Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Not so long i posted the entry 'affordable pembuat baju', i received my 2nd mail from Unaisah Azlan. first mail haritu she replied simple tanye how i want it to be. then i elaborate sket. today... TADA! she replied me with 101% details ok?

Oh guess what... i've mailed more than 5 designers and......~I highly recommend her--- she might be new but she bagi you a 5 stars service via mail.

Being kelam kabut for preparations, when someone treat you nicely, sejuk hati i.....
Yes, haven't buat the baju with her yet so i can't recommend any of you the outcome.
But honestly, her great assistance + service sangat overwhelming sampai.....
i terus ckp YES to
;) (dah, malas nak survey dah)
and even my mum's baju i nak tempah kat dia. i know my mum and me ada same perangai where we easily weak/cair with people yang kind to us...

Oh girls, imagine, a designer who replied you more than 500 words mail with specific details on materials, measurement, how she's going to do it, etc..... SANGAT DETAIL.
Even better, i told her my budget and how honest a girl can be, she told me how much french lace might costs me and for all the hems she needs 8.5meters french lace which will cost me a whooping 1k just for the lace tho i beli kat jakel or euromoda.

So, that honesty ease me to forgone the french lace which i think is just a crazy desire of mine when i shouldnt spend that much on my engagement baju.
With a great service like that, and if she maintains it... i bet she'll be one great designer loved by semua bride-to-be.


want to check her out?
try mail her at:
.....and please let me know betol tak apa yg i cakap here.... ;)


  1. hi there.i br tgk blog unaisah azlan tu.very nice dress.simple but elegant.i loike.,.nnti update ye lg pasal die n hrganye berape die charge.:)

  2. reyna: dah.. harga dia sgt affordable... cuba awak mail dia, she's very helpful...

  3. u mind sharing her blog add..teringinnya nak tgk since i pun tgh cari tailor ni.tq ya =)

  4. owhh..i dah jumpa add dia lepas!! TQ =) btw,suka baca ur blog

  5. Norr: cantik kan baju dia buat??? huhuhuhu ;) happy dress maker hunting dear~

  6. ha'aa...super gorgeous..masa i tgk2 tu i rasa macam pro punya works...cayalah....

  7. hey, i love ur blog..thanks for sharing :) dah tgk unaisah nye blog..mmg cantik lahh..i wish i've known her e-day outfit dah sebulan hantar dgn ex-staff rizalman...since my-day dah around the corner, dia still boleh diam jee, xde pon panggil fitting ke ape...uwaaaa T_T
    the good thing is, still affordable..berdoa jelahhh..sobss

  8. Hi! Just wondering.. Unaisah Azlan ni kat Shah Alam ke? Nama dia mcm name neighbour I, sebijik. tapi taktaulakan hehe.

  9. cik yaya: thanks dear. dont worry much... i bet your wedding baju will be great. doa byk2.... but if kalau geram dia tak call for fitting, keep caling n sms him, kene push sikit... takot dah dekat hari baru teringat la ape la...
    ratih: hey darl! ha'a... unaisah ni kat shah alam. huhuhuh u know her personally? so wut say u dear?

  10. Hi its me Ratih.. I tukar my blogger name hehe...Unaisah ni I jarang jumpa.. my house is a few doors away from her. I see her mum je kalau ada kenduri kat sini.. I think she is reliable..but I cant say for sure sbb I pon tak penah buat baju ngan dia. Tapi I dah tgk blog dia..she did her sister inlaw nye baju..simple but nice..

    I was thinking of doing my baju nikah ngan mum suggested buat baju nikah i dgn Unaisah..sbb senang nak fitting opposed to my choice, I nak buat ngan Qudyn..tapi jauh sket la, kat Cheras. But he made my baju tunang mmg I suke sgt, sekali fitting je, takyah alter ape pon.

    I suggest u gv Unaisah a try..since I baca ur blogpost pon cam good je her response dia

  11. hey dear,
    hows ur wedd dress?
    could u give me unaisah email add..
    nak tempah wedd dress wif her..

  12. dia sgt baiiiiik...i buat baju dgn mmg superb harga pon best