Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello love,
I found my perfect photographer!
Yeah! Serious best!
His pictures are great, he can work the photos out with white background! (Mind u, not all photographers pandai amik gambar with white deco/background, apatah lagi if bride pakai baju putih. Ada technique to make the bride standout dan tidak jadi mcm sesumpah dgn backdrop putih di belakang.)
Seriously, saya sangat particular bab technical.

And guess what, he has all the criterias:
- skills n techniques
- editing is very subtle, natural n glowy
- shots are creative without neglecting the sweet moments
- humble n friendly
- tak berkira langsung!
- his photos are beautiful and portrays a hardworking photographer
- he's new n fresh (from the oven hahahaha)
- he talks my language :)
- I love intelligent people. Hey he studied architecture! (Penting to me org yg bijak sikit ni. To me la.. Just my 2cents)some photographers are skillful but bila bercakap je, it irks me until I can die while sleeping coz telinga bernanah terngiang-ngiang rempitness talk. No.
*starts from rm1800 per event. Take more events-- can nego the $$$.

Who's the talented dude?


He has it all. Skillful macam yang dah kerja 10years.. PR sgt bagus. Very prompt in replying mails and sms. Like seriously, he can reply the annoying me like everyday. So-- I like him. (I always pretend fussy with vendors to see how they can handle the pressure coming. Hahahaha)
Tak diva, tak berkira, open to suggestions, straight forward, honest and reliable.
Ok, I like him! (As my photographer)

I hired him for 3events of mine! And deposit he mintak RM500 only :)
Best kan? Photographer lain suka nak mintak 2ribu kan??!

Please mail him at

Tell him u dpt reccomendation from nurulhuda tv3. :)

***ni i letak 3keping je gambar***credit to bak hafiz***
visit him at :

the feeling i had when i placed booking for my 3events with bak, sama dgn the feeling i had waktu booked sue cantik for both events!
you get what i mean?
saya rasa lega dan extremely gembira
woot woot!


  1. yeay.. suka bak juga. die punye pictures mengiurkan. seriusly. new talent yang tak charge mahal2 sangat. ehehe.

  2. bestnye.i pn suka gmbr bak hafiz..but due to budget constraint...ngehehehehehehhe..poket tak besor..tahniah.bestnye!

  3. wow congrats da setel satu lg hal bsar!!! :)

  4. bak sgt brilliant! no doubt. :) had him as my OP and he did superb job with it. ;)

  5. hello girls!!! oh pls check him out! sangat sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    aim: oh pls share photos!

  6. hi miss x!thanks for the recommendations!:D
    but i think the link is instead of the ;)

    hehe.and thank you again for the recommendation! ;)

  7. intan: kan??? so do i~ :)

    incek bak: dah tukarrrrr :) don't mention, u deserve it!

  8. mcm dejavu je.. i baru jenguk2 bak hisham ni tadi k..itupon secara x sengaja.. tetibe u buat en3 pasal die.. price pon reasonable kan... mmm.. bole masuk list jugak ni.. hehehe.. tq miss x! :)

  9. jasniena: u should hire him. i dah excited. i believe in him.