Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i know i've been a little grumpy off late. forgive me.
but some people... erm... ya, some people *sigh*

but however, i choose to ignore them.
i received many mails of some loyal readers i missed.
oh god, i have 2oo over requests but blogger only allows 100nett.
i feel bad.

but here i am again. back on track!

thanks for all the support loves. i'm blessed.


  1. cik, ignore je la yang tak best tak best sure ramai lagi yg best yang sentiasa support u n love u..meh nak bagi hugssss..hihihi

  2. hello!i'm lisa.bride to be without a blog.hehe.might come up with a blog.haha.i follow u k. got so many infos here.i like.