Thursday, November 19, 2009


So.... here we go:
1) CATERER: Suri Catering - Mummy X and Mr. X dah cakap 'yes' which means mmg amik Suri Catering--- food dijamin sedap and canopy bak kate my friend dijamin bersih (maklumlah ade sesetengah caterer tak jaga canopy; comot and kain2 tak bergosok)
** i told kak zai suri catering. i want something like this but all white and without the leaves
2) MAKE-UP: Liza (Butik Saidatulnisa)-- At last ada masa pergi the butik and bayar deposit. Alhamdulillah...kedai dia agak tersorok ok? tapi interior design kedai dia cantik compared to others...
**ni contoh make-up by Liza. credit to the bride, ur so pretty!
3) CANDY BUFFET: promo package theweddingheaven. okla...jadi kid's corner and laki2 yg taknak dok dalam nak lepak luar hisap rokok--- just to distract the kids attention daripada berkerumun dekat tempat org tua berbincang and kacau my hantaran2! tak pasal ada yg gatal tangan pegang cupcakes toppings nanti. kan?

4) PHOTOGRAPHER:cantik gambar-gambar ted amik. different people different taste kan? as for me, i always love photos with real life colours. if want to make it sephia or black and white i can always do that on my own gune photoshop jek ;p
** cantik tak dia amik gambar ni?his harga have to ask himself.kudos to beautiful bride.
5) BAJU:not a big name in the industry tapi I love the wedding dress she made for this one bride. But for me, i just want a simple kurung modern with kain yang beralun2 sexy ;p affordable la simple design with simple lace beads 1k ;) how it fits on your body if any body or any friends of yours pernah try her do let me know ya?
**sila lihat karya kurung moden dan kainnya itu. saya suka.
Demikianlah 5 perkara yang dah confirm. Yang lain still in progress and hope will sort things out very soon before i gerak to london for boxing day! yeeehooo!
(takla happy sgt sbb bukan nak shopping sakan pun, nak carik barang hantaran ala kadar je)

tata ;)


  1. Miss X, i puji u of having candy buffet. Good idea nak kacau mata budak-budak dari mengusik topping cupcakes. Hihi. all the best!

  2. Cik Belle: i risau jugak... i ni sgt cerewet tau. i siap told Mr. X to make a list of who's coming. and.... the list includes kids and babies ok?!! ;)

  3. candy buffet tu berapa yer dia theweddingheaven charge?cam bestt!!

  4. Amy: it's a partnership, me and bestie. ;) all i need to pay is pandai2la 'hulur2' to cik bestie for her help and tenaga since i'll be the princess that day.... ;) i want a largeeeeeee buffet ;)

  5. hi there, boleh tak you share with me the package quote for suri catering. they're supposed to email me the quote tapi sampai skrg tak dapat2 lagi. I need caterer/canopy for my nikah. Can u email it to me at Thanks! :)

  6. Marlina: sure sure.... i'll send you the details. check your mail. glad to share.

  7. oh sweetie....i like ur dress ideas....wud u mind sharing me the tailor?? coz i like that cream beige kurung...and well I am still looking for a tailor myself...I feel like...satu je pasang buat with a designer..the rest...i have a design just go to tukang jahit..I have a friend who bought material at Gulati's and sent it to this kinda famous but not as famous as Radzuan or Rizamlan, and just for hers was 7k....she was upset..coz in the end she thought..setakat design ni, she could have just sent it to a tailor..

    also think that ur candy stop will so work

  8. legal me yours: oh dearest, gimme your mail... will provide you details... ya, it's very true tho i think the latest trend tempah-sewa (which means we're the first to wear pon tak worth). usually it costs 2-3k tau (but for both bride n groom la kan?)... if brand new we got to simpan, bride baju only the least 2k for newcomer designers, 4k above for super well-known designers.

  9. oh sweetie...thank u so much for email me as soon as you

    coz qaem just saw his frend who sent the material to a designer ( he hasnt a clue who ) but dah 5 months tak jd baju..and she keeps crying at the office sbb wedding soon, so he now wants us to do it as early as possib.

    but i still need to lose weight!

    email me hun...


  10. legal me yours: oh glad to help... check your mail dear~ ;)

  11. hye dear,

    nak tny lah... bole share link photographer tu x? cantik gmbr die candid and lovely.suka~

    and i pun suka kain lipat2 cmtu,u tempah dekat sapa ye?

  12. I like ted too!but i took his friend shaiful rizal, harga kawan-kawan jugak =)