Monday, January 23, 2012


Oh i miss sabby's ramblings, i miss ashylla's writing, i miss jacky's stories, i miss moose's comments and so i miss other wedding bloggers weekly updates. Pls write again... Exb2b tips will be great. Saya juga boleh share.

Mana la pergi all great malaysia wedding bloggers?Everyone is so quiet...

But ya, after kahwin mmg slow down sikit. Saya juga.

Wait until i serve u lumpsum update ya?

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  1. oh miss x, i'm so touched that you think of me! lol. well, actually after the wedding and after you had done all the necessary reviews, we as the ex-b2b find it no longer relevant to still talk about the wedding scene.

    i don't know about others but at least, that's what i feel about. and another thing, someone had commented that "our time (as ex-b2b) is over" so yeah, i guess it's time to move on.

  2. i can't wait. i miss all great malaysia wedding bloggers!

  3. tu la dear..diorang sume sgt jarang update..only few of them je yg keluar story tapiiiii mostly pasal their babies la..huhu..

  4. since dah married dan ada anak ni, mmg susah nk create story.just the short story je..hehe

  5. i miss them too..! all d great ones like sab, diah, amy, ashylla, etc.. they all have inspired fact inspired all of us...kan? sgt2 appreciate :) although they have moved on, sumtimes we do hope they will write again about wedding stuffs again, share tips, n inspire us.... although dah byk kali sebut, nk ckp lagi thank you inspiring ex-b2bs...! :D

  6. Maybe they move on with their real life kot..but everytime we mailed mesti diorg balas punye kott insyaAllah.hehe im ex bride to be..start active blog after wedding.hehe terbalik puak :-)