Friday, May 18, 2012


hello hello,
i know i've been married for 6 months... so pls yawn if u wish to yawn reading my review.
was dolled up by Sue Cantik for both my solemnization and reception.

she did a wonderful job for my solemnization (except her hair spray didn't hold strong, so my hair serabai already after 2 hours, so yes... i hate my nikah hari a lot) . anyway, i looked slimmer on my solemnization day.

As for my reception, not quite satisfied with her make-up service. the makeup was so-so. i didn't like my leper hair. and color on my face, not enough (i think) for a night reception. urgh. my cheek looked chubbier, and the shading at my jawline was not at the right place, so tak nampak runcing pun. :(

Sue Cantik is a famous make-up artist. very very friendly and humble. Her rate is RM1000 per session.


 Solemnization make-up (Sue Cantik)
- foundation / powder / base whatever u call it, sangat best! flawless gila muka i...
- eye shadow --- love the most!
- hair --- i hate.

Reception make-up (Sue Cantik):
- foundation  --- again, i love it!
- eye shadow & blusher: he/she can do better. makeup saya tak menyerlah.
- hair --- macam sanggul cincai dan leper. tak suka.

the major lesson is, spending a lot of money doesnt mean u'll get a celebrity-like make-up. if you're confident with ur regular make-up artist, go for it! famous ones can make u happy and ... upsetting too, at times. u decide :))


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  2. yuyu, review jugalah make up di resepsi batu pahat plz... :)