my wed, then die macam tak brapa faham knp our-malaysian style has it such a big party. the first thing he said, its crazy, its costly.Usually for them (european)is like really small, as in the most is 30 people of closest frens and relatives.on top of my head:how i wish that too and i could do the best decor and splurge a little on the small party without worrying.*sighhh*

  10. hey girls!!! thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. so i know i'm not alone. how i wish.... i really hope it turns out well and i don't have to dengar cakap saudara-mara utk buat besar-besaran sangat. i know i can't do 100pax or less. but i really wish i can do 500pax and less, no more than that. seriously.