Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hey! I was in Tokyo 8 days.. eh 9? It was fun, fun, fun.
If someone ask me, describe a thing about Japan --- Treasure Hunt!
Yerp! me & hubby mcm join treasure hunt je. haha train hopping to more than 10 districts in Tokyo---
From visa making, booking the honeymoon hotel, to the crazy duo travelling and air pocket back home.
I stayed in Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku which i highly reccomend!
It's located in the heart of Japan, easy access to all station, many halal restaurants only 10minutes walk and depan hotel ada 24hours family mart. :))
We went sakura viewing, disney, strolling in the park, shopping, capturing our moments, exploring so many high tech cool stuff.

Flight tix, hotel, entertainment, transportation, food, shopping-- we spent not more than 10k. we're glad tak exceed the budget...

Off all the countries i've been so far-- dubai, africa, dublin, london, indon, singapore, thailand, etc.... Japan has the best weather of all! apatah lagi saya pergi time Spring :)) The closest weather-temperature i can relate to is Genting. tak panas, and takdelah sejuk sangat sampai numb mcm Europe winter. Yerp!
So inilah gambar-gambarnya:-

p/s: please yawn if bosan tengok saya :)

 I'm praying hard for my US visa. esok interview dekat embassy. InsyaAllah dengan izin Allah SWT.


  1. good luck on your interview!^_^

  2. bestnya. cantik giler pemandangan sume. and you nampak stunning :D

  3. good luck for interview sis!
    bestnya honeymoon kat Jepun :)
    both of us sweet.

  4. sooo nice!!! great photos..comel sgt yuyu pakai top mickey color pink tu!

  5. Dear Yuyu,

    Do you have email to be contacted for advice?

    Thank you.