Monday, May 10, 2010


HEHEH sorry ya friends...
that's not a statement, it's actually a question with of course, questions mark

saya nak tanye mana best place nak beli lace kat jakarta ya?

dah byk kali pergi jakarta but for leisure purposes
takpnah tahu tempat2 kahwin etc...
yang ada beading, nak beli for tandang ;)
thank you


  1. good question! i'd like to know too since im going there soon :)Please do share...

  2. mayestik ader bnyk choice kot..
    tanah abang pn okey juge..

  3. Bandung..kat Pasar Baru...memang cantik 2-3 floor penuh...

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  5. sk: tu la.. my mother pun ckp, pegi mane pun.. asal semua kain pun dari tanah abang.

    naji: same same ;)

    azura: i've been there. biase je la dear...

    reen: thanks for d heads up. but me n mum will be staying at aston marina ancol.

  6. dear,

    there's this one shop in tanah abang jual nice lace. my friend bought soltstiss lace sgt lah murah, tapi kene haggle ( and in my friends case, gedik lah ape lagi hahah)

    walau pun i tak sure if kain tu real solstiss or not, but the weaves sgt cantik,way cantik dr yg korean lace.and finer yarn. so i guess , good enough lah. i think she bought it for less then rm 180 for 1 panel(2.5m).tp tak beaded.

    i've asked her many time kedai mane, dia dah lost the business card, but i guess you boleh round2 tanye lah.

    but mayestic and pasar baroe pun banyak.

    p/s:and my indo friend suggested pronto.ada di mayestic and pasar baroe.


  7. unaisah: yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! thanks for the heads up dear!!!! will definitely go pronto! yippie! will see u somewhere to bagi the kain! muahx i love u sooooooooooo much!