Thursday, September 15, 2011

BRIDE WITH ECZEMA (dont shy away)

Do u know what is eczema?
Any of u with eczema?
Lost self-confidence?
Hiding ur flaws under a long sleeve, turtle neck, socks or covered shoes?
Looking for a wedding dress that wont show those scars?

Let me tell u..i'm a patient. i hv chronic eczema back then (still hv em now but not as bad) last time my skin was thick and scaly nmpk mcm org masuk bendang. tried numerous specialists since i was 21-22, yerp. 5-6years back it started. I had none during school days infact i was an active student;-- i won 3rd place in national cooking competition, best debater in selangor debate comp, captain for d netball team, played handball and hockey. Pantun, menari, menyanyi semualah i active-- pages if i were to list em all down.

Ya, i never thought i'll hv such skin disorder-- sensitive towards weather, heat/cold, sweat, seafood n a lot the earlier years, my palms were very dry and scaly. Sometimes my skin got injured badly;-- eczema sliced my skin like papercuts (without paper). I do not know; it happened naturally or i scratched during bedtime. Yerp eczema is beyond itchy. 88times itchier than mosquitoes bites. Seriously, anyway it first attacked my mid palm and then my fingers.. Yeah its ugly. I was so shy to shake hands with people i meet. And embarassed everytime the cashier passed me the balance (coins) that i had no choice but to tadah and cashier will definitely gv me a weird expression looking at my ugly hands.

Some insensitive friends even made stupid jokes of the skin disorder i hv without even thinking how it affects me as an eczema patient emotionally. Some said "ewwwww! Gross!" and some might quietly think the skin major cause sbb pengotor. How stupid. but well i wish i can say right on their faces "hey not-so-knowledgable friend, eczema is NOT contagious. Eczema has got nothing to do with hygiene. Its in our blood and we never ask for it, idiot!"

Ya, how i wish... u know what people, as a woman-- harsh remarks seriously break my heart. I've been to soooo many specialists and spent thousands of RM for the treatment. Name it--- sjmc, dsara specialist, tropicana, hosp selayang, hkl, klinik kulit ttdi, klinik kulit in bb and some other. but no one manage to cure.

In 2009, i gave up and started steroid jabs. I went to the doc every month for d jab tho d doctor kept reminding me of the side effects. Since then i gained loads of weight. from 54kg in 2009, now im 66kg. Seriously. Appetite bertambah and the effect of steroid jabs--moonface, bloated. But thats the shortcut to non-ugly skin on my palms and feet.

For 2 years with steroid jabs, this year i realized i encounter difficulties in breathing. So i stop taking d jabs and mula looking for treatments again; here n there. What more im getting married, sure i want a beautiful henna drawings not eczema-maps on hands and feet, aite?

And alhamdulillah someone introduced me to dr noraziah, demc. After more than 20skin specialists since 2005, i'm definite dt dr noraziah is my life and wedding savior. My first treatment was in july.and latest-- today at 10.15am... i can see major progress. Eczema on my two hands TOTALLY vanished! and on my feet, say from 20bintang (spot-scars) i now only have some and they are no longer thick and scaly.

My big day is approaching, i pray eczema will hilang so i can apply beautiful red-henna on my hands and feet :))

To those who hv eczema, dont be embarassed-- u are not alone. n remember, never ever give up!

talk to me. I dont mind. and with open arms,i'll share details n my experiences w d skin specialist. Kita kena ikhtiar.... :)


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  1. i pun ada. share me details. :( i ada since skola. now die ada kt jari kelingking saja. its weird . email me

  2. can u share what sort of treatment u went and cost n everything. i have the same prob. thanks

  3. hurm.. expensive x? kkdg rasa give up juga, lately baru dengar fasal pil cuci darah..

    email me boleh? jazzeyra.aj[at]

    thanks :)

  4. i have history of mild eczema. but it comes and go. the last time i had serious attack of it was back in 2001. my whole face (bayangkan!) was red and itchy to the max. nak keluar rumah takyah cakaplah, malu. but after meeting with this 1 skin specialist in my hometown, alhamdulillah it was gone completely. then when i was overseas, i got another attack. but after 1 week, it just vanished. now, i kena lagi and it's at my arms area. i have yet to see any doctor (i was hoping that it'll eventually go by itself macam dulu) but my mom cakap, it doesn't like eczema, it could be a fungal infection. now, i am worried!!

    ok, nak pergi jumpa doctor now! hehe

  5. How ignorant for those yang quickly assume eczema ni sebab kita not hygienic or contagious. Rilla takde eczema, but my dad has them. Like you said, it's super itchy. Cuma my dad's condition tak teruk la. He just have to refrain from eating nuts.

