Monday, February 11, 2013


did u regrettably pass up a chance to study overseas during undergrad?

regret to not pursue ur studies abroad sbb risau sgt nk tggl bf back in Msia?

skrg baru nak sentap knowing that some of ur classmates with average scores pun mampu survive abroad and well... graduated.

ya, timbul perasaan itu lately.

bukan jealous, tapi envy ( ada beza ya )

teringat zaman sekolah, nombor 1,2,3 tu mmg forever dlm my annual edu record book.

masuk sekolah menengah plg teruk pun no11 dlm tgkatan (mind u, ada 479 students ye my batch.. so 11 tu still letops la ha

form5 mula lah babak baru nk bcinta... bonda encouraged pergi study in oz, takmau sbb taknak tggl cinta hati dan kawan2...

maka sambung blajar di mmu ; alpha IT , beta software engineering.

putus cinta,drop- out :(( frust menonggeng

tak belajar setahun

dah sober sikit masuk uniten, english prog

itupun sbb nk stalk ex bf yg katanya di upm (nearby)

later,chose not to wait for my ex any longer,so masuk uitm

alhamdulillah, back on track

sbg seorg student w science bground,im not saying masscomm is easy...

skalipun i dah tak hadap calculus, prob, physics lab, namun masscomm ada susahnya yg tersendiri... seriously, cubalah kalau nk rasa blajar 30 chapters every subject but taktau apa 5 soalan yg keluar exam...pnat baca 4pages, if the area we focused n studied but tak keluar,how? pitam! semua essay ye, bukannye boleh tembak mcm MCQ.

well dh trbukti, ramai je law students,accounting students masuk massomm pun didnt graduate with flying colors pun.sbb exam papers hazabnya adalah each paper u hv to write like 5essays, out of 7? pilihan tak byk, so if tau 3 je, lg dua u hv ni idea at all, berbuih sawan dlm exam hall haha

alhamdulillah saya lulus cemerlang, ANC, cgpa 3.89 ( gila tak cemerlang? best student iols hahaha walaupon iols ni bukanlah jenis hadap classes n buku sgt) hazab jugak blaja technical, how to operate a camera, radio conty, visual editing, produce a tv programme, etc... susahnya yg amat bersengkang mata, perah keringat huhu

back to d main purpose of this entry

i was offered a job at tv3 before i even graduated...alhamdulillah

but that in a way, kenapa saya tak berkesempatan to even think of pursuing my MA.

more n more recently, some of my friends r turning to international institutions to obtain their MA degrees

here among malaysians, going overseas to pursue MA, not only more common but also becoming more respected, in a way ( if u get wut i mean)

i am very definite none of my college friends dpt scholarship pun bcoz apparently takde biasiswa utk kursus masscomm. but they r lucky to have parents who are willing to fork out or loan 200k for their fees n living cost abroad.

my mother mmg menggalakkan i sambung belajar selagi blum ada anak but at 29y-o takkanlah nk burden my old-cutest mum kan? tak sampai hati. cannot. (My mum obtained her masters at 30, phD at 40, and another phD at 46... Hebat tak? Sbb tu it's nvr too late katanya...)

anywayyyyy saya ttp merasakan obtaining a graduate degree abroad is a wise investment + wpun epf n savings tak smpai 50k mcm lisa Surihani lagi hehe

to pursue PG abroad ada 3 major advantages --

*- possibility of higher career improvement ( higher pay hehe)

*- a whole new experience

*- caliber

itu je la kot huhu

so skrg apa motif i?

i nk tanya kpd readers, if ada rezeki sikit should one go oz, uk or us?
*berangan kejap*
share with me why n cost of living ( a year)

nak amik ielts... any tips?

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  1. no idea..klo kn taja best jg. klo det sinri. pk byk jg kn?

  2. IELTS so easy yuyu.dont worry:)im sure la u can get 9.hehe.

  3. babe..i went to oz.. pretty tough but berbaloi.

  4. Hi MissX,

    I am very intrigued with your blog post because maybe me myself pursued pg after marriage (and also sebab tgh byk masa in the office at the mo).

