Monday, December 6, 2010


*i swear cantik kan? boleh terus pakai for nikah or reception!*

a young-talented-handsome guy ;)
his made-to-measure dresses cost RM4-6k.
but the outcome? superb!
look at diah's dress. marvellous.
but fyi, his ready-made is kinda affordable, RM2-3k.
...usually fits up to size 08 only.
he can alter the piece u confirmed so the ready-made hugs your body perfectly.
but the thing is, ada a few pieces je every collection n not all suitable for weddings.
if you're lucky enough; waktu keluar warna white or pastel colour--- cepat2 grab! huhu
you'll sure go ga-ga, huhu can make your nikah or reception dress, kan?
so, do not hesitate... pay a visit to his boutique if someone ckp ada pastel pieces dekat his boutique's rack, on the dot.
just go-see... why not?
will do so... probably one day.

Mr. Jovian Mandagie, please come out with white or pastel colour pieces with modern kurung like cutting with a little twist, every season! ahahaha i suka!


  1. Eh? Okla if ready-to-wear dia around 2k-3k. Tapi intimidated lah nak masuk boutique dia, hahah

  2. cantikkk..ade kelesss..tapi u dh amek Unaisah and Syomir,kalau dpt Jovian ni u nk buat baju mane plak?heheheh

  3. wahhh.. ready-to-wear 2k-3k yee???? boleh tahan la harga.. sebelum ni tak berani nak berangan la i nak pakai jovian.. hehehehe

  4. Wahh baju dia memang mengancam. I suka gila baju yang dia buat untuk Umie Aida.. Gorjes!

  5. The ready to wear yang I saw fit as a wedding dress was RM25k!!! I think the 2-3k must be super simple. But yes, sizing very small!