Thursday, February 10, 2011

DIAMOND VOTE (serious final!)

Alright I baru balik dari jalan-jalan ring hunting sepanjang hari.
Hampir semua kedai diamond di 3buah shopping mall saya dah masuk.
Terdetik di hati tentang DUIT. Ya, duit. Baru skrg rasa tak perlu ikut desire sgt.
Fyi, a 0.48ct and 0.5ct, beza almost RM1k for a freaking 0.02 which nobody can tell pun,kan?
So,instead a RM8k ring, I dah fikir masak-masak I'll opt for lesser bagi mengurangkan beban fiance. So these are the 3 rings yang I dah shorlist :):

WITH THE SAME PRICE (help me vote for one):

a) 0.43ct, F, VS2

b) 0.48ct, G, VS2

C) 0.46, F, VS2

Ok itu saja. Tolong saya k sbb I hope to purchase it end of this month. Thank you so much in


  1. babe,u go for colour!!:)about size,kalo tiga2 sama harga why not amik 0.46 ?? hehehe~ pilih c!hehehe

  2. my answer : C --->muka serius ni :)

  3. waaa.. tough choice ne..nampak sangat tak beza .48 dengan .46 tu? i rase kene tgok ur priority dear..if u prefer ct than color than go for b,or color than ct go for c. tapi rase kalau F ngn G tu tak beza sgt kan..lain la kalau letak sebelah2..anyway,ikut hati..hihi..bia hati yg pilih :)

  4. Voting for C sebab dia kat tengah-tengah, huhu.

  5. I'd vote for C :D

  6. I vote for C ...

    Saw my friend's hof ... It shine, even in very low amount of light ... Superb, go for the best color u can get ...

  7. i'd go for either a) or c) sebab for me colour is important. if you have near colourless diamond, no doubt the stone will look bigger than it actual is. but then F dengan G tak banyak beza sangat. sorry not helping la miss x! haha.

  8. hello miss x,

    we meet again :) i agree with moose here! go for A or C. happy ring shopping!

  9. hello ladies~~~~~~~~~~ encik fiance bought me the diamond oredy based on korang punya vote!!! thank you so muchhhhhhhh. u girls are such a big help in determining my wedding ring; ring i'll wear forever :) thank you sooooooooooo much! (it's diamond C!--- as voted!) yeay!

  10. yeah~ good choice. how much the price?

  11. btw where is the best place for wedding ring