Monday, September 2, 2013


Macam tajuk filem kan?

Ever had an ex-boyfriend come back but it was too late?
Or he contacted you again after so many years?
Or he texted you days before you're about to get married?
Mesti ada yang pernah melaluinya.

It doesn't matter whether he contacted you again to get back together, to just say his sincere apology or to just be friends in the future.
Really, it doesn't matter.
After 6,7, or 8 years baru nak msg bagai...motif?
He can always say his apologies a year or two after he left kan?
What took him so long???

Ok... jangan marah2 dulu. sambung baca

As some of us might have had experienced--
Well, first cut is the deepest.
Betul tak? Betul. (ok jawab sendiri)

I dated this guy for about 2 years, almost 10 years ago.
He broke it off abruptly n in a very strange way, which i don't wish to elaborate.
He gave strange reasons too.

We both live in KL tapi mmg tak pernah terserempak.
Dari the day we broke up until today.
(tuhan sebaik-baik perancang. mmg Dia tak kasi jumpa)

Right before i got hitched in Nov 2011, i suddenly received a msg via fb.
I was kinda shocked. Lama weyh. Tiba2.
My ex msg-ed me.
He didnt say anything about getting back together.
He expressed his sincere apologies.
For all hearthache and pains he and people around him caused years ago.
It's very gentleman of him if he ever said his apologies liddat earlier.
(like 1-2 years after the breakup ke kan? bukannya 7-8 tahun!)
He didnt say he missed me.
But somehow at d end of the msg he said "if you want, i would like to call u and express my sincere apology"
Motif nak call?
Msg fb pun iols dah maafkan la... takpayah susah2 nak call. motif??

Alamak... ok don't jump into conclusion... baca lagi.

But memandangkan it took him so long, i decided to reply him with ceramah him, scare him a bit, maki sepuas hati and told him what had happened after d breakup.
I meant no harm pun.
Saja je nak lepaskan geram.
Lepastu i tak reply sbb dalam hati kenapalah nak gaduh pasal benda yg dah lepas.
I maafkan dia (dalam hati je time tu, tak reply pun lagi)
Tapi i marah-marah dia dulu laaaaaa
Saje nak lepaskan geram!!! ;)

Lepastu?... Sambung baca lagi...

Bonda saya pun tak bagi reply sbb dah nak nikah time tu.
Taknak ada gangguan katanya.
Dugaan katanya.
Takut cancel kahwin last minute katanya.
I am mature enough.
Takkan la iols nak cancel wedding a week before.
Penat preparation & research bagai kan?

So after nikah baru saya reply.
I wished him luck and told him i was never angry with him.
Neither did i hold any grudge towards him.
Lepastu dua reply 'Ok' je.
Ye, dua huruf je. ;)

Moral of the story daripada kisah ini? sambung baca lagi....

It took me years to get over it.
It took me years to forget him.
For so many years i kept telling my good friends, i'll be running back to him if he ever crawls back.
But that didn't happen.
God knows why.
I wanted to accept the offer of  forgiving each other and we both become friends.
But it is not as simple as that.

I have to be fair to my present boyfriend at dat time (who is now my husband)
He knew that i can never forget my ex (at that particular time)
But he never ceased to love me despite my kekurangan.
He knew about the fb msg. I told him.
He even asked me and my ex to meet and become friends.
Yes, he is that mature and calm.

I am finally in a better place.

Nasihat iols kepada uols....

Selalunya kalau kes ex tiba2 contact balik ni, it's just a fling.
Mungkin time to emotionally tak stabil atau tgh gaduh dgn current boyfriend.
Most of the time, kalau u two get back together, it's not gonna be long.
Jadi jangan ikut perasaan.

Things will never be the same again.
He apologized?
I forgive him long time ago.
He apologized on behalf of his family and people around him?
I forgive a bit. (forgive la)
Macam-macam kisah...

Kisah my 2nd boyfriend lain la pulak.
Yang tu nampak i dalam tv, menang award bagai baru nak msg.

Kisah my 3rd boyrfriend?
Hilang terus. Entah pi mana ntah.
Gone with the wind.

Kisah my 4th boyfriend?
Now, he's my husband :)

(Ye, saya tak ramai ex-boyfriend. Spesis susah fall in love, susah jugak nak fall out of love hehe)

Btw girls,
Life is like a roller coaster.
Itu semua pengalaman hidup --
So don't u ever forget what u had experienced.
Bukan bermaksud you tak move on.
Tapi kisah silam lazimnya akan mematangkan kamu.

Dulu marah kemain, sekarang rasa lawak pulak :))



  1. Glad you ada post baru..hari2 cek..hewhew..i guess today my lucky day!=)

  2. BRAVO! nanie suke.. entry kena dgn jiwa.

    jawapan paling mudah ialah maafkan kesilapan lalu, n teruskan perjalanan yg diaturkan Allah :)

  3. Aww Yuyu, love this post to bits! Btw I saw you on TV yesterday for the launching of #MYsyg and u looked awesome!! Thsi post basically just sums up what I've been feeling this past few weeks. My ex, whom I'm with for 3yrs+, I decided to left because love without communication is a failure & he didn't have much time to spend anyway. Tired, I guess. Then when I'm with my bf (husband now) he contacted me back apologizing and asking to reconcile. Well, a heart can't be mend that easily right? He then mcm ugut he's gonna get engaged with his long-term kwn pompuan and he told me if I still love him, he won't do it. I just said, I've moved on, go move on with your life too. But he still contacted me even after he's engaged & married, until now! Some people just won't let it go is it? Xpe as long as we are in better place right now, there's no such thing as turning back, but reminiscing old times can put a smile on our face kan. Experience gitu. hehe. Great days ahead Yuyu!!

  4. Izzah: ok nantikan 2-3 hari ni i buat post trip pi aussie :))
    Surprise for hubby!

    Nani: yerp! Sayang lagi ke apa, kita jena move on! lagipun bila ex minta maaf, tak semestinya nak grt back together. Biarkan.

    Seniorita: awww tq! Patutnya u cko dgn dia "pi la tunang, i dah kahwin dah pun :)" but yaaaa if someone we love back then ever come back earlier... I understand.

  5. I send you an email.. Please revert back..