Friday, October 15, 2010


I met this one lovely girl last month.
She's one of the readers who bacA my humble blog.
But however we met to talk on candy buffet coz she wanted to hv it on her big day.
We had a kepoh conversation (which is great), coz we also shared on our wedding plans.

After the kepoh conversation,she told me she wAnted 1 candy buffet for nikah n 4 for reception.
I waasss so hAppy to think that someone really appreciate my artwork n hardwork.
DahlA last month I was commisioned to do cAnday buffet for IndiAn+chinese couple.
But anyway,sadly I had to turn her down coz I won't be around on da 31st but agreed on d 30th for her nikah.
Understand,dt I hv a vass commitment working at tv3 newsroom at the same time running dis busines-- she smiled.
Since she's so sweet, I however agreed to do one for her sanding,which I hv to set it up earlier on the 30th.

She then asked me to be her event's emcee since she knows I do emcee jobs (inilah duit poket extra org tv3 hehe)
But again I can't.
So I reccomended my colleague who's A newscAster but his fee is definitely higher. My fee is only rm500-800... His? Rm1k-rm2k depending on d event)
Tho i just got to know this girl,since she is sooooo nice, I told my colleague she's a friend of mine. So asked him a favor to give her good price.
So he did, it's RM1700 for 2events :)
the girl went back home happily.

TodAy I met her agAin (mlm tAdi)
I was so flattered when she actuAlly gave me kain to suit the event's theme.
Told you, she's so nice n sweet.

To Soraya, thank you. LOVE.

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  1. yeay.. sis ni memang baik. pastu bagus. pastu cantik. pastu comel. pastu suka bagi info terbaik dari ladang. emmmpphh.. tak larat nak puji panjang2. memang A la pendek kate. hehehe.