    But ape pun, I'm happy for you :D

  6. told u--- u're not alone. Pagi ni je bukak2 dah 4org komen. See, we cn discuss this over. Help each other. Will mail all of u the details of d skin spcialist... Love

  7. My best friend ada eczema. Dia punya experience pun lebih kurang mcm u. Long sleeves, steroid sume tu. So i faham how u feel. I doakan your eczema semakin baik dan hilang terus :)

  8. awwww u girls are so sweet... I pon doa eczema i ni semakin baik sincr wedding is just around d corner... Dengan izin Allah~ :)

  9. hi dear - *hugz* I have eczema too since childood but when I get older it is better. My worst episode was during medical school final year. Try not to stress up so much ok with wedding and stuff. Now I am pregnant - I had a few patches here and there but nothing as bad as previously. And apply emollients - both aques cream and emulsigying ointment and do not scratch. Kalau gatal - apply more emollients cream so the skin does not dry up - bila dry tu yang gatal ok.

  10. Salam dear...
    its very nice to know that you share this with your readers... I never had an eczema before but my fiance did. He went through things like you too. but now alhamdulillah all the eczema gone
    after consume shaklee.. I am now consuming it too cause my pimple started to penuhkan muka. not a good sign for a bride-to-be huh..
    Anyway, best of luck to you :)

  11. owh thanks lovely for the info and insight,my eczema is only at hand where a beautiful henna gonna be draw there..

    thanks sweetie.. insyallah i will try ur suggestion.. lovely sweetie u

  12. i have mild eczema..i went to see dr sulaiman at Terengganu..he is skin specialist..its a long queue..he will explain what happen to u with all the far..the cream(medication) is good..really helps me..its just the matter of me being discipline..sapu semua ubat kat skin yg ada eczema.. :)

  13. hello girls,
    kindly go to the link below for dr. noraziah details.

    fyi, dr noraziah ni jadual dia sgt sgt pack.
    saya buat appointment pon versi selit dekat waiting list...
    anyway, when i first met her... she even drew a diagram kenapa i dpt this eczema; thick skin, itchy and all.
    pastu dia amik macam pencungkil gigi, she wrote my name dekat tangan i...
    in 10mins kitorang sembang2, dia explain so many things..
    pastu rupanya dia sembang utk lekakan i... i pon tak sedar 10mins berlalu.
    and ukiran dia guna pencungkil gigi kat tangan i tu timbul.
    timbul la nama i... so thats how dia sahkan saya mmg ada allergy.

    so she diagnosed dekat my kaki ada 3 jenis combined skin disorder.
    atas kaki = lebih kepada psoriasis.
    dekat tepi kaki = mmg eczema.
    kat jari2 sampai dah nmpk hitam = fungal infection.

    selama ni jumpa specialist lain kasik i aquos, betnovette ngn elomet sapu je la tiap hari.
    omygod, rupanya ada cara yg sangat sangat spesifik. kena rajin.

    so ubat makan yg dia bagi:--
    prednisolone - makan 2 pagi, 2 malam
    zyrtec - makan 1 pagi, astu malam.

    krim banyak--- senarai (A)
    untuk atas kaki elomet (pagi sahaja)
    untuk atas kaki bsalic acid (malam sahaja)
    bahagian jari (emusifying lotion)
    bahagian eczema (betnovette)

    tak semudah tu---
    setiap hari kena buat benda ni:
    isi baldi dengan air, rendam kaki 10 minit.
    pastu keluarkan kaki, lap2 dengan tissue/cotton.
    pastu sapu emulsifying lotion kat semua afected area.
    pastu rendam balik kaki 10minit.
    waktu rendam tu nampak la segala keladak keluar. unbelieveable.
    dah keluarkan kaki, lap.
    pastu sapu krim ikut affected area seperti senarai (A) kat atas.
    bukan sebarang main sapu je.
    lain affected area, lain ubat....

    mmg complicated tapi alhamdulillah mmg berjay...

    tentang cost pulak:
    my first visit july i kena around RM500 (dah termasuk consultation fee dr noraziah sbg specialist= RM165)
    my 2nd visit august i kena RM200 lebih je sbb dia suruh sambung ubat from the previous visit.
    my visit yang terbaru kena RM500 lebih balik...

    but i untung sbb tv3 covered by ING. so i takyah bayar lgsg. not evena single cent.
    but trust me, kalau awak perlu bayar pun mmg berbaloi.
    sbb dulu saya pernah habis 2ribu kt sorg doktor, apa pun tak jadi.

    at least ngn dr noraziah, lepas 1st visit-- amalkan apa dia suruh in 1-2weeks dah nampak result.
    so korang buatlah appointment ngn dia.
    susah sikit tapi cuba la ya?
    i hope korang pun will go through the eczema phase of life.
    we support each other ya?


