Wednesday, December 1, 2010


sooooooooooooooo happy!
venue is the major to-book-list; when u have venue, u have the event flow + time.
so when you have venue and time, u can proceed with 3-4 other vendors.

1) pelamin; usually established pelamin maker needs a receipt dat venue to ensure we've really booked the venue and event time--- say, 7pm arrival- ends 11pm.

2) make-up; MUA can determine the extra mileage charges+rate.. ie: sue cantik, KL rm900, other than KL but still within Klang Valley RM950.

3) photog/video; if they've been to ur venue. it's easier. if they have not been there they can probably have a look at the place so they know shots that they're gonna experiment with.

in conclusion, it's good to have ur venue booked early. my w-day lama lagi. but guess wut, for the month..... the place is fully booked for all Saturdays & Sundays. Seriously! and left with only two fridays. another 2 fridays pun dah ada org booked!

So, my event will be on one fine Friday, InsyaAllah (erk.. ad aorg datang ke friday? ada kan? ;p)
My venue is selected since they're an expert in Malay Weddings-- just imagine, every week guarantee MESTI ada malay hold a wedding there; macam Dewan Perdana Felda la.... expert in Malay Weddings;--- tiap minggu ada wedding melayu, food tekak melayu, and organizer very familliar with adat2 melayu etc. but my place is definitely not Dewan Perdana Felda; i bagi contoh je ;p *dekat dengan rumah i* huhu

Mum dah letak booking, insyaAllah, dengan izin tuhan it'll be our official venue for our big day.
I'm thankful. Syukur. Alhamdulillah.


  1. tahniah da ade tarikh miss X.. hehe

  2. yeayyyy!!!! dah dpt venue yee dear....i pun sudahhh....nnt kiter reveal k :)

  3. jooleata: huhu thankyou dear.... lega rasanya~

    elya: huhuhu baik! tapi saya terpaksa tukar tarikh. cantik jugak, but tak secantik tarikh asal yang i nak... hahha tarikh asala yang super canti tu i nak buat jugak majlis kat rumah! haha tamak! ;p

  4. alhamdulilah dh book..

    happy prep dear

  5. Wahh bagus bagus bagus dah booking ehh.. Cant wait to see ur W-day

  6. ainee: hey darl! buat sederhana je... huhu anyway thank you dear..

  7. congrats! seriously, i cant wait to see yr wedding! :)

  8. liyana: i can't wait to see urs too!!! anyway, nanti kita kene sit down. si kecik tu tak lepas E lagi... hahha then baru boleh w-hunting together! muahx!

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