    I graduated last year with my masters, and I thank my family, ultimately my supportive husband and daughter. Yes, I got pregnant and still went through my studies.

    I'd say go for UK, most have coursework, and supposedly easier you can graduated in a short time. US offers a totally different experience and opportunity altogether, but mostly mixed module with most weightage goes to a lot of writing/research. I think Australia also has its own quality MA, much more Malaysians go tu AU and much more closer to home with AirAsia.

    I think I read somewhere that, don't just go because of location, look at the uni's ranking because u may be paying fees more due to currency, so not worth it if graduating from unknown uni, might as well go to any asean countries with lower fees but higher ranking.

    Don't fret about missed opportunity, I bet your family and friends will root for you when they know that you want to continue your studies. Start taking the exam early, maybe before June? You can still apply to most UK universities now even without ielts, they will give conditional offer if you make the mark :)Good luck.

  5. Chinta: betul.... Duit sendiri cukup utk tuition fees je :(( how about living expenses.. At least a year there kena ada 100k. At least.

    Wani: haha tak juga dear. i rasa cukup makan 6 je kot... Awak kat jepun lg susah kan... But lucky u ada advantage... third language!!!

    Rhana: i did a lil research the course, the only uni offering Broadcast Journalism is Edith Cowan, but in oz the ranking is not so satisfying... Any info about ECU?

    Huhu: true enough awak. Uk offers MA by coursework... Stkt ni ada a few universities offer Broadcast Journalism; westminster, warwick, sussex, birmingham city uni. but then again, it is not the fee that i worry, but the living expenses :(( by right i am entitled utk scholarship mara under Young Lecturers Scheme, but..aiseh 7 yrs bond. And i am not a book kind of person... I love my job now.

  6. You should definitely take this opportunity dear to pursue your Masters (abroad of course). My husband and i graduated with a Masters degree and then husband did another Masters (Msc) in a different course during his 2nd Msc simply bcos he didn't want to end up working in the industry his first Masters could offer. Haha i pun tak sure u faham ke tak, but really it's a life changing decision for him (and our family). Anyway, living abroad is also an added advantage. It has opened our eyes in many ways especially things that we could not learn/experience in Malaysia. Wishing u good luck dear :)

    p/s: we studied in the UK and didn't regret the whole 4-5 years there finishing our degree, masters (MEng) and Msc.. I bet you will too :)

  7. hi there. love your entry this time, i can really relate to it. I did my MA in 2009-2010 and i have to say that yes, it is a berbaloi investment. I would say for a mass comm background like yourself, u ought to choose UK.

    UK coursework. and cepat. u have your career and i think u takkan nak quit ur job mcm tu aje. the worst and least u cud do is to take sabatical leave for a year and then sambung balik kerja. I did my MA also in the area of communication (but linguistic based) in Uni of Birmingham and in that 12 months time, I learned a lot. fast pace but a lot. it is both quality and quantity. Mass comm mostly london based, jgn amik Uni ranking atas2 je, you should also look at mass comm program punya ranking in the whole of british universities. for example, mcm westminster uni. truthfully, it is not that of a top uni in the UK, but mass comm in that uni sgt mantap ;) it is 14 for mass comm but as a whole, it is nowhere 50. tapi itu smua tidak mengapa. the content that matters.


    to make your life easier with your application, go to MABECS MALAYSIA. it is an agent appointed by msia higher education and british high commission. the will help from a to z, even advice u abt the rankings and all.

    as for living expenses, u cant compare la dgn hidup di msia. if u risau, try avoid living in london. go somewhere west midland (warwick or birmingham), it is still city (with massive shopping malls) but cheaper living cost. i survived with less than 1k pounds every month. cukup makan (smpai gemok ahhaha), cukup shopping (not every month la nak beli prada LV ahahah) and i managed to travel to a lot of places as well inside and outside of UK. life was fun but can be a bit depressed sometimes away from family n close friends but i had some friends who were with me throughout the journey. lagipun, u are married. if u are planning to bring ur hubby as well, then its better. it wouldnt be so bad for u sebab ada teman. hubby u boleh cari part time job. to earn even at least 500 to 800 pounds to me it is good enuf. kena pandai brjimat.