    *sapa yg masih segan bincang maslah kulit korang kat sini email saya k? boleh share gambar juga, so i can identify really eczema or not. sbb ada doctor memandai cakap eczema padahal kadang2 org tu normal food allergy/ allergic to detergents n chemicals... no worries, u can share. promise it'll be confidential.

  14. dear miss X, big hugss too!..

    sangat terharu atas entry n sokongan yg diberikan. i got so many problems regarding to my skin.and i really rendah diri sejak dua menjak ni. stress sangat.. anyway,comment miss x sangat2 membantu i looking for specialist. dah tak tahan sangat..dengan gatal,dgn hodohnya,dgn pelik. some of my friends noticed the ugliness of this eczema.. may ALLAH bless u sis!

  15. I don't have eczema but my 3 year old did, since he was born! He had gone through a lot of medications but still teruk! Worse, he's too small to bear the itchiness and will garu2 sampai darah2. This medication suitable for 3year old jugak x MissX?? I wish I could find an effective treatment for him

  16. Ummie: dont worry dear, setiap penyakit ada ubatnya. Kita kena usaha je. I dah pegi byk doctor since my early 20s, nak dekat kawin ni mmg rezeki jumpa dr noraziah... saya pun rasa syukur sgt. And every visit my mum mesti teman i...

    Seniorita: hye dear no worries. My nephew had infant eczema dati lahir until he's 3 y-old, infant eczema tak masalah, it'll hilang in 1-3years time.i remember dulu dgn kesan garu, ada red patches kat muka dia, menggelupas, sian sgt sbb nmpk comot... Now, my nephew yg dulu kami panggil ithcyboy dah 6 y-old, dah jadi si bulat gebu yg bekulit putih lembut. Comel sgtttt tak sangka tau! :)

  17. hey sis. i just blogwalking and terjumpa post you. anyway we have the same problem. almost the same. i started kena eczema ni when i'm on form 3. btw i am an active person too. i'm a sportswomen since skolah rendah until now. and then 1 week before my PMR i tiba2 all my fingers gatal, luka n berdarah. lebih2 lagi bila kering, i tak boleg genggam or regangkan jari jari i. kalau tak akan luka. so on that day i spotted yang itu sebab i makan belacan. but why tiba2 at form 3 baru ezcema padahal i mmg makan belacan since kecil. years by years, it getting worse. at form 5 i tak boleh makan seafood. on my 18-19 years i pergi berubat and org tu kata i can't eat meat and chicken. then since last years i dah allergy dgn habuk. enywhere i seat yang ada habuk surely i akan dapat gatal-gatal.

    until now bulat-bulat kecil kat jari-jari still ada and berair. that thing bila pecah will make it sangat gatal and tinggalkan kesan kulit yang tak cantik on my fingers. one more things, i tak boleh pakai metal-metal yang biasa. i alah dgn benda2 tu juga. kat wrist pun ada juga and the scar bekas i garu smpi berdarah tu i just cover it pakai plaster.

    oh btw i also take the medicine yang u ada state. i start ambil kat klinik after i jumpa doc last 2 years. prednisolone and zyrtec. mmg heal after a few days but benda ni tak berhenti pun.

    the most difficult things now is i dah tak ada bunga jari. i'm 22 now and i tak dapat nak ganti ic lagi. sounds bad kan?

  18. hye dear.. glad to know ramai lg rupanya org senasib dgn sy..could u pliz private msg me? nak tanya certain detail tentang treatment tu.. thanx!

  19. hi dear...thanks sgt sbb kongsi info psl eczema nie..i pon patients gak..i kne kat betis...dh 5thun rsenye..pnah pegi specialist and amik injection tp after 3months naik balik..kdg2 dh mls nak buat,cmne nak email you?if u xbz bole discuss ngan u thru email..nie email

  20. hai...

    thanks for info.. i pun ada exzema yang sangat teruk.. any sugesstion klinik pakar around selayang?