    IELTS senang. i am an IELTS instructor and i would say to get a 9 insya Allah boleh. 9 is equivalent to native speaker of english. dapat 8 tu mmg hebat la. i myself got a 7.5. but pls do take consideration that u are taking mass comm, and it requires a lot of writing and they could naik kan standard for mass comm application. u boleh check kat university website.

    good luck babe! i mmg encouraged sape2 nak sambung blajar. i myself tgh consider nak sambung Phd. i just got married myself last year. :) if nak tanya lagi, u can email me at

  8. Aida: woot! I fahammmm my mother pun mcm tu... She has two PhD in different areas. The first one compliments her past studies and current job. Yg 2nd one phD in health economy. My mum is the first health economist in msia that she brags dkt weol anak2 all the time haha. I salute u and ur hubby sbb belajar non stop, my hubby mcm taknak tgglkan his job. Dia encourage i utk belajar but fikir thousand times to ikut (he's not keen to pursue pun.. Boleh?) haha

    Rashida: oh goodness!!! Ada jugak yg amik communication! I really appreciate ur comment yg sgt menyeluruh. For the time being hati i terpaut pd BCU because the course director, diane kemp replied my mails telling that im a suitable candidate for the course and would like to do phone iview (ok yg ni i tak buat lagi i told her i'm not gonna enroll sept 2013 pun) but she gave me the idea what d course is all about. MA in bcu is quite flexible. Duration is 12months. But bila reach pgcert (15th week), or pgdip (30th week)... They allow us to exit at anytime in the case nak balik hometown sbb family ke, work related stuffs ke....and can come back within 3yrs time to complete our MA.

    1. hahh thats good news! yes always get in touch with the people in your unis! anyway, i love birmingham! senang kat situ. near to intrnational airport, london pun dkat and the main train station kat situ as almost all trains connecting to diff part of UK smua stop situ! good choice! good luck babe!

  9. Australiaaaaa... studied thre for 3 years. best.. but xdpt la merayau sana sini sbb oz sblahnye nz je.. so xdpt round europe... hehehe boleh round oz n nz je.. ;)

    living expenses, undergrad scholars dpt AUD1200 monthly. More than enough, boleh spend some utk shopping n travel..

    UK mcm best. but i'm toooo lazy to do PhD for now. So stay in malaysia je la..

    ielts shud be ok je for u.. as long as boleh read write n speak english.. insyaAllah :D

  10. huda, just remember. my friend yg ambik ielts try nk dapatkan mara scholarship. so die kata, ielts tak perlu ambik dulu, u bukak page MARA and see what is their top 50 U's (assuming berminat dgn UK U), get offer from them(UK U, senang je this part) and baru tgk requirement the U tu kene tak ambik ielts ke tak sbb ade yg tak perlu ambik

  11. I just read your post but still felt like giving my experience anyway. I am doing my masters right now in the UK. At first, I wanted to pursue MA MassComm (BA English Language) then dah nasib dapat pursue applied linguistics instead. But, I am enjoying my course anyway.

    I was thinking to do MassComm initially in Leicester. My cousin is in Leicester and she said halal food is accessible and her rent is pretty cheap, too. £180 per month exclusive bills and I think it's way cheaper than my rent (£576 per month inclusive bills). Furthermore, we are both scholarship students, surviving only on £700/ month.

    As for IELTS, since I am taking Applied Linguistics, I had to sit for it walaupun reluctant (expensive) because it's a must for non-native speakers. But for MassComm, it should be fine not to take IELTS (Leicester gave me an offer without IELTS but they accepted O Level). If you must sit for it, all I have to say that IELTS is easy. I got an 8 myself and it was unexpected because exam bulan puasa, mengantuk and didn't even concentrate.

    Best of luck with your decisions. You're doing